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Submissive cuck in a chastity belt lets his beautiful young mistress ride on his back. Like he has a choice! The military onesie-wearing goddess in fishnets then makes him worship her sexy boots before inflicting real damage on his useless ball. The ending sees her enjoying some facesitting while twisting the slave’s nips, hoping to rip them off.
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Kicked And Stomped

The two cruel sadistas kick and stomp on their pathetic victim, having great energetic fun laughing as he cries and suffers
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Clubstiletto – Admire My Ass While I Trample Him – Raevyn Rose

Who’s ready for another sexy encounter with Miss Raevyn? Yes, everyone of course. Today she is focusing on you because while she tramples her slave she is going to be showing off her amazing bubble butt and if you are lucky you might even get to kiss it. She starts with her 6″ stilettos walking on his chest and torso but the camera spends a good amount of time pointing up at her butt. Don’t worry you still get a good mix of the tramping too. “I think I’m definitely leaving an impression on this one” she says.

The slave is in so much pain he has to close his eyes and missed out on her ass as a result. She squats down towards his face to tease him before getting off to examine her marks. She then decides to go bare feet and gets on him again. She squats down again and this time he is able to reach up and kiss her ass cheeks. She then just sits on his face and says it’s time to put him to sleep. “He’ll probably be dreaming about me trampling him” she says. She extends her feet across his body until he starts to kick frantically. “There’s no point fighting it” she says with a smile.
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Lady Kara – You Will Never Forget That Lesson

Slave I must punish you! Do you know why? Of course you don’t, you stupid idiot! You forgot to wash my panties! After I will done with you, you’ll never forget it again! You can’t move but only take all punish from your Lady. I will stomp on your little dick and stomach and I start to whip your head and chest with no mercy! I won’t stop untill I whip that information to your stupid head! And I don’t care that you will lose your consciousness. When I will done with you, you will remember that lesson. Everytime when you look at the mirror and see blo*d marks on your body you will think about your disobedience. You will never do that again.
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Clubstiletto – So Try It She Did – Mistress Irene

Rachel has been listening to her twin sister Irene talk about dominating men so when a slave shows up to be trampled by Irene and she’s late getting home Rachel decides to give it a try. “How hard can be” she says, “It’s just stepping on someone after all.” The slave is then locked in a trample floor and now finding out this is something Rachel has never done, her 7″ stilettos have him horribly nervous. She steps on his chest and stomach and then makes him suck the heel. “You’re not nervous are you slave?” she asks him.

She tells him that her and her sister come from a long line of cruel women. “Nothing makes us happier than seeing men suffer” she announces. According to an ancestry site she just found out the tradition has been going on all the way back to the 13th century. Rachel tells the slave she is the lighter of the sisters. Her sister is 165 pounds and she’s only 164. As she tramples she starts to enjoy herself and really digs the heels in by standing on him full weight. The slave groans and moans but being locked up there is no escape. She even starts bouncing on him and you can see the agony and pleasure in the slaves eyes. She directs one of the heels to his nipple and when stepping off grinds the same damaged nipple with the sole of her other foot. As she goes back to stepping on his nipples, foot steps come from around the corner and in walks Irene. “What’s going on here?” she asks. “You’ve been talking so much about trampling I thought I’d give it a try” says Rachel with a wide smile.
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Clubstiletto – Higher and Harder – Princess Lily

This scene opens with Princess Lily already jumping on her carpet slave in her knee high boots. While her slave suffers beneath her you get some great views of her famous bubble butt. She steps on her slaves head and then places both feet on his chest and jumps some more. She tells him how lucky he is to have his view and it should be more than enough to make up for the pain he is enduring. She squats down on him so her ass is near his face but not close enough for him to reach with his mouth. “This ass is what you are working for” she tells him as she stands up and jumps some more.

Now the camera moves back to give you a wide view as she dances on her slave. “Should I invite my boyfriend over to dance with me on you?” she asks him. “Maybe he could fuck me while we are on you and then you can see all his cum running down my leg.” She then tells him he can’t fuck her or any woman and she wouldn’t be surprised if his wife is actually out fucking another man and that’s the reason she sent him to her to be used. She then moves to his stomach and jumps some more, along with some stomping. You can see the damage her soles are doing to his body and the slave is moaning and groaning in pain. Lily is so happy with her job and this time steps down on the floor and brings her ass right over his face. Just as he thinks he might get a taste she stands up and again brings her boots up to his body.
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It’s a lovely summer day and Mistress Kandy has her slave in the forest where she is dressed in fatigues and practicing her marching. all over her slaves body. She is wearing thick soled shoes and has a good grip on a branch so she can not only march on him but jump as well. She makes him lick her soles and then she shifts over and stands on his face with both feet. She then moves back to his chest, then down to his stomach and on to his legs. She moves back to his head where she sets one shoe while lifting the other in the air.

Then more marching, more jumping, and back onto his face. She does not go easy on her carpet as she loves to see him suffer. You get great views upwards seeing Kandy’s ass and armpits and happy full smile. She just loves this! Lots of stomping on his chest and jumping too. After about 5 minutes she decides she needs a break and lays down and orders her slave to remove her shoes so she can expose her sweaty feet. She tells him to suck each toe and just when he thinks the pain is over, she picks up a shoe and slams it across his back repeatedly. Not exactly a picnic but Kandy and her slave wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Introducing Miss Muscle. The Mistress walks into the room where we find her slave laying on the floor. She asks him if he is ready to worship her and suffer under her feet. She is wearing amazing tie up boots with pole like heels. She steps on his chest and then places one foot on her face and tells him to lick the sole. She moves up and down across his chest and stomach and then squats down bringing her ass only inches from his face. “Lick it slave, I know you want it” she says but despite his best effort he just can’t quite reach her ass. “If you please me I’ll let you kiss it” she tells him before standing up on him once again. She makes him beg for his ass and then sits on his face.

The scene rolls over and now Miss Muscle is wearing a second pair of boots. She sticks the wide heel into his mouth and then moves around his torso, once again squatting on him. “Which pair should I put on next?” she asks. Again the scene rolls over and this time Mistress is wearing knee high boots. This time the heel is much finer and the pain is noticeably more intense for the slave. Her heels really sink into his flesh. She runs the sole of one boot over his tongue and tells him to lick it clean. She twists and steps on him and squats again to insure he gets maximum pressure and another close up view of her ass. Now she changes into yet another pair of boots but rather than stand she kneels on him instead before finally trampling him again. These boots have a smaller heel as well and again the pain is intense for the slave. Finally Miss Muscle puts on her high heeled running shoes and jumps from the floor to his chest repeatedly making him count as she does. She holds onto the fireplace and leaps as high as possible onto his chest. She decides he has pleased her enough to get the pleasure of her ass on his face. The slave loves it until the need to breath arises. Mistress is tired, she isn’t getting up just yet!
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Kandy is wearing the sweetest pair of lace booties in this clip! They match her dress so nicely and are perfect for trampling her carpet. She stands on her slave’s face, tramples his stomach, then tramples and jumps on his chest. She stuffs one foot all the way into his mouth while jumping on his chest with the other. She holds onto the overhead chains and totally goes to town jumping before she rams her foot into his mouth again. She jumps some more, then rubs her foot over the slave’s face until she remembers she isn’t wearing panties and that her little freak is staring right up at her pussy! She plays with herself a bit to further torment the slave… and you, too.

She decides to take a little break and sits on the slave’s chest so her ass crack is mere inches from his mouth. She tells him to stick his tongue out and to get it deep up her asshole. The stimulation causes her to fart, and as she sits down, yet another one squeaks out. The slave does a good job keeping his tongue in her hole the entire time, though… but that isn’t good enough for Kandy, so she gets back up onto her feet and jumps on him some more!
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This was a real-life slave-member of Our site. He wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops (and PAY us for the privilege, obviously!) Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas. This is the part of his session when he just literally could not take Adrianna’s heels anymore- so she mercifully kicks them off and proceeds to stomp all over his worthless, scrawny body in her beautiful bare feet.
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We find Mistress Kandy sitting on her slaves chest after having just trampled him in a pair of lace booties (Trampled, Facesat And Farted On). She explains that she has an array of shoes at her disposal and her plan is to trample him in each and even make him change the shoes for her while she does so. She starts with flip flops and they definitely make a flip flop sound as she marches on his body before making him lick the rubber soles and then standing on his head.

Watch as Kandy goes through the entire lineup of shoes showing little mercy to her carpet along the way. She even gets you involved when her pants start to slide down at one point and she tells you to crawl in and lick her ass crack while she tramples her bitch.
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This slave needs to suffer for me- just because I say so. And I think its funny that it loves my needle-thin designer heels, but they hurt him sooo much! Awww.poor slave LOL! Too bad. Slaves were MEANT to be walked all over! I mock it for being hurt so much underneath these heels that another slave bought me- just so that he could suffer underneath them!

I demand that this slave buy me a pair as well- but he eventually admits that he can’t afford it after I tell them how much they cost! (Haha I tell him that these shoes are worth more than his pathetic life!) So being the genius Mean Girl that I am, I make a decision and inform the slave that the sales of this clip will go toward buying a new pair of Louboutins for MY perfect feet! So since he is a broke loser slave, he just needs to SUFFER under my stilettos for as long as I decide it will take to earn me a new pair! And the longer he suffers.the more profit it will contribute toward my next pair of designer heels!

And I even make this loser THANK ME for letting him “pay for” another pair of ridiculously expensive heels for my perfect feet in this manner- and BEG me to keep standing on him for as long as it takes to contribute to my shoe collection with his suffering!

Do YOU want to suffer under my heels, slave?? Then beg and PAY me for it, bitch!
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We just came home from seeing some hot guys that we are both kind of into, and Skylar sees my ugly bald fucking slave that I just left out on the deck a few hours ago. I invite her to step up onto him while we chat about our day. (He’s kind of soft and bouncy under your heels and it feels better than standing on the hard deck.)

This is Skylar’s first time literally walking all over a slave- but she totally does it like its nothing. I think I have taught her well that these idiots were MEANT to be walked all over by hot girls like Us. Like, its honestly what I think they were created and put on this Earth for- so WE can use them and benefit from them, as WE are obviously superior, higher life forms than them. She even laughs that she would never talk to a bald, ugly loser like this so he kinda is lucky just to be stepped on by her…even if she doesn’t bother to take her stiletto heels off.

We just chat out on the deck and have a smoke break while Skylar lets her stiletto heels REALLY dig into my slave. She told me later that she thinks its hilarious that I can treat him like this (like he basically means NOTHING to me) and yet he totally puts up with it no matter what, and still literally WORSHIPS me.

***(Although this is Skylar’s first tramping clip she really does have no mercy for the slave. She literally stands on it for the entire length of the clip with no breaks for the slave at all. This is the most ruthless trampling clip we have done in years and when you consider Princess Skylar just continues standing in the same spot, drilling her heels DEEP into the slave beneath her without giving it a second thought…)***

True story – At one point in this clip I accidentally burned my slaves lip while shoving my lit cigarette into his mouth to use it as my ashtray while Skylar was standing on him. So I fucking yell at him for moving and making my cigarette out and kick him in the face in front of Skylar! She laughed her ass off haha.

(Oh, also, it was kinda windy out there so it is kinda hard to hear the dialogue sometimes, but we doubt most of you care about that too much haha.)
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Ms Bijou has converted an old man, who wanted to date her, into her slave. She keeps him locked in a prison, under her kitchen, until she needs him. Today she took him out for a pony ride (Now You’re My Pony) and in this clip scene she has now made him lay in the forest where she is going to trample him in her dirty flats. As she steps on him she tells him he is a bit to soft for her and she is going to have to tough him up. She rubs her dirty sole over his face and makes him lick it clean. Next she decides to stand completely on his face and once in place she says that he turned out not to be dating material but at least he is a head to stand on. That might come in handy for reaching up to those high shelf’s in the kitchen.
She is about to mock him for his little cock but then realizes he has pitched a little tent in his jeans. “I’ve figured you out, you like to be objectified” she laughs at him. She sticks the toe portion of a show all the way into his mouth after stepping back onto his chest. She walks up and steps on his dick and then goes back to his chest and again his face. “When we are done here I’m going to tie you up naked to a tree and leave you here” she tells him. She tells him she will give him 7 days to make it back home and if he is late he will find the prison under her kitchen will be occupied by someone younger, fitter and stronger. He is then ordered to crawl back to the truck to get the rope.
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We are starting a new use for The Mean Girls Punishment Camp. We decided recently to start marketing it to other hot girls online and allow them to use the property just outside Vegas for free. Most of them can’t believe it. Especially when they are told that it comes with their own personal “waitstaff” that is at their beckon call 24/7! Princess Carmela is there to meet our first guest, Gemma.
Carmela walks her up the stairs and Gemma can’t believe her eyes- there is actually a human welcome mat for her to wipe her feet on before she even steps foot inside! She can’t believe that this loser is so pathetic that it is literally nothing more than a “thing” for women to wipe their feet on before entering the house! She reminds Carmela that she is wearing HEELS! This loser can’t be THAT pathetic that it will just let her step on him in her heels?? Of course, this is commonplace to Carmela, so she gives Gemma a “demo” by hopping up onto the loser and stomping all over him in her stilettos like it is nothing. The slave underneath her is in agony…but gladly endures its suffering in a desperate attempt to please Carmela with its obedience..
After seeing this, Gemma is like “game on!” and hops on the loser herself- without even thinking of taking her heels off! She said later that she figures if that idiot is so stupid and pathetic that it will lay their in front of the doorway just because it is commanded to by hot girls, then she guesses that it deserves this!
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