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Hardtied – May 8, 2019: Bondage D’Amore | Ava D’Amore

Ava D’Amore is a bondage lover!

Our subjects come to us for various reasons. Some for the challenge, some to experience something new, and others come because they love the bondage. Ava D’Amore is the latter. She loves being restrained. She licks her lips as her bondage becomes inescapable.

Ava struggles in her bondage. Not because she’d rather not be in it, but because the feeling of the tight rope around her tender flesh turns her on. Then all of a sudden she’s no longer on solid ground. She’s swinging through the air. Her mouth is tape gagged shut and her nose is clamped closed.

Her legs spread so nicely and expose her beautiful cunt. A suction cup is applied to puff out her clit. It has an added bonus of making it super sensitive. When the vibrator goes to work she can’t stop cumming.
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