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FetishLiza – Casadei boot fucking slave part 2

What a horny and devoted boot slut. He loves my black Casadei boots so much. He fucks them with love and passion and I allow him to cum all over them if he cleans them again afterwards.
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Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is seated before you in a sexy, revealing outfit and a beautiful pair of boots. She commands you to come closer and worship her boots. You lick the smooth, shiny boots and begin to suck on the heel. Determined to make you suffer as you jerk, Ashlynn produces a clothespin that you have to place on your balls.

You return to boot worship and Ashlynn gives you another clothespin to add. She has you spit on her boots and lick it back up. Goddess Ashlynn adds clothespin’s to your balls time and again. She shows you the exact rhythm you need to stroke to her at. She demands you suck both heels at once and stretches your mouth to its limit.

Ever the sadist, Goddess Ashlynn begins to administer strokes of her crop to your already tortured balls. A final clothespin is added and Ashlynn continues to strike with her crop. Sensing your orgasm is near, she makes you back away from her. Ashlynn giggles gleefully as you cum all over yourself. She tells you to clean the floor and depart so she can welcome her next slave.
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DirtyDommes – Boot cleaner in bondage stocks

We keep our boot cleaner in stocks, no room to move, with his head neatly secured, hands and feet away. Only his lips and tongue are of use to us, he is there to lick and polish our black leather boots. He can only see the boot parts which we stick in front of his face, our dirty leather soles and our sharp stiletto heels. There is no room for error and extra motivation will come from the painful digging of our pointy boots on his skin. Marked and made to work hard, such is the life of a true boot bitch.
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DirtyDommes – Cruel slave audition part 1

We are holding slave auditions and the first one is about to get tested. How will he score on his boot and shoe worshiping skills? Will his ass be tight or ready to be fucked? And how good is he at sucking cock?
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Clubdom – Temptress Raven Eve Muddy Boots

Temptress Raven Eve has just finished breaking in her new caning slave. She grabs him by the head of his hair and, drags him over to the barn. It has been a long day of training and, she is ready for lunch. On the way to the dungeon, she steps in mud puddle that was left from when she had to hose the dirty slut down. Her shiny leather boots are now covered in goopy mud. Annoyed, she tells the slave it is time for lunch. Raven orders her house slave to bring her lunch. The slave is hoping he will get a bite to eat as well. Little does he know, his only meal is the mud to be licked from Raven’s boots. She relaxes, enjoys her lunch and, laughs at the slave as he is made to lick ever bit of mud from her beautiful boots. She hopes the bitch appreciates the great sacrifices that Mistresses make when it comes to training slaves properly.
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Clubstiletto – Dirty Nasty Boy – Lady Lennox

Lady Lennox is drifting in and out of sleep on the bed and her butt is exposed giving you an amazing view. She looks at her phone and realizes she has had her slave kneeling in the corner blindfolded for over an hour. Last thing she wants is him sneaking peaks at her ass while she tries to relax. She calls him over on his knees to lick her shoes. She ridicules him that crawling three feet without sight is such a struggle. “I wore my shoes outside so they’re dirty, exactly what a dirty nasty boy like you deserves” she says. She makes sure the slave knows her ass is exposed and tells him to see it he has to earn it. She makes him lick her soles and then tells him to stick the heel in his mouth and imagine it’s a little cock just like his.

She orders him to stand up so everyone can see how tiny he is. “I think the stiletto is bigger” she says. Now she tells him to remove her shoes and kiss them then to give her a nice foot massage. “Back on your knees and sniff my shoes first” she tells him. Meanwhile she wiggles her feet for you to see before the slave is ordered back up to rub them. The idiot touches her legs and she admonishes him for it. “I don’t want you getting excited and running your hand up to my ass” she tells him and then threatens to have her boyfriend lay a beating on him if necessary. She says if she ever decides to use him as a toilet he might get her ass. Her thoughts now drift to her boyfriend and she talks about how hung he is. “I want you to stand beside him when he gets here so we can compare your cocks. “And give him a good giggle too” she adds. Pleased with his efforts she tells him he can come up and give each butt cheek one kiss. “Then back to the corner for another hour” she adds.
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MenAreSlaves – She’s Demanding – Princess Leya

Princess Leya is very demanding of all her male property. Serving her is a reward, therefore she expects their slave toil to be constant and perfect. If not then all her male slaves can expect to be ridiculed and humiliated, although odds are she would ridicule and humiliate them regardless of their performance.
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FemdomEmpire – Making of a House Husband – Bethany Benz

When Tony comes home to tell his amazon wife Bethany Benz he just lost another job she gives him a final ultimatum. She decides he is better suited as a house husband. He will spend his days in bondage & chastity cooking and cleaning as her bitch. His first task is to spit polish her leather boots with the anal hook straight up his ass.
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FemdomEmpire – Lick them CLEAN! – Riley Jenner

Gorgeous amazon blonde Riley Jenner returns to the dungeon after a long day of shopping. She is wearing her super high leather boots. She tells the slave she doesn’t want to track filth from the street into her clean dungeon. She orders him to take his tongue out and She starts to wipe and rub hard the soles over his tongue, that becomes black from the dirt. She looks at him like pathetic worm while he swallows dirt & grime. Riley forces him to suck her heels, deeper and deeper, fucking his mouth with them.
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DirtyDommes – Horny leather porndog

I am keeping one of my boot slaves as a human doggy in my house. He is wellbehaved but also very horny. Desperate to always be near my thigh high boots and to be able to smell the quality leather. I love toying with his brain, getting him all excited and dripping precum…knowing he has no other choice than to wait for my signal to cum. But not yet…first he must be made to hump my leather boots!
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FetishLiza – Patent overknee bootjob part 2

I make him work for it, he must fuck my black boots but he can only edge. Orgasm control is important! I make him wait until he naturally explodes and covers my shiny boots with his hot, white cum.
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