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I want to control my slave’s breathing – and I’ll use my sexy ass to do it! Obviously the slave’s not going to enjoy it and I’m wearing my skin-tight hard jeans for this facesitting. I sit down on his face without hesitation, smothering him and almost crus**** his nose – like I would care! He’s struggling more and more the longer it goes, but I won’t stop anytime soon. In the end I just grab a magazine while I sit on his face and start reading – totally ignoring the loser struggling for air under me!
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FetishLiza – Autumn Walk in Thigh High Boots

Walk in to autumn with me. I know you cannot keep your eyes off my black leather thigh high boots and jeans butt. Watch me move and tease you with those perfect stilettos, my long legs and round ass. Are you ready to follow me?
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