The Whip Chamber – Rare Energy – Catherine Desade

Friday, December 23rd, 2016
  Here is a fine example of a sincere impact scene where the players evolve into more than performers...BDSM doesn't get much more primal than this with both the Top and bottom in such relaxed states throughout...This isn't sex or torment, this is meditation...Catherine seems to just absorb the sensations as she goes deeper into her own head...I would wager that John Paul is the only thing in there...these two focus on each other and the energy transfer is quite apparent...and altogether very rare. Read More

Strict Restraint – A day with Desade, #2 – Catherine Desade

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Strict Restraint - A day with Desade, #2 - Catherine Desade Catherine Desade It's a good thing Catherine has submissive stamina...this shoot gets tougher until the end...the Pope launches a deep sea discovery of her pussy and ass...with her legs pulled up into the air and spread, he has every opportunity to take his time playing with her privates...the Samurai plunges deep into her holes, and used… Read More