TheQueendom – Smother Training with Megan and Mia

See more Facesitting videos at The Queendom: Megan Jones and Mia Annabella: Putting Mr. Ass to the Test Madam Jada: Ass for Days part 2 An Li and Kawaii: An Li and Kawaii: Smother Training “You’ve gotta be able to survive us both!” Mia Annabella and Megan Jones are a coerce to be reckoned with and this slave is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to survive their big, smothering butts! The slave is tightly bound in plastic wrap and totally helpless (though two fierce wrestling babes like Megan and Mia could easily overpower and dominate the slave even without plastic wrap, but who doesn’t like an immobilized smother slave?!?). The Mistresses take turns smothering the slave while setting time limits that he has to reach before being allowed to take another breath. Megan’s amazon like body and big, sexy booty do all the work for her, letting her effortlessly keep the slaves face buried (and crushed) beneath her. Mia’s strong thighs and bubble but also swallow the slave’s face up easily, but throughout the clip she shows a little extra aggressiveness and she’s eager to push the slave to his limits (or even further)! The slave’s face gets absolutely destroyed beneath these bikini-clad Goddesses! He tries to squirm free, but there’s no where for him to go. The slave is trapped, at the mercy of two Goddesses who are well… merciless! After nearly 15 minutes they finally decide they’ve had enough smother training and a break is in order, but there won’t be any breaks for the slave! Instead they leave him bound on the couch, telling him they’ll be right back to use him as their seat while they eat and relax… Megan Jones, Mia Annabella, Facesitting, Smother Training, Plastic Wrap, Bound Slave
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Miss Gia, Layla Moore – Layla MooreA Bet’s A Bet

Starring Miss Gia Love Layla Moore Video Games are serious business, from the time we are **** we cultivate our skills in certain areas and genres for the ultimate in bragging rights! Gia’s genre of choice are the super popular fighting games, the art of beating the absolute crap out of your friends and family members in all of its digital glory is a time honored tradition! Gia’s friend Layla also enjoys the fighting games, so much so that she decides to challenge Gia to a game. winner sits on the losers face! In a fight to the bitter end, Gia steps away victorious leaving Layla with egg. or in this case, ass .. On her face! Layla reluctantly allows Gia to begin to smother her with her big juicy ass because after all, A bet is a bet!
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Cheating Husband Tricked By Wife’s Friend (PT 2)

After Chloe Kennedy made this cheating husband get off by rubbing her stinky feet all over his dick, she locks him in chastity and with out any further notice sits right down on to his face. Being strapped and not able to move, this loser has no choice but to lay on his back locked in chastity as his Mistress in golfs his face with her ass causing him to fight for his air. He try’s to beg for her to stop but time and time again she plops her butt cheeks right down blocking his air flow. While Chloe continues to sit on his face in all different positions, she explains that this will be his new life and his wife will now be holding the keys to his caged up dick. Just when this loser thinks it can’t get any worse , Chloe informs him that she heard a car door and that it must be his wife. This cheating husband had no idea that his quickie would turn out to be the first day of his slave training.
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IWantJusmine – First Aid FaceSitting !

Custom: You are out walking & you see a guy lying still on the ground. You are first aid trained and go over to see if he is ok. He is not moving so you decide to give him your version of CRP. This involves sitting on his chest in the squatting position and bouncing ( to the beat of the Bee Gees `Staying Alive` I believe). This brings him out of what is really a deep sleep. he is at first startled and then angry to find you sitting on him and tells you to get off. This in turn makes you angry as you were tying to save the guys life!! You move forward and sit on his chest pinning his arms below your legs. As you have the guy trapped you tell him how you were trying to help him and there is no need for him to be angry. As you sit there you realize that he is embarrassed to be out in public with a girl sat on top of him. You ask him how it would look if someone walked by with you sat on his face so you try it. You realize you like the thrill of facesitting in the open so sit on him longer on both squatting and schoolgirl pin positions all the while telling him how much you love to sit on his face and wondering what would happen if someone saw you facesitting him. You would tell them that he tried to rob you and you are pinning him down until the Police arrive. Towards the end you feel in only right to leave him as you find him so you tell hime that you are going to sit on face until he pas-ses out, which you do before getting up and carrying on with your walk.
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TheQueendom – The Wrath of Kawaii’s Ass

Mistress Kawaii is in a bad mood. She’s tired and irritated after a long day of traveling and she needs to blow off steam. That’s where this lucky facesitting slave comes in! Few things bring Mistress Kawaii as much joy as feeling her slave struggling for breath beneath her massive ass! After a long day of traveling her ass is nice and ripe, which only makes it more fun for Kawaii! The slave knows there’s nothing he can do but accept his fate, but eventually the need for air always causes him to squirm around in a desperate attempt to find some air. Of course, Kawaii’s bit butt makes that impossible! “Destroying your face always makes me so happy!” Within a minute Mistress Kawaii is already feeling better, giggling as she bounces and flattens her slave’s face. “Wow, your face is getting like, really really red!” That only encourages Mistress Kawaii to jump back onto her slave’s battered face again. When Kawaii turns to sit sideways she laughs as she feels the slave’s nose being completely crushed beneath one of her cheeks. She wonders if its close to breaking, but doesn’t let up for a second! She throws in some full weight forward and side saddle face sitting, but her true love is reverse facesitting! She loves to feel her big, juicy booty swallow up the slave’s face and let’s be honest, it looks fantastic on camera too! If you love big butts and facesitting this is definitely a clip you’ll want to buy (along with all of Mistress Kawaii’s other facesitting clips, they’re all pretty incredible)!
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TheQueendom – Ass for Days Part 6

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

“I like this position,” Madam Jada says, settling into a comfortable, full weight, reverse facesitting position on her poor, battered slave. We’re roughly 5 1/2 hours into the smother marathon now and even Madam Jada is starting to feel tired. All of the lifting up and moving around to let her slave breathe really works out the leg muscles and right now Jada just wants to relax. She’s certainly not ready to end the marathon though so she will be relaxing comfortably on the slave’s face the entire time! She positions herself to be able to give the slave air with minimal effort by simply leaning to the side or moving her leg slightly, giving the slave just enough of an opening to suck in a few breaths before Jada seals him back into her ass. “I’ve gotta re-position you so you’re really in there,” she says, using her hand to turn the slave’s face deeper into her massive cheeks. From time to time the slave tries to push Jada up, but Jada is a 5’10, 185 lb amazon Goddess. There’s simply no way for this weak ass slave to get away! Jada may be tired, but she’s still having fun smothering and crus**** her slave’s face, smiling and laughing throughout the clip as the slave struggles for each and every breath. This smother marathon still has a long way to go, whether the slave likes it or not!
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TheQueendom – Putting Mr. Ass to the Test

As we all know by now, Mr. Ass has been through a lot of smothering and squashing over the years, but he’s never been dominated by two strong, wrestling queens like Megan Jones and Mia Annabelle. They aren’t convinced that Mr. Ass can handle being crushed and smothered by either one of them, let alone the two of them together for an entire shoot! So they decide to put Mr. Ass to the test by trampling, face sitting, scissoring, and generally crus**** Mr. Ass to learn exactly how much it will take to break him! They begin with trampling and it looks like their slave’s chest is going to cave in beneath Megan! When they move to smothering Mia is relentless, gripping the slave’s face tightly with her thighs and laughing as his face turns purple beneath her. “You wanted to be furniture you’re going to be furniture,” Megan says mockingly as her big, beautiful butt engulfs the slave’s face. “If you can’t take it just tap like a little bitch!” When they move the slave to the couch Megan immediately takes a seat on his face, kicking her legs over the arm of the couch so her ass can really swallow his face up! Mia quickly piles on top of Megan, adding her weight to make sure Mr. Ass can’t possibly break free! “Is that a thank you?” Mia asks, dropping her ass onto the slave’s face before he can speak. “No one cares what you have to say anyway.” They put Mr. Ass through the ringer, crus**** him beneath their butts and even throwing in a little breast and foot smothering, but soon its on to the real test: Head scissors! Mia and Megan are relentless, crus**** their slave’s head and neck between their powerful thighs; just one of Megan’s thighs is bigger than the slave’s entire head! “I love how you’re crus**** his neck while I’m crus**** his rib cage,” Megan says as they team up to work the slave’s head and body. While Megan has the slave’s head locked between her powerful thighs Mia begins smashing and smothering the slave’s face with her foot. Soon the ladies begin to mix in more smothering with the scissor holds. Mia seems to really enjoy shoving the slave’s face into Megan’s round butt, cutting off all of his air! They finish up with more foot, breast, and ass smothering before deciding that 30 minutes should be a sufficient test. Neither of them are particularly impressed with their wanna-be slave’s performance, but he did at least survive the test so they decide to use him for their shoot. Whether or not he can survive a whole night of being crushed and smothered in their videos is another question…

Approximately 5 minutes of tramping to start, 12 minutes of smothering, and 12 minutes of mixed head scissors and smothering.
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TheQueendom – Ass for Days P4

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

All of the custom marathon custom requests are finished and Madam Jada is ready to kick back and relax for awhile, but that doesn’t mean Mr. Ass is getting a break! Instead Jada has him trapped in the smotherbox! For the next 20 or so minutes Mr. Ass’s face is completely buried under Jada’s magnificent rear end. With his head encased in the smotherbox and his entire face smothered deep between Madam Jada’s cheeks Mr. Ass begins feeling the effects of sensory deprivation, with nothing else to focus on except the feel of Jada’s big, soft cheeks all around him. “You must like it under there, ” Jada says, noticing how calm Mr. Ass seems to be as he suffocates. Of course, that calm, tranquil feeling that he feels in his little world of ass only lasts until the air in his lungs begins to run out. Eventually the need to breathe is all he can think about, but thanks to the smotherbox and Jada’s massive ass, there’s nothing he can do. “I’m gonna forget you,” Jada says after doing exactly that, ” You better make some noise or something!” Over and over again the cycle repeats as Jada relaxes comfortably and Mr. Ass suffocates to the point of desperation. The marathon is far from over though…
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TheQueendom – Becoming Helena’s Ass Slave part 1

Domina Helena is an expert at finding and manipulating submissive, ass-obsessed men into complete and total slavery. Once she has a man under her spell Helena begins to drain the man of everything he’s worth; often going so far as to shrink and consume her victims alive when they are all used up! With a plethora of dating apps at her finger tips its never been easier for Helena to find new victims. Helena is just starting the process of draining and consuming today’s lucky victim. He thought he was in for an afternoon of kinky, facesitting fun when he agreed to be restrained, but his life belongs to Helena now! “Maybe I’ll make you my ass slave,” she says, her ass less than an inch from the man’s face. “I get to do whatever I want to a slave, slave’s have no rights!” Helena’s ass drops down, swallowing up the slave’s face and smothering him completely. The man quickly begins to understand that his life is over as Helena ruthlessly smothers and crushes his face beneath her ass while preparing him for his new reality. He will spend the rest of his life in bondage, never again able to stand up or move around, his assets will be sold off, and everything that was his will be gone. His face will be regularly buried beneath Helena’s beautiful ass though, so he will at least spend the rest of his life in ass-smothering heaven! “I just get to consume everything that’s yours… kind of like a black widow!” The slave tries to talk her out of it, he tries to explain that he didn’t know what he was agreeing to, but Helena simply does not care. Like a black widow, she has no sympathy for her prey! “Its a rough life I know, but you’ll adjust. Or you won’t and that’ll just be the end of you!” When Helena’s booty shorts come off her ass is completely free to really swallow up her new slave’s face. The feeling of Helena’s ass, covered by only a small thong, subdues the slave again and he begins to calm down as Helena smothers the fight out of him. “Just embrace it,” Helena commands while pushing her weight down on the slave’s face. Sexy, sadistic facesitting from a true femme fatale and excellent dialogue as she prepares her prey for his new life as an ass slave!
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TheQueendom – Your New Life with Jada: A World of Ass

Also see the alternate version of this video: Your New Life with Jada: Eaten Alive

“Are you still wanting to do this whole shrunken slave thing?” Jada asks, wondering why you would want to give up a good life as her boyfriend. You might think you know what you’d be getting into, but Jada is convinced you haven’t thought it all the way through. “Once I shrink you I will never be able to un-shrink you,” she warns. “And then you won’t be my boyfriend anymore, you’ll be my shrunken SLAVE!” She wants you understand you’ll have to go along with whatever Jada wants to do, “You won’t have a choice.” None of her warnings deter you though as you insist that this is what you truly want. With a shrug Jada commands you to bend down and kiss her ass if you really want to be shrunk. Once you do your life as you know it is over and you quickly feel yourself blacking out as the world around you seems to grow.

The view switches to 3rd person her and Jada quickly picks your tiny body up between her fingers, bringing you closer to her beautiful face to share her plans for you. “I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to… have someone in my ass!” Jada smiles as she explains, already imagining the way your little struggles will tickle her throughout the day. Jada knows how much you loved it when she sat on your face and this is really the ultimate form of facesitting, so you should love it right? Jada puts you to the test, making sure you can survive by sitting on you and trying to compress you beneath her big, juicy booty! When she realizes that you won’t be crushed she decides to try trapping you between her cheeks, so she lays on her stomach and drops you right into her ass crack! “So this is where you’re gonna live,” she says before pushing her soft cheeks closed around you. Jada’s ass completely envelops you and there is absolutely no way you’ll be able to get out! “No one is going to be able to hear you yelp! When I go to the gym you’re just gonna be in there, in my butt!” With that, Jada pulls her tight leggings up around you, sealing you into her ass to begin your new life as her shrunken ass slave!
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TheQueendom – Ass For Days Part 5

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

Its been a very, very long day of filming and smothering and Madam Jada is ready to take a break and have some snacks, but the smother marathon is still on so Mr. Ass won’t be getting a break. Instead his battered face will continue to serve as Madam Jada’s seat while she eats and relaxes for awhile. Jada gets so comfortable in fact that she quickly forgets about Mr. Ass and his annoying need to breathe! Jada sits full weight for pretty much the entire video, crus**** her seat’s face beneath big, sexy booty. She keeps the pressure on the full clip and keeps her ass planted on her seat’s face for the entire clip, not getting at all! Over and over again she pushes Mr. Ass to the point of desperation, but by this point he is far to weak and tired to do more than squirm and try to get Jada’s attention. Each time Jada let’s her seat breathe she simply rolls slightly to her side, revealing Mr. Ass’s purple face for a moment or two before burying it again! After enduring another 20 minutes of intense face sitting, Mr. Ass hopes that the marathon is nearly over, but unfortunately for him Madam Jada isn’t even close to finished!
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FemdomEmpire – Ass Wipe – Valentina Nappi

Mistress Valentina is an extremely strict and demanding slave Owner. She trains her boys to become completely addicted to the taste of her sweet asshole. The more they beg and plead for a taste of her hole, the hornier she becomes. An ass licking slave’s job is never done until she has been royally licked and worshipped to orgasm.
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TheRealQueendom – Sharing Her Sweat

“I just got back from an amazing workout,” Madam Jada says, eager to smother her slave and rub her delicious sweat all over his face. “I like smothering, I like to see you squirm!” Jada quickly buries the slave by sitting full weight on his face. Jada is absolutely relentless, pushing the slave to the point of desperation over and over while only giving him the briefest of breaths each time. Her plan is to keep this slave trapped in the sleep sack permanently and sit on his face every day after she gets done working out. The slave tries to protest, but there’s absolutely nothing he can do about his situation! “Do you want me to sit on your face for like a week straight and not get up?” she asks, warning the slave that things will only get worse for him if he doesn’t cooperate with her! Eventually Jada strips off her sweaty gym shorts for some more intimate reverse facesitting. Her big, soft ass, sweaty ass cheeks wrap around the slave’s face, forming a tight seal. “Are you comfortable? Because you’re gonna be there for awhile,” she laughs without giving the slave a chance to respond. At first the slave struggles, but as the smothering goes on and on he slowly gets weaker and weaker, struggling less and less. After awhile Jada starts to get a little bored and she realizes that its the struggle she enjoys most. However, this slave doesn’t seem to have a lot of fight left in him. So instead of keeping this man as a permanent smother slave Jada decides to find another use for him. Jada decides it would be much more fun to shrink the slave and swallow him alive! The slave begs not to be eaten, but Jada is too hungry to listen! With a snap of her fingers the slave disappears from view…
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TheRealQueendom – A Closer Look

Evening at home with Mistress Kawaii, stretching out like a mountain range upon the bed spread. Mountainous to you, that is, as you slowly creep across the sheets toward her body. She’s busy checking her phone, so you take the opportunity to sneak up, carefully, cautiously. Suddenly she straightens her leg, and her calf nearly flattens you! Was that intentional? “Stupid phone,” she mutters, drawing her leg up once more, giving you the opportunity to stalk beneath her powerful thigh. It’s so dangerous to do this, with that immense leg arching over your frail, tiny body, but how can you resist? You creep right up between her thighs, giddy with your sneakiness, when suddenly she rolls to her side! Her thighs plow you away, and then her big, beautiful ass is lying right before you! Seizing the chance, you charge her ass and begin to crawl up her inner thigh to get in that sweet crack… “Whoa, what the hell?” Kawaii’s voice thunders above, stunning you, and you’re tossed about as her thighs pummel the bed around you. When the chaos settles, you’re staring straight up into her panties, stretched tight over her thick, swollen pussy, and way up in the distance, her face glares at you with displeasure! “What are you doing over here? I put you in the drawer! And now you’re sneaking under my ass?” Her thighs close around you, and then she nudges her pussy into you, shoving you around like a schoolyard bully. “You look excited,” she notes. “Is this really where you want to be?” She clutches you in one overwhelming fist and, grunting and sighing, rolls her massive bodyscape to lie on her front. Suddenly you’re perched upon her thighs, with her huge, glorious ass rising before you. “I’m just going to keep you there, that’s what you wanted to do.” You can barely see the back of her head, peeking over the huge hemispheres of her ass cheeks. “You know like how that looks?” She slaps her ass, making it shudder heavily around you. “You know what, I’m going to trap you in there.” She laughs, her buttocks grow and swell, and then there you are: lying next to her thong, resting just above her asshole! Is it everything you hoped it would be? Her hand releases her ass, her cheeks close upon you, and then you disappear deep inside her ass! “I don’t even feel you,” Kawaii thinks idly. “I hope you’re comfortable in there. It’s going to be so sweaty, because I really feel like dancing.” Is she serious? You can’t tell, your entire world is two enormous butt cheeks clenching you from all sides, her excited anus fluttering against your tiny legs. She laughs at you: “No, I don’t feel you. Maybe you just got sucked up into my ass and you’ll be in there forever!” Mistress Kawaii scoots her incredible ass over the bed, gets up, adjusts her skirt, and strides out of the apartment for a night on the town. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your night,” she comments mockingly. “I know I will.” Mistress Kawaii, Giantess, Ass Slave, POV
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