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SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 2: Forced Bi

The pool cleaning dudes are out of the heat and inside the house. They think that they have scored big time. However, Raven Eve and Bella Ink have different plans. They tell the guys that they are kinky. Really kinky! They tell the boys that they probably can’t handle it. The dudes say they are kinky too and are ready to get started with the fun. Bella and Raven tell the boys to take off their pants so they can inspect their packages. The dude with the long blond hair has a tiny cock. The other guy has a big package! Raven and Bella asks the guys if they would both like blow jobs? Of course, the dudes say, hell yeah! The boys must have forgot that these girls are into only the freakiest stuff. Bella tells the blond with the little cock to get on his knees. A second ago he was happy and elated about getting his little dick sucked, now he is scared and confused. They tell him to get down and start sucking his buddy’s big hard cock. Reluctantly, he does as he is commanded. Bella and Raven laugh at him and force his head deeper on the cock. He gags on the hard cock while Bella and Raven continue to force him to take more of the cock down his throat. The slut continues to suck his friend’s cock until he shoots a load all over his face and mouth! That’s the kind of fun Bella and Raven are into.
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SubbyHubby – Bella and Raven Train the Pool Dudes Part 1: Foot Worship

Raven Eve and Bella Ink are relaxing by the pool in their skimpy bathing suits. The only problem is that there is no one around to show off their hot bodies to. They are disappointed, usually there are so many more people around! Looks like it’s going to be an uneventful relaxing day by the pool. Things start shaping up when two hot guys show up to clean the pool. The guys notice the Ladies by the pool and start telling each other how they plan on “hooking up” with them. What these guys don’t’ realize is that these are some kinky girls that are into some freaky stuff. We’ll see if they still want to “hook up”, when they find out what they’re in for! After a brief introduction, the ladies have the guys massaging their feet. Bella and Raven are surprised to find out that these boys actually have some skills. Next, one of the guys asks, what’s their reward for doing a good job rubbing the ladies’ feet? He’s thinking they’re about to score! Bella informs him that he and his friend may worship their feet now. The boys lick and suck every part of Bella and Raven’s feet and toes! The Ladies are happy with the boys’ performance and invite them inside for some more fun!
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella Teach Kitty: Chindo

Mistress Kitty is sitting with Goddess Bella waiting for her surprise. When Bella removes her hand from in front of Kitty’s eyes, she sees that Temptress Raven is holding a new slave by the leash. Kitty squeals with excitement as Raven tells her that she is the owner of a brand-new slave. Kitty has proven herself as a Femdom and the new slave is hers to do with as she pleases. Raven and Bella have another surprise for Kitty! They explain to her what a “chindo” is. They command the slave to open his mouth, or fuckhole, as Raven calls it. Goddess Bella shoves the dildo gag into the slaves fuckhole as the ladies all laugh. Goddess Bella informs the slave that he only has four minutes to make Kitty cum. Kitty lays back and spreads her boot covered legs open as the new slave ferociously works, fucking Kitty’s pussy with the chindo. Bella and Raven encourage the slave by forcing his head to go deeper and faster. Goddess Bella helps Kitty to get off by making out with her while fingering Kitty’s clit. Before the four minutes are up Kitty has one of the best orgasms of her life. She is happy with her new surprise and can’t wait for what is next!
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella teach Kitty: Strap On

Kitty is getting so hot and horny watching the slaves go down on her friends. The women all laugh hysterically as the two slaves struggle to deep throat their big cocks and gag. Goddess Bella and Temptress Raven have no mercy on the two helpless guys, forcing them to continue to cuck, ramming their strap-ons down the slaves’ throats. Now that their cocks are sufficiently lubed with slave spit, Bella and Raven put the two sluts on each end of the bondage bed, on their knees, and fuck their asses from behind. Kitty is sitting in between the two sluts. She is getting even more turned on and keeps playing with her kitty while her friends continue to pound the slaves in the ass. The two slaves groan and cry in agony as the two Dommes go to town on their tight assholes. They finish the slaves off by flipping them over on their backs with their legs spread up in the air. The Mistresses show no pity and Kitty cums while watching all the action. Kitty is happy and excited about her new lifestyle!
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Clubdom – Now Introducing Mistress Kitty

Mistress Raven Eve and Mistress Bella Ink have a surprise for their slave that is locked up in a cage under where they’re sitting. He will be a guinea pig for one of their friends. Mistress Kitty enters the room wearing a black bra, short black skirt and thigh high black boots. Her beautiful bare ass is clearly visible under her skirt. Any man would gladly submit to anything this vixen desires. The new Mistress joins Bella and Raven on top of the bondage table with their slave squirming helplessly and securely locked up underneath them. The ladies excitedly discuss how they plan to torture their poor slave. Mistress Kitty is brand new to the world of Femdom but she has been itching to take control of the lesser species for some time. Mistress Kitty’s kitty is getting wet just by thinking about it. Mistress Raven shows her a whip and flogger that they will be using on the slave later on. They tell the new Domme that here, men are always inferior and have to be shown their place. The Mistresses explain to Kitty that bad slaves must be punished. And this slave has been very bad! The slave is finally allowed out of its cage. Kitty’s fun is about to begin.
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Clubdom – Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Jerk That Tiny Dicklette | Release Date: Sep 7, 2017

Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks dragged you into the dungeon so they can watch you jerk your pathetic tiny little cock. The Goddesses are wearing latex dresses and thigh high boots, but can’t help but chuckle at your laughably small penis, they just feel sorry for you. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink give you masturbation instructions since no other person alive would want to touch that pathetic disgusting little dicklette.
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Clubdom – Slave Cum On Goddess Boots

Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink are wearing latex dresses and thigh high black boots since they have an event to attend later. The issue is that their boots are dirty, and they want them to be spotless. Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink selected two of their slaves to have the privilege to clean their boots with their tongues and leave them spotless. Goddess Bella Ink grabs her slave’s head and forces his head up and down the length of her boot to make sure he knows how to clean her boots. Nikki Brooks has her slave suck on her boot heel like the cock whore he is. The boots are almost clean when Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink look down to see the attention has made their slaves get hard. The Goddesses decide to let them jerk off their pathetic cocks and cum on their boots, so long as they lick their cum up afterward.
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Subby Hubby – If I Only Was A Leprechaun

Toby is all dressed up to go to a St. Patrick’s day party, but get’s let down when he can’t get a ride. Right before he falls asleep, he wishes he was a real leprechaun so he could get all the gold, and all the hot girls. Toby awakes in his dream surrounded by two lovely women, Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink show up to give him all of his heart’s truest desires. Toby finds himself inbetween the two Goddesses staring at their shaved wet pussies. Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink know that Toby is a subby bitch who is too pathetic to touch any hot girl, so they force him on his knees to watch them please themselves with big pink dildos. Bella Ink forces Toby to smell her Goddess scent, but won’t let him touch her perfect Goddess body. Nikki Brooks cums on her pink dildo then forces Toby to suck on it and clean it up since Toby will never be able to please a girl or touch a Goddess. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink know what little subby leprechaun Toby really really wants. The two Goddesses know that deep down Toby wants to suck on something long, and hard, and black. Goddess Nikki Brooks knows just the thing to put in Toby’s slutty subby mouth. Nikki Brooks forces him to suck on the heel of her shoes like he wants to suck on a real man’s cock. Goddess Bella Ink wants her feet to be worshipped as well, and makes Toby lick and clean her dirty shoes so they’re spotless. Wanting to have a good foot worship session, the Goddesses take their shoes off and gag the subby slut bitch with their feet. Goddess Nikki asks Toby to lick everything between her toes while Goddess Bella Ink uses her stocking to smother Toby. Goddess Nikki Brooks tells her subby bitch Toby to follow the end of the rainbow for a pot of gold surprise. When Toby opens his eyes, Goddess Bella Ink pushes the back of Toby’s head so he will deepthroat Nikki’s hard strap on cock. Surprise, you little subby bitch! Goddesses Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink take turns thrusting their huge cocks in their subby’s throat, making him drool all over himself. When the Goddesses think their cocks are wet enough from all of his spit, they bend Toby over the couch and start spit roasting his subby slut ass. Bella Ink starts pegging him on the couch while Nikki Brooks forces his head down on her long strap on cock.
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