Cum Bots – Breathless – Audrey Lords

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
  I gotta say, Audrey really knows how to get the blood pumping. Just watching her sit in that chair, vibing her pussy, is enough to give a man a coronary. She's a sexy dame that's for fucking sure...She brings herself off to a gut-wrenching orgasm that leaves us all breathless and wanting more, and more we shall have...Next, Audrey finds herself bent over on the chair and we've got that Cumbot all up in her...The… Read More

Cum Bots – Orgasmic Events – Audrey Lords

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
  Amazingly, after all this time, this will mark Audrey's debut in Cumbots. She's been on most of the other DungeonCorp sites so we were awaiting this shoot with excitement...She's a sexy lady, she's got it all, and she's got a dark side...She's welcome here...She disrobes for us and sits atop the cube as she spreads her legs and gives us an eagle-eye view. She's got a way about her that becomes evident as she… Read More

Dungeon of Cum – Into The Lion’s Den Part II – Audrey Lords

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
  Sometimes, they say that you had better be careful about what you wish might come true...I wonder is this is the case for Audrey? Her fantasy evening plows on and these guys are definitely going all out to give her exactly what she wanted...Bent, pulled and manipulated into a variety of positions, Audrey takes these 3 cocks full force...Her fantasy has come to fruition as she finds herself soaked in cum. Read More

Fucking Dungeon – Into The Lion’s Den – Audrey Lords

Sunday, November 6th, 2016
  Audrey's a bit nervous as she sits and speaks with Ogre. Her fantasy involves a couple guys and some consenstual rough sex and she's not exactly sure quite what to expect...She's played this fantasy over in her mind before, but now as she undresses, the butterflies are flapping around her belly at about 100 MPH...Ogre takes his time tying this customer and answering her questions as Audrey nervously giggles. His calming words of assurance turn to cold silence however as she is left tied and naked on the bed...The eager crowd… Read More

Society SM – Nicki and Nikki – Nicki Blue, Nikki Nefarious and Audrey Lords

Friday, August 5th, 2016

  Due to a nasty back injury, I was forced to give up my day of Domming little Nicki Blue...oh Fortuna, fate can be cruel...This chic is hot...I love her youthful thinness, her sexy shape and her innocent blonde appeal...the lips and eyes are perfect...But one Dom's misfortune turns into another Domme's field day...Nikki Nefarious is all too eager to step up to the plate and fill in...At least she could appreciate the opportunity...It's no secret that Nefarious is a rope guru, a serious player and a professional Dominatrix...and… Read More

Strict Restraint – Shoulda Stayed Home, Part 3 – Audrey Lords and Goddess Soma

Sunday, December 28th, 2014
Strict Restraint - Shoulda Stayed Home, Part 3 - Audrey Lords and Goddess Soma Strict Restraint - Shoulda Stayed Home, Part 3 - Audrey Lords and Goddess Soma Gullable Tati Russo has now been released by the Goddess...she took her punishment and Im sure there is more in store for her, but now Soma takes Audrey alone...and Audrey has allready been through the wringer...but in Goddess's eyes she deserves… Read More