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Clubdom – Vanessa Cage Caning

Vanessa Cage has her slave bent over, hands restrained over the horse…At her complete MERCY! She asks him if he wants to be caned, and not being able to resist his blonde haired Goddess, he easily succumbs to her desires, all of which are encompassed by one evil idea, his suffering!! Vanessa Cage is giggling as you hear the cane slicing through the air, chuckling at his predicament. The slave tries to squiggle and squirm in a feeble and futile attempt at escaping the vicious sting of the Cane. He is at her mercy, captivated by her beauty, her power, and her patent leather thigh high boots. After his beat down, he is reminded that he is nothing more than owned property, there for his Goddess’ pleasure and amusement, as she chuckles and promises to repeat his caning after her lunch.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cruel Confinement – Mistress Vixen

The slave has been condemned to wearing a chastity device for what seems like an eternity, however Mistress Vixen gives him the glimmer of hope that he might be released if he can take fifty strokes of the cane. He has little choice but to accept the cruel conditional release and so the ordeal begins… but not with the cane at first. The first weapon of Mistress Vixen’s choice is the heavy flogger, followed by a viciously wielded single tail whip, paddle, crop and then finally the cane! The slave gets an extreme beating long before the cane is adopted and in true sadistic fashion, it’s clear that Mistress Vixen loves every moment of his suffering!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Caning the Slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn and I are at it again! This sissy slut has been subjected to our crops, but his lucky ass is about to graduate to being stricken by our canes. He’s in for a savage beating. We strap him down with his ass exposed and his sissy tits in clamps. At first we’ll be nice and start slow. But soon two powerful women like us can’t resist hitting the same spots over and over. What start off as welts soon become wounds on his backside. This sissy slut is going to get the caning of a lifetime. If he doesn’t remember to thank us, we’ll just have to get a bigger stick.
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House Of Sinn – Miss Tressa – Beg for My cane

Miss Tressa walks her mutt slave in the forest enjoying his torment as he’s stung by the abundance of nettles. She cannot let the opportunity of a punishment pass so She decides to whip him with the nettles picked by his own hand until they are as tattered as his back. The only way to stop this punishment is to beg for Her cane; and he does so with enough conviction as to be granted the soothing pain of his Mistress cane. Little does he know that Miss Tressa enjoys to inflict pain without regard of the implement, the harder, the better. He finds out though as the canning session is much harder than the nettles and now he’s confused, what can he beg for to be granted a little mercy?
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The English Mansion – Punished By Mistress Kiana

Mistress Kiana’s slave is a bit of a loser, so she challenges him to take his punishments today without uttering the safe word, to show that he is still worthy and to restore a little pride. He holds up well to the violet wand, even when it is turned up to 10, the added large weights added to his balls increases the strain, but not enough to break him. Finally the cane is wielded by the beautiful, powerful Mistress, to satisfactory results.
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Clubdom – Michelle and Tangent’s Auction Slave

Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent arrive at the punishment post ready to see what their newest purchase from the slave market has to offer them. He had been shipped and left caged for them and has been in there for hours, waiting and scared. When Michelle and Tangent see the small slave, they are skeptical at how well he is going to perform for them here at Club Dom.The two Goddesses decide to put him through a series of tortures to see how well he holds up. If he cannot last and begs for mercy, he is going back to the slave farm and the slave farm is not where he wants to be. Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are still putting their newest slave through trials. He must show that he is able to handle all of the abuse or else he is going back to the horrible slave farm where he came from. Michelle and Tangent want to play Tug Of Balls, a game based on Tug of War where the slaves will be pulling each other by a rope tied to each other’s balls. Tangent brings in one of Club Dom’s long-time trained slaves, walking him in by his nuts. Michelle ties him to the new slave. The game begins and the men are suffering, pulling each other in separate directions, straining through their pain to pull the other slave across the goal line. The women do not make it easy for them. They pull the men back by the rope and poke, stomp and slap their balls. Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are enjoying a smoke. They decide their auction slave needs a good whipping to see how well he holds up. Will he hold up or will he beg for mercy? Michelle grabs her super long whip and delivers some harsh blows. Goddess Tangent decides she wants a turn and tries to break him with her galley whip. Each blow is hard and painful and the slave suffers for his new owners. Disappointed with how he could not handle a whipping too well, Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent decide to try caning their slave to see if he can withstand that. Or maybe the women are just in the mood to inflict pain on their pint-sized new slave? Michelle and Tangent take turns administering hard and fast cane strokes. Their slave needs to see that they mean business and will send him back to the slave farm if he cannot tolerate their torments. Michelle and Tangent smoke cigarettes and stroke their big black cocks and tell you how they exactly want to stretch and use your ass for their pleasure while also using your ass as their ashtray. Be a good bitch and open up wide for them….both holes. You need to please them as they pound away fucking you harder and harder for their amusement. It’s time for Michelle and Tangent’s most favorite part of their trial, the strap-on session.
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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2

It only takes one lesson for WARDEN KATE to make it clear SHE means business. Nobody’s ever gonna call THIS DISCIPLINARIAN WAITY KATIE! Finding the methods of gentle persuasion rather boring, SHE replaces HER gentle SLAVE paddle with a more cuddly cat-o-nine tails. “Why, look here, this appears to be my handwriting,” SHE purrs proudly, clawing the pink and purple welts on his bright red ass, which is soon every bit as swollen as a baboon’s in heat,”and we’ve only just begun, my Sweet. We really ought to run you through the whole programme, don’t you think?” Roughly translated, that means, ‘Time to amuse myself with some serious caning.’ “These are my two very best friends in the whole wide world,” crows K-K-K-KIND KATIE and SHE ain’t just a k-k-k-kiddin’. With a cane in each hand, everybody’s favourite PUNISHMENT PRINCESS really gets the air to whistling. With the friendly help of HER beloved percussion instruments, will SHE be able to wring an admission of guilt out of the still unrepentant exhibitionist? One thing’s for certain: a regimen of this five times daily will soon have his mama wondering why he prefers to eat his dinner standing up.
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Clubdom – Michelle Lacy – Caned as an Example

Description: Mistress Michelle Lacy is not done punishing the slave for slacking off. She wants to give him a caning he will not soon forget. She grabs him by the balls and tells him while caning his balls that he is going to regret what he did so bad. “It’s time to shred you” she says in an evil voice. Michelle canes him so hard, he is terrified to ever mess up ever again. “You can’t run away from me. I completely have you afraid!”
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Eurasian Persuasion – This is How I Help out in the Kitchen

The last time my husband made me steak it was over done. He should know by now how I like my meat: tenderized and on the rare to blue rare side. Hubby is naked on the kitchen island with arm restrains. I decide to demonstrate how to prepare meat: on his ass. While talking about the use of kitchen implements I brutally paddle and cane his ass. I remind him that to properly prepare steak juices must come to the surface before adding oil and salt. Things get messy but this is is how you keep a marriage strong. Once his skin is broken and red I rub oil and and salt on his wounds before adding the final spicy ingredient: ghost pepper sauce. One of my favourite corporal clips to date.
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