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Clubstiletto – Hard For Trans Cock

It’s party night and a couple of slaves are lucky enough to be in the presence of Mistress Kandy, Miss Jasmine, Koi Erotica, and the well-endowed TS Goddess Ms. Staci. The girls enjoy some drinks as they make slave 1 suck slave 2. The women rest their feet on #2, twist his nipples, and verbally abuse both slaves, in general. Staci uses #1’s back as a stool, which allows you to have a few glimpses of her cock. Jasmine moves onto the chest and then the face of #2 while Koi twists his nipples.

Jasmine moves off his face in order to stroke his dick and give #1 a chance to catch his breath, while Staci shifts positions in order to fully expose her cock. She places her foot on #1’s back and forces his mouth down on #2’s cock. Throughout the entire scene, poor slave 2 gets his nipples tortured until he’s finally permitted to get up and told to suck Staci’s cock. It turns out that sucking TS cock is just what the doctor ordered because he’s soon rock-hard! This impresses Jasmine so she starts to stroke him and the race is on to see who comes first. Staci starts to thrash about and moan, before she delivers a load of hot cum down the throat of #2, who is denied release. Such is the life of a lowly slave!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby – Blowjob Bib For Loser

Kandy and Ruby are busy again at FemCorp, talking about the just completed contest they had in which the loser of the contest between the two once powerful men in the company, the CEO and Accountant, has to suck the others dick. The camera pulls back and we see the accountant is wearing the blowjob bib. Kandy mocks him, slave #1, by flipping her finger over his lips and reminding him how much cock he has sucked since the office coup a few months back. They then turn their attention to the CEO, slave #2, and comment how he used to be powerful and had hot girls coming to visit him in his office, now look what’s become of him. Both so pathetic. Now slave 2 is told to stand up and without hesitation slave 1 crawls over and takes his cock in his mouth. Kandy takes him by the hair, and pushes his head up and down on the cock. Ruby tells the CEO that if he closes his eyes maybe he can imagine it’s one of the secretaries in his former life doing the sucking. “I don’t know to many secretaries that look as sad as this.”, Kandy comments which makes the girls break out in laughter while likely bursting the CEO’s fantasy to smithereens.
None the less, slave number 2 is desperate for sexual pleasure and soon is rock hard. Kandy reminds #2 about the hot red headed security he used to have and tells him to imagine that it’s her sucking him off. The CEO soon is ready to blow but not just yet, #1 needs a sore jaw before he gets his cum cocktail. “Maybe we’ll put him on all fours and you can fuck his ass and pretend it’s her pussy.”, Ruby suggests and the ladies roar with laughter again. #1 doesn’t miss a beat through it all and sucks that cock like the expert he has become. Kandy is pleased with his sucking abilities and says it comes in handy now that his wife has started fucking other men and hubby is useful in fluffing them. Slave 2 is really moaning with pleasure now, while 1 is starting to sweat, he never worked this hard in his previous life. The CEO can’t contain himself, he has to blow and he begs for release. The ladies of course grant permission and soon a hot steamy load is shooting down the accountants throat. The CEO thrusts and shakes, the accountant gulps and gags, what a splendid site. Kandy has #1 open his mouth and sees a bit of cum remnants. She takes the nasty slime and rubs it into his face. This staff break is over!
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Femdom Empire – Sully Savage – Slave to a Couple

What does it mean to be owned by a dominant couple? This slave is learning quickly that his ass will have to adapt quickly to their insatiable appetite for anal. The slave is led out of the cage and onto the fuck horse. Master Jax takes his turn fucking the slaves ass to warm it up for Mistress Scully. Sully is wearing a HUGE pink cock that is know for destroying butt-holes. Scully rides his ass slow and sensual while the slave sucks on Masters thick cock. The slave is in for some extra stretching tonight… The Masters want to try Double Penetration… Scully mounts his ass & plants her long pink cock in his anus, then Master Jaxton inserts his cock completely filling the slaves entire cavity. The slave is stretched to capacity with every pump!
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Macho Dreams Crushed and Turned into Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

Kandy has used her magic to get back at her young gardener for attempting to come on to her. One minute he’s trying to score with her, and the next minute his body is fully waxed, and he’s had makeup professionally applied. He has become Nikki, a proper little sissy bitch with a burning desire to suck cocks all day. As the scene opens, Nikki is already busy sucking a stud’s cock as she rubs his balls. The sissy is eager for a hot load of cum after being programmed to love jizz. Kandy tells Nikki what she expects from her and what her future will involve; mainly servicing a lot of men. A lot. Kandy realizes Nikki is still learning so only demands $5 per blow job, but she still expects at least $100 in total earnings each day, which means at least 20 men a day, seven days a week. “When men ask if you like sucking cock, you just respond, “Yes, I do” she instructs Nikki, who is directed to stroke the stud’s cock while licking his cum sacks.
The stud also tells the slut how he wants to be serviced. Kandy orders Nikki to run an ad online and says there will soon be a long line of men coming to fill her up. The phone starts to ring and Kandy smiles because she knows it’s men calling to be sucked. Nikki looks very pretty in her pink sissy dress and the slutty makeover she just received from Mistress Winter. Kandy says she wants her sissy to suck so many cocks that she’ll actually be able to live off of cum. She suggests it would be a good idea to spit roast Nikki so she’ll be able to collect from two men at once – one from the sissy’s slutty ass-cunt and another from her pussy-mouth. As the stud gets closer to coming, he orders Nikki to place her head on Kandy’s lap and open her mouth. He strokes his cock until a hot load of cum shoots into the hungry sissy slut’s mouth. Nikki is, of course, required to lick it all up. Kandy scoops cum from Nikki’s face with her fingers and feeds it to her, to make sure nothing is wasted. “An hour ago he thought he was a macho gardener” Kandy says with a laugh! The scene changes and we find Kandy sitting on the toilet box while she finishes using her slave as a urinal. The slave is supposed to be stroking without release but accidentally cums. Kandy would usually be upset but sees this as a learning opportunity to continue Nikki’s training as a cum-eater. Kandy orders the sissy to get on all fours and lick the cum from the slave’s tummy and cock, which she does with great enthusiasm. As Nikki continues to clean up, the phone rings yet again. This is going to be one very busy sissy!
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Clubstiletto – Special Needs Cock Sucker | Release Date: Sep 2, 2017

This scene clearly demonstrates that ClubStiletto doesn’t have an ounce of dignity, morality or decency. They thrive on the taboo. The gorgeous Mistresses take a poor retarded special needs person and make him suck another man’s cock while they humiliate him, tease him, scorn him, make fun of him, criticize him and do any other depraved thing they can think of to him for their afternoon entertainment. The unlucky bastard is gagging and coughing as they push his head deeper and deeper on the cock without mercy. In fact, the harder he struggles, the more they enjoy themselves. This scene is destined to be another ClubStiletto Classic.
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Mistress T – Coerced Gay – Encouraged Bi

The beautiful Nikki Whiplash & I continue the training of our new cocksucker…making him suck a real cock for the first time. He struggles with the task, ashamed of being made to do gay things…& the slave getting his cock sucked doesn’t want to do it either & can’t cum just from a guy blowing him so Nikki jerks him off onto the other guys face & makes him eat his cum off of her hand. We laugh at both of the closet fags. HIGH HUMILIATION!
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The English Mansion – Miss Suzie, Miss Vivienne lAmour – Choosing Her Pleasure Cock

Miss Vivienne brings her slavegirl, Suzie, to the slave shed where she is presented with two male slaves for her to choose one as a sex slave. They are taken out of the holding cages and their bodies are examined to find the fittest and most attractive. Next their cocks are checked for size and Suzie chooses her preferred sexual partner, the other slave is then used as a cuckold fluffer to make his cock super hard, ready to fuck Suzie. Vivienne then supervises the fucking slaves, making sure her sex show is just how she wants it, making sure they fuck hard and deep in different positions. Finally the slaves are allowed to cum, before the sex slave is locked up again until he is required.
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Femdom Empire – Mistress Sully – Submissive Cuckold | Release Date: Jun 5, 2017

Mistress Sully and Master Jaxton have a new submissive pet. Miss Sully orders he suck Jaxton’s thick cock from inside the cage, he is going to make a perfect cuckold. Sully lies down on the bed and orders the slave fluff the cock for her pussy. Master Jaxton alternates between pleasing Sully’s pussy with his cock and making the cuckold suck it. Sully humiliates the cuck by making him taste her pussy on Jaxton’s cock. Sully uses the cuck as a mattress and straddles his face while Jaxton penetrates her. She orders he lick her clit while getting fucked. When he fails to lick properly she tells Jaxton to slap his face for more motivation. Sully enjoys her boyfriend and slave pleasing her pussy until she cums multiple times.
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Subby Hubby – Valora’s Training Day Part 4

Since he said he would do anything to stay with her, Goddess Nadia forces her pathetic subby to suck the black cock of Professor Johnson. Goddess Nadia needs to maintain her grades, so her subby better get used to pleasing Professor Johnson’s cock. He must be doing a good job, as he gets rewarded with Professor Johnson’s cum.
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Subby Hubby – Valora’s Training Day Part 5

Watching how obedient her new subby is, Goddess Nadia wants to get fucked by Professor Johnson while her subby sucks on her toes. After Professor Johnson finishes in Goddess Nadia’s pussy, she makes her subby clean her up. Desperately wanting to use his tiny cock, her subby begs to fuck, and gets rewarded with permission to fuck Goddess Valora’s slave’s man pussy.
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Kinky Mistresses – Kacy Kisha & Queen Lissandra – Suck The Real Cock And Take The Strap-on

Featuring Lady Kacy Kisha, Mistress
Thats a slaves life,…. sucking reals cocks for the Mistress and get also fucked from a second Lady with a rubber cock. But he likes to suck the cock of the tv bitch? Or he get forced for this?
Parts: 2
Total Duration: 10 minutes 7 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: bisexual, bisexuall, bitch, blowjob, cock, doll, domina, femdom, forcedbi, kacy, kinky, mistress, rubber, sissy, tv
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The English Mansion – Gloryhole Virgin

Mistress T and Miss Kinky have brought their slave to the local gloryhole for the ultimate humiliation, to service cocks for their amusement! This oral virgin is soon put to work, licking and sucking a fat member, the Mistresses making sure he puts in full effort, teasing and verbally humiliating him and finally covering his mouth and face in a full sticky load.
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