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Sometimes I keep a pathetic slave around just 2 use and cuckold. Find out what a cuckold servant will have to do 2 even be in my presence. He will have to be useful to me even if it is just as human furniture. Girls like me know the truth and put lowly cuckolds in their place. Cuckolds will never come close to what a woman ever needs.
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Alternate file formats available by searching the title.Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here: You Deserve To Be Stepped On (1080 HD)This slaves is meek and mild mannered, a good slave and therefore deserves to be literally walked all over! Goddess Raven and I give him some pain along with the degradation that comes with being a pain slave for us at Mean Girl Manor. We take turns getting up on him as much as we can. This aint no military guy, haha! He is a meek little marshmallow that begged for this! Soo, we gave it to him, arent we helpful??? Those heel marks should help him remember his position in life under superior females. -Princess Bella

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