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FemdomEmpire – Deepthroat Heels – Jenna Jones

Mistress Jenna is wearing white leather boots with a thin sharp stiletto heel. She wants to keep them in pristine condition, that means lots of tongue polishing from slave mouthes. She makes him painfully deep throat the thin stiletto as she laughs in amusement.
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DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 2

Our boot slave has been such a disappointment lately, bringing us cheap and nasty boots! Now he must feel the punishment as we spitroast him with our boot heels and toys. Maybe now he will finally know his place beneath us Ladies.
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DirtyDommes – A fool for our Louboutins

He is so easily controlled, especially when we wave our red soles in front of his nose! He has a weakness for Louboutins and we know it, ha ha! This fool belongs at our feet, with his tongue sticking out and always ready to shine and polish our luxury heels. Not every slave gets the honour of touching our sexy high heels so he better keeps us happy with his service.
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MiamiMeanGirls – Stiletto Sucker – Goddess Rodea

Goddess Rodea comes thru front door of Mean Girl Manor, laughing on the phone to her friend about how last night she ordered one of the house slaves to “bow down” to her after she demanded its credit card just so she could use it to pay for her date with her boyfriend. She walks into the kitchen and LAUGHS that he is still there! She kicks it in the head and tosses its credit card in its face, saying that her and her BF “had a good time on their date using his CC last night”!
She mockingly complains about how she was walking around all night last night in her Louboutin heels the slave bought her- and she demands her bitch lick them clean. She explains it is his “reward” for remaining bowed down, with his face pressed to her worn sandals all night long and paying for her date last night. Her BF gets to have dinner and sleep with her- and the loser that pays for it all only gets to lick the dirt off the soles of her SHOES. And the loser BETTER be happy about it!
She watches in great joy as her slave struggles to lick every piece of filth stuck on the bottom of her heels. She explains how LUCKY he is that he is even allowed to lick the dirt off the soles of the shoes of a girl as hot as her! And how her BF isn’t even sure if it should be allowed. Goddess Rodea painfully explains to the slave how she loves this arrangement- that she can go on luxurious dates with her poor, young, (but hot) boyfriend that she REALLY LOVES – and just USE a loser like him to pay for it all!
Goddess Rodea laughs at him for being this pathetic for her. She laughs about how she brags to all her GFs about how she uses him- and thy can’t believe the loser puts up with it. She kicks him in the face whenever he “misses a spot” on her expensive shoes- but all he does is say “i love You, Goddess” in return. Pathetic. He’s like a mind-numb zombee for Goddess Rodea’s beauty.
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FetishLiza – Ignored Shoe Slave

I am getting ready to go out, but which shoes to pick? Mmm I am sure my sexy SO Kate heels will be great! As I am putting my shoes on, I keep talking to my lady friend and completely ignore my slave. He is there to simply be the tongue that polishes my footwear. No need to talk to him, I have far more important things to do! I do love to crush his cock and balls underneath my heels as I humiliate him whilst talking on the phone. My friends know I keep him in the house purely for shoe shining services. And this worm knows it too!
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AmericanMeanGirls – Stop Your Whining – Princess Bella, Princess Carmela

Princess Bella and Princess Carmela have a slave naked and in chastity cleaning the kitchen floor. They decide to do a white towel test to see if he did a good job cleaning the floor. If he did the towel should remain perfectly white. They have the slave rub the towel into the cracks and corners of the tile and hold it up. The towel has black spots all over it meaning the slave did a lousy job cleaning the floor. Because he did such a poor job cleaning the slaves only hope to get out of chastity is to beg and worship their boots as they sit above him on the kitchen counter. Princess Bella commands the slave to lick the bottom of her boots and then suck oh her high heels. Princess Carmela pushes the back of the slaves head down gagging him and face fucking him on Princess Bella’s high heel. This cuts the slaves mouth and Princess Bella happily sees that he is . She commands the slave to spit onto the floor so she can see the and then makes him lick it back up. Princess Carmela spits a huge glob of phlegm spit onto the slave’s face and he is forced to leave it sitting there and not allowed to wipe it away. Princess Bella also spits into the slaves face laughing about the fact that both her and Princess Carmela are sick so now the slave will be sick to. Princess Bella pours a glass of red wine over the slaves head spilling it all over the slave and the white tile floor. Since they weren’t happy with the job he did cleaning it the first time he can do it over again this time licking the entire floor clean.
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DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 1

Spoiling your Mistress with gifts is a beautiful thing to do, but don’t bring cheap and nasty looking items! You will get punished…as our slave is about to find out. Lady Victoria is far from pleased with these thigh high boots and we have decided to teach the slave a lesson. His own gift will be used to punish him. First he must worship the nasty boots before his butthole gets fucked by the heels!
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AmericanMeanGirls – Chastity Bidding

Princess Ashley is going to let a slave out of chastity today but only one slave. Two of her slaves are kneeling before her both trying to convince her that they are the one deserving of a release. Both slaves have been in chastity for months and are so desperate to be let out they bribe, beg, grovel, worship, and suck up to Princess Ashley trying to win her favor. But Princess Ashley almost never lets her slaves out of chastity so all their arguments fall on deaf ears. When the slaves beg about how badly they want to be allowed to cum Princess Ashely replies at the fuck makes you think I want you to cum?When the slaves complain about the pain from their chastity device she simply doesn’t care. With their begging for release getting them nowhere the desperate slaves switch to trying to bribe Princess Ashley into letting them out. They promise her cash but it’s not enough to convince Princess Ashley. The slaves start offering to pawn everything they own like their video game collection and Star Wars action figures. One slave will take out loans form the bank that he won’t ever be able to pay back just so he can pay Princess Ashley for his release.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Supremacy Down to Her Feet – Princess Ashley

Princess Ashley believes that all illegal immigrants who come to this country should be here to serve hot girls like her. Hot blond white girls like her are entitled to have as many slaves as they want. The Mexican slave has been begging to serve Princess Ashley so she decides to see if she has any possible use for him. She allows the slave to kiss the bottom of her shoes and the look of pure contempt on her face is perfect. You can tell she knows she is so superior to this slave that she is genuinely doing him a favor just by allowing him to lick the bottom of her shoes clean. She tells the slave she is disgusted by him and his fat hairy ugly body and can’t think of any reason why he should even be allowed to serve her. Princess Ashely thinks it’s absurd that these illegal immigrants come here with no money and no job and yet think they should be allowed to serve her when they nothing to offer. Princess Ashley commands the slave to suck on her high heel like it’s a dick. If he has no money maybe he can make some sucking dick and give it all to her. The Mexican slave says he has no money but he can max out his credit card and give it all to Princess Ashley. Finally, Princess Ashley has at least some use for the slave. He can serve her by cleaning her house every day and sucking dick for money in his spare time, at least until his money is all gone. After that she doesn’t care what happens to him.
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DirtyDommes – Muddy dirty boots domination

When Domina Liza and I arrive back from our lovely walk in the English countryside, we find our human carpet has moved itself towards our beautiful sofa! This is not acceptable! He must be punished and put back in the position he belongs. His tongue and mouth will be filled up with the mud of our leather boots. We won’t stop using him as our boot cleaner until his face is covered in black dirt and our footwear is clean again. He better start sucking and polishing fast!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Adrienne – Humbling Experience

Goddess Adrienne is conducting foot slave training in her dungeon today. She has this pitiful excuse for a man in a dog collar and leads him around on his hands and knees. Adreinne takes her proper position of power seated on her throne and lifts her boots so the obedient slave can lick the bottoms clean of filth and grime. As the first is cleaned, Goddess Adrienne instructs the slave to remove the knee high boot she has been wearing all day without socks. The slave licks her smelly bare soles and cleans the sweat from between each toe with his tongue. Mistress enjoys a good long tongue bath on both her sexy feet. Goddess Adrienne is impressed with the slave’s initial performance and considers keeping him in servitude for a while longer.
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Clubstiletto – Pathetic Boot Worm Gets To Smell Sweaty Ass

Lady Bellatrix is on her love seat and she calls her bitch over. After a day of harsh discipline she is not done with him yet. “The struggle is the reward” she reminds him and then makes him beg to worship her boots. He snivels and begs until she orders him to suck the heel like it’s a cock. The slave takes it all the way down his throat. She then makes him lick the grooves on her soles and in the special nooks and crannies these boots provide. She then swings each leg up and down asking the slave how the view is as he now gets a perfect look at her ass. She then directs him back to her boots and has him lick up and down the length of both boots. She wants them squeaky clean from his tongue. She slaps him when his tongue touches her skin. He’s not good enough for that.
Back and forth he licks as she admonishes him for being so pathetic. She tells him to contemplate his future as her slave, how she will make him suffer and work for her. Again she raises her legs in the air teasing her slave with her ass. The gusset all but covers her anus and pussy and when she talks about how hot and sweaty she is down there the poor slave is beside himself. She then lifts her arms up exposing her sweaty armpits as well. She then touches herself and directs the slave to bring his nose to her asshole. She tells him to sniff it. She then gets up on the couch into a kneeling position and pulls the slaves head into her ass. “When you are back in the stable with the other slaves they will smell ass on your face and be very jealous” she tells him. She slams and grinds her ass into his face and says she is marking her property. Now she has had enough of him and pushes him away, “Go get me a cold drink” she demands.
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