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Subby Girls – Say Mercy

Will Bobbi say mercy? April isn’t sure yet but she will keep trying. Maybe it will take tickling her feet. Or is it her armpits? She’ll find her tickle weak spot eventually as it’s not like Bobbi is going anywhere.
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Subby Girls – Pleasure Me

Sometimes the girls waste no time, they just get down to it. April lies back on the couch and Bobbi gets to oral work between her legs, no words are needed.
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Female Worship – It’s Time For Burritos

Bobbi wants burritos. But first she will accept oral attention from her man, once that itch is scratched she will send him off to get burritos.
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Female Worship – The Obedient Male

Bobbi’s man is very obedient. When he is done with his chores he will tend to be by her side adoring her as she relaxes. Bobbi likes this because it makes him always available for pussy worship.
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Subby Girls – Definitely Better Than My Phone

While Bobbi catches up to the latest gossip on her phone, April saunters by with a much better idea. She pulls her shorts off and goes down on Bobbi, which turns out is an activity somewhat more entertaining than a phone.
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Subby Girls – Let’s See What This New Camera Can Do, Part 2

Bobbi wants some too, so she grabs the camera to let April do her thing. She removes Bobbi’s panties and adorably tosses them at the camera, then puts her mouth to work between Bobbi’s legs.
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Subby Girls – Let’s See What This New Camera Can Do, Part 1

While Bobbi is initially the one holding the camera as she records pretty April, it doesn’t take long before she is pawing at her shorts. Inevitably she then hands the camera to April to record so she can lick April’s pussy as the girls document their play.
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Female Worship – Thanks For Your Service

Reading her magazine is more fun with a man licking between her legs. So Bobbi summons her male over to kneel and lick, then sends him away once she is orally satiated.
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