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DirtyDommes – Teeny strap-on Princess part 2

Miss Gina is ready to penetrate her male slut deep with her big strap-on cock. He has no other option than to comply as he is in bondage and his cock is locked in chastity.
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DirtyTransDolls – Fuckdoll strap-on training part 2

FuckDoll Jenna is getting a nice big cock up her ass as miss Tina continues the anal training. She is strict and expects her feminized rubber dolls to take it all
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FetishLiza – Spunk on My Blue Jeans

Do you like my new jeans? Doesn’t my ass look amazing in it? Would you like to feel it on your face? Would you like to ride your cock inbetween my denim thighs? Just like this guy? I bet you can wait to shoot your load all over my booty in jeans. That is just so hot!
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GloveMansion – At the doctors practice part 2

Hot and busty nurses Lucy and Frankie get the temperature rising at the medical practice. These blonde babes sure know how to have fun with their surgical gloves and uniforms
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on her divine boots part 1Chateau-Cuir – Cum on her divine boots part 1

Miss Tina simply adores her Louboutin leather boots and is very carefull when selecting the slaves that can worship her luxurious footwear. Her boot bitch is a good boy, he uses his tongue very softly on the red bottoms and delicate leather. He will be corrected if he does not do it the way Miss Tina likes it anyways. She keeps an eye on his movements! Once she is satisfied her boot slave did a good job, he is allowed to feel her booted legs around his cock! She controls not only his mind but also his dick and orgasm! He will be allowed his release on to her divine boots when she says so!
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DirtyDommes – Scratching our little wimp

This is going to be a lot of fun! Our little slave is such a good victim for our nails, we have him firmly tied up before we plant our claws in his flesh and scratch him hard. Our nail marks show up nicely on this little wimp’s white flesh. He will be brutally and sadistically scratched for our amusement.
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Chateau-Cuir – Sexy fur and leather fitting

Sexy Coco invites you to the bedroom for some horny fur and leather fitting. She loves the feeling of these luxury items on her bare skin and being an exhibitionist…this will get her very hot.
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DirtyDommes – Dirty dripping ashtray slut

Nothing but a spit and ashes bucket! His body is worthless to us, he is reduced to being an object, an ashtray to be filled with our divine juices and the dirtiest of ashes. On the floor, so he can look up at us, Goddesses and be gratefull for every drop of spit that he gets. His lips and tongue blackened by our cigarette ashes, his face no longer a face but merely a hole to use whilst we enjoy our smoking. Yet he drips precum with excitement…because he knows his position in life: underneath and at service of his superiors.
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GloveMansion – Dominant leather glovejob

Well hello there, my slave. Are you in awe of your leather Queen? Yes you should be because you know how weak and horny you get from seeing me dressed in these layers of leather clothing. Do my thigh high boots get you hard? Do you want to be close to my leather gloves? Come closer and let me tease you with my body wrapped in soft black leather. You will be allowed to sum on my long leather coat if you are a good boy.
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DirtyTransDolls – Slutty crossdresser fun part 1

One of the earliest clips we made for DirtyTransDolls which is a sexy crossdressing scene. Lots of teasing and sensual domination with my dressed up slave.
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DirtyTransDolls – TS cock domination part 1

Oh this guy is in real trouble! He won’t know what hit him when the hood comes off. He will be at the mercy of these two stunning Dommes. Fetish Liza and shemale Liberty will make him suck lots of cock, inhale their smoke and push him down on the she-sock to service it good.
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DirtyDommes – Brutally fucked by hot naked Dommes part 2

Miss Tina and Coco brutally fuck their male slut with their huge strap-on dicks. The anal whore needs to be penetrated deep and hard whilst his cock is being locked in chastity. The pleasure is all for the Ladies!
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum sharing leather girls part 2

The horny threesome continues as leather girls Nikki and Nomi take good care of the guy that helped fix their car. They love to play with his hard cock, make him cum on their leathers and share the spunk between each other.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather gloved domination part 2

Our slave is getting a full load of ashes in his mouth and the strong aroma of leather up his nostrils. He is mesmerized, intoxicated by us, leather Goddesses. We reward him for his good service with a release on to our leather gloved hands.
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DirtyDommes – Double boot cleaning duties

Our old house servant is being called in for boot cleaning duties. He is very fragile but wants nothing more than to please his Mistresses and polish their exquisite leather boots with his tongue. He scrapes the dirt of ours soles with his tongue and it seems he is starting to enjoy his task as boot slave a little too much. So we laugh at his precum as he will never get the priviledge of a release on our sexy boots.
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