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Oh boy, this is going to hurt. That’s the one thing you can be sure of when a slave has a shocker around his cock and Cameron and Keegan have the remote control. These two girls are not known for leniency, and in fact quite enjoy heavily torturing men to the brink. They do at least let the slave kiss their thighs while they torture him, but it doesn’t take long before the voltage to his cock is causing him to scream. All that does though is bring a smile to the girl’s faces, as they love nothing more than having a man in pain kneeling at their feet.
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Torture can be tiring for the girls, which is why Cameron and Keegan are snoozing out on the hammock after having spent the day heavily torturing this slave. But in spite of the permanent damage the girls have inflicted on his skin and the misery they have put him through, he still adores the girls. That’s why he quietly kisses and worships their feet while they snooze, showing the girls how grateful he is to be their property and plaything for all their evil whims.
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