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Clubstiletto – Rachel’s Stool Bound Fart Sniffer – Mistress Irene

Mistress Rachel is sitting on a bar stool as this scene opens. Her slave awakes to see he is bound by cuffs to her stool. She tells him she is gassy and he will be kissing her ass and sniffing her farts. “I just love farting in guys faces” she says. She tells the slave that her sister Irene is crueler but she is more gassy. The slaves head looks so tiny next to her amazing bubble butt. She pushes his head between her cheeks and lets out a nasty liquidy fart. She comments how good it feels to let out gas and asks the slave if it smells nice. She releases his head and after being in her ass for sometime he has no choice but to breath it in deeply. She then orders him to kiss her ass cheeks while she generates another fart. “I feel another one coming, get your nose back in my crack” she says as another wet fart explodes in his face. She pulls his head in deep and makes him fight to breath.

As she pushes him away she lets another one go right on cue. The slave groans as the smell fills his nostrils. Again she pulls his nose into her crack and tells him that eventually she will have to do more than fart but she suspects he’s a sch1t eater anyway. You get some great angles her from above and below that really show off Rachel’s ass and you will be wishing it was you cuffed to that stool taking her farts to the face. Rachel tells the slave to imagine having his head between both her and Irene’s ass, what a thrill that would be. You then see the look on Rachel’s face that she is about to fart again. She pulls his head in and then out just as she farts. “Eat that fart” she tells him. After he munches for a bit she pushes him back for yet another blast to his sinuses. She waves her hand as the air is now starting to get a bit thick. “It’s fart heaven” she says. Rachel suggests that she could maybe fart on him and then once he is gassed nearly senseless, her sister could come and beat the [email protected] out of him. “He’s right where he belongs” Rachel says finally and then follows that up with yet another fart.
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KinkyMistresses – Kinky Nylon Face-Sitting With Bijoux Chocolate

Bijoux Chocolate, the sexy ebony Lady from Palma de Mallorca loves to put her amazing sexy ass on her fetish Slave. She enjoys to feel the face of that guy between her legs, the nose close to her pussy
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Clubstiletto – Faceful of Rubber – Miss XI

This scene opens with sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi dressed in latex and sitting on her slaves face. “It’s comfortable and so warming on a cold day” she says adding that she also likes testing a slaves lung capacity because she’s in no rush to move. After a minute of sitting the slave starts to kick for air so Xi gives him a quick breath but tells him she is disappointed with him. Then after almost another minute she lets him breath again before sitting quickly again.

She finally turns to sit sideways on his face. While still restricting his air he now deals with the discomfort of his own nose being crushed into his face. She eventually turns into a forward position and again settles on his face. She puts her feet on his chest and proceeds to do butt lifts on his face before extending her legs and bouncing on his face. Miss Xi spends the better part of this scene sitting on the slave face with only short breaths allowed. She ends with a count as to see how long he can go without breathing. When she finally lets him breath he is totally spent. “We’re just getting started really” she tells him.
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Clubstiletto – More Fun, Less Oxygen – Miss Jasmine

The divine Miss Jasmine is wearing only nylons and sitting on her slaves face. “I like taking face sitting to the extreme” Jasmine says, adding, “because when they suffer it really gets me off.” After sitting in a reverse position she turns around and extends her legs across the length of the slave. While sealing his nose and mouth she uses her feet to kick his balls.

The slave starts to get erect so Jasmine uses her feet to stroke his dick. She lays back so she is leaning against the chaise but continues to cover the slaves face completely with her ass. Now she leans forward and pulls on his cock while slapping his balls. She gives him short breaths from time to time but pushes his limits time after time. “You’re going to get a rash on your face from my nylons” she tells the slave, then pulls out her phone to take some selfies forgetting that he is even there at all.
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TeaseandThankYou – Cheerleader Vs Virgin – Mandy Marx

Enjoy my ruthless teasing of my virgin slave boy. In FULL swing with sessions, beating and teasing boys. Still an opening or two left at the end. Come and get it! Also, there’s a rumor that live shows are coming to teaseandthankyou! Maybe soon? Maybe you want to check in as early as next week?
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Clubstiletto – The Last Thing You See – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine looks divine in her bra, stockings and corset ensemble, not to mention her amazing stilettos. She lifts herself up onto her slaves face and says that she is actually impressed with this one as he has done well taking beatings, trampling, and struggling for air under her ass. “His reward is more time under my ass” she says, and she settles in with her full weight on his face. She starts grinding his face into the mattress only occasionally shifting enough that he can catch a quick breath of air. What a thrill to be under her fleshy ass even though the struggle is real. It’s evident the slave loves it as he is rock hard. She runs her fingernails over his cock and then starts to stroke it.

As his arousal grows she sits back down and crushes his face again with her full weight. “I own him and control everything about him, and could end it right here if I decide not to get up” she explains. She says it would be a perfect way for any slave to go but she is just getting started with this one. She shifts into a reverse position giving him a chance for a deep breath of air. “Don’t you wish that was you?” she asks you. Great upward and overhead views give you a great view of the action and Jasmine’s stunning figure. Now she extends her legs in front of her and leans back while really burying his face in her ass. She then moves back to a forward position and again starts to rub his cock. She orders him to touch himself. While he does he grinds her ass into his face so he can stick his tongue up her hole. The slave has a big cock and is really hard. She contemplates if she should let him cum and the slave has to start to adjust his stroking to insure he doesn’t explode. “Squeeze it all out” she finally tells him, knowing he is now desperate to breath. He lets go with a massive cum shot and she shifts up so he can gasp his sounds of pleasure. Work hard for your Mistress and she just may let you cum!
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KinkyMistresses – The Face Under India´s PVC ass

India Amazonas try out her new transparent PVC pants in a short topless fetish face-sitting session. Before the filming she has smeared her body still very strongly with oil, so that under the pants everything is also nice slippery
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Clubstiletto – Admire My Ass While I Trample Him – Raevyn Rose

Who’s ready for another sexy encounter with Miss Raevyn? Yes, everyone of course. Today she is focusing on you because while she tramples her slave she is going to be showing off her amazing bubble butt and if you are lucky you might even get to kiss it. She starts with her 6″ stilettos walking on his chest and torso but the camera spends a good amount of time pointing up at her butt. Don’t worry you still get a good mix of the tramping too. “I think I’m definitely leaving an impression on this one” she says.

The slave is in so much pain he has to close his eyes and missed out on her ass as a result. She squats down towards his face to tease him before getting off to examine her marks. She then decides to go bare feet and gets on him again. She squats down again and this time he is able to reach up and kiss her ass cheeks. She then just sits on his face and says it’s time to put him to sleep. “He’ll probably be dreaming about me trampling him” she says. She extends her feet across his body until he starts to kick frantically. “There’s no point fighting it” she says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – That’s Where You Belong – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn is admiring herself in the mirror and tells her slave to look at her ass and to admire it. What a perfect bubble butt, amazing. She torments the slave talking about her ass and how she knows how he likes to stick his nose in her crack and kiss and worship every inch of it. She calls the swine over and tells him to start by worshiping her feet. The eager slut scampers over trying not to stare at her butt as he knows he is not worthy to be in the same house as her let along that close. He kisses her feet and starts rubbing them as he has been trained.

She tells him that while he does her feet you are going to kiss her ass. The camera scans up to give you a close up of her amazing mounds of ass flesh, it’s your lucky day. “Every slave should experience this she says” explaining how even 15 seconds of kissing her ass will create a lifetime of memories. She then calls her other slave up as she has a surprise for him and as his nose comes inches from her ass she blows out a huge fart. She can’t help but laugh at the fact that what would be a violation to most is something that the slave accepts with great happiness and arousal. “I know you love that smell” she says to him. She now tells him to lay on the bed as she is going to sit on his face. Some cool angles give you a double take of her ass in the mirror. She sits in both the forward and reverse positions and for long enough to make the slave kick to breath. She tells him she is going to give him one more breath and not get up again. She settles in and laughs while he screams below her ass to no avail.
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Clubstiletto – Big Ass Small Dick Face Sit Punishment – Lady Lennox

Lady Lennox is sitting on her throne looking all regal and enjoying a glass of wine while her small dicked slave is on the discipline bench with his balls and cocks in a crusher. Sadly and pathetically he is so small that he can’t actually wear it properly so it’s not much more than a decoration. Sad! “I am so disappointed with that ball crusher” she says, adding that it isn’t doing anything and he actually looks like he’s enjoying it. How pathetic is that! The nice thing is that it gives her a great opportunity to go on about how inadequate his cock is. She decides to punish him with her ass. She starts by sitting in reverse position and her ass does look amazing as it comes down on his face.

His little head is really getting crushed under her ass and soon he starts to thrash around for air. When she gets up she asks him if he has anything to say and the moron instead of thanking her says “It hurts.” At that moment the ball crusher falls off the slaves little package and Lennox is even more disgusted. “I may as well have that little thing of your loped off she says. She again gets comfortable on his face and the little bitch is kicking again in no time. Lady Lennon is disgusted by him and would probably toss him out the door of not for the fact he’s her cuck husband. She looks at you and asks if you want to take the slaves place. “I want to crush your balls and sit on your face, but I’m stuck with this bitch” she says. Now she moves into reverse position and the back view of her big ass on his bald little head is amazing. From this position she has a direct view of his micro-cock and she can’t help but berate him some more. “It’s time to put him down like a dawg” she says.
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Clubstiletto – Big Booty Beatdown – Mistress Irene

This scene opens as Mistress Irene as relaxes side-saddle on her slave’s face. Irene has a world class booty and the slave is just swallowed by it. She orders him to keep his head straight, so he gets the full impact of her ass when she bounces on him. As she settles in, the slave soon begins to kick for air, so she slides down onto his chest. She moves back up to his face but enjoys bouncing on him so much that she decides to switch back and forth between his chest and his face.

She only lets him up to remove her boots so she can sit more comfortably on his face. “Back on the couch!” she demands, and this time, she hikes up her dress to fully expose her divine ass before she sits on him again, this time, in reverse position. In no time, we hear the slave’s muffled scream for air, coming from beneath Irene’s ass. She doesn’t care though, because she likes to see him thrash and kick; everything moves except his head. She finally lets him breathe, but only for a second, before she’s back down on him again. She tells him to kiss her ass, and to encourage him, she bounces up and down on his face. She moves into a forward sitting position and does it all over again before she leans forward and jiggles her ass right in his face. Those cheeks are powerful, and they can do serious damage to a slave’s face! She finally settles onto his face with no intention of getting up and mentions how good his nose feels up her ass. When the slave starts to kick again, Irene laughs out loud with excitement.
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Clubstiletto – Toilet Training For Big Brother – Raevyn Rose

As Miss Raevyn sits on the toilet, she tells you that her brother is on the floor in order to hear her, to smell her, and to condition himself to becoming her full toilet. “I know he loves the smell,” she says with a giggle. As she relieves herself, Raevyn waves her hand between her legs and towards her brother’s face, so that the smell wafts over to him. While she uses his body as a footrest, the camera moves in and you see Raevyn’s amazing pussy as well as her cute little landing strip. As she starts to pee, she tells her brother that this could all be going into his mouth tomorrow if he proves to be a good slave. She stays on the toilet until she’s sure she’s finished, and while she waits, she decides to stick her toes in his mouth.

“I have so many people writing me about being my toilet. Maybe I should have you dig in the toilet once I’m done, to retrieve the logs so I can sell them,” she says to him. “They have to be worth $100 each,” she adds, and then questions why she should allow her brother to get his for free. Hmmm! Raevyn tells her brother that it’s time for him to lick her ass clean. She gets up and sits her dirty ass down, right on his face. She calls him vile names and tells him that he’ll always do as she demands, or their parents will see him eating her waste. “Maybe Mom will want to make you her toilet, too,” she suggests. She makes him stroke his cock to show her how much he loves her candy and tells him to think about Mom’s candy, too. She sits full-weight on his face and restricts his air while she continues to say vile things to him. “Eat it all up,” she tells him. “Oh, here comes another one!” she says, and then just as he’s about to cum, she tells him to stop. “You’re never coming again,” she says to him. She gets up, spreads her ass cheeks wide, and asks if it’s clean. “Yes, yes, Miss Raevyn, it is,” he says, fumbling for words and feeling overwhelmed by her power and beauty.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Irene – Enjoy This Perfect Ass

Mistress Irene has a legendary ass and this scene opens with her ass engulfing a slaves head who is already kicking for air. Her slave has a tiny little cock and that gives her the urge to want to hurt him. She pulls out a bunch of clothes pins and attaches them to his balls and nipples and then sits full weight on him again. This time she gets creative and starts to apply the clothes pins between his fingers and then some more on his little berries. She shifts and he catches a quick breath so she reminds him to breath when he can because she might get comfortable and forgot about him all together.

She orders the slave to touch himself and she turns on a timer to see how long he can go without breathing. At 30 seconds he panics so she lets him breath and then says she needs 40 seconds this time. The slave squirms from lack of air, the pain of the clothes pins, and he strokes himself frantically. He makes it over 40 seconds so she gives him some more air but tells him he needs to do better and wants him to work up to 5 minutes. To help she will have her big fat girlfriend over everyday to work with him until he reaches his goal she tells him. Again she sits down and this time doesn’t look at the time, she just settles in and the slave now seems to be getting more comfortable accepting his place under her ass where he dreams of spending hours every day until the end of time. “Enjoy this perfect ass” she tells him.
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