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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Sweaty Denim

Summer’s here boys, and you know what that means. It’s time for short shorts. Today in this heat, I’ve got a pair of tight, short, denim short shorts on. I know that’s what you like. Heels and tight latex are nice for you, but I’m enough of a woman to do what is comfortable and feels good for me. You know this. This is what you love about me. That I don’t give a fuck about what you think I should be wearing. I’m confident enough to be in a sports bra and sweaty denim shorts and still move and tease you in them. You can’t resist my ass in these shorts .You can’t resist me anytime, really.
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MeanGirl – Slave Seats – Princess Carmela

Princess Carmela likes to just have some mean fun from time to time. Here she’s got two losers chained to two sides of a bench. She smothers them back and forth with her skin tight latex pants making them smell all of the nasty air inside her ass. And then she makes them kiss her ass and say thank you for the horrible air! Ha ha ha! How does her ass smell, losers? Smells kind of like sh*t doesn’t it? Oh what’s that? Can’t answer?
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TheRealQueendom – Sharing Her Sweat

“I just got back from an amazing workout,” Madam Jada says, eager to smother her slave and rub her delicious sweat all over his face. “I like smothering, I like to see you squirm!” Jada quickly buries the slave by sitting full weight on his face. Jada is absolutely relentless, pushing the slave to the point of desperation over and over while only giving him the briefest of breaths each time. Her plan is to keep this slave trapped in the sleep sack permanently and sit on his face every day after she gets done working out. The slave tries to protest, but there’s absolutely nothing he can do about his situation! “Do you want me to sit on your face for like a week straight and not get up?” she asks, warning the slave that things will only get worse for him if he doesn’t cooperate with her! Eventually Jada strips off her sweaty gym shorts for some more intimate reverse facesitting. Her big, soft ass, sweaty ass cheeks wrap around the slave’s face, forming a tight seal. “Are you comfortable? Because you’re gonna be there for awhile,” she laughs without giving the slave a chance to respond. At first the slave struggles, but as the smothering goes on and on he slowly gets weaker and weaker, struggling less and less. After awhile Jada starts to get a little bored and she realizes that its the struggle she enjoys most. However, this slave doesn’t seem to have a lot of fight left in him. So instead of keeping this man as a permanent smother slave Jada decides to find another use for him. Jada decides it would be much more fun to shrink the slave and swallow him alive! The slave begs not to be eaten, but Jada is too hungry to listen! With a snap of her fingers the slave disappears from view…
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TheRealQueendom – Endurance is Important

Domina Helena believes that endurance is important, which is why she puts so much effort into working out and staying in shape, but endurance is also important for smother slaves! That’s why every day after Helena finishes working out she likes to come straight home to sit on her slave’s face, smothering him with her still sweaty ass over and over to increase his lung capacity. Helena graciously spreads her cheeks when she sits, making sure to get her slave’s nose as deep into her sweaty crack as possible! The slave’s head is positioned high up inside the smotherbox, leaving his face well above the seat line ensuring that he feels Helena’s weight as she sits and is truly smothered each time. Helena changes positions every few minutes, alternating between forward, reverse, and side saddle sitting. “You like that wet feeling?” she asks as she buries his face beneath her again. After about 7 minutes Helena strips off her sweaty leggings and buries the slave again beneath her small, sweaty panties. “Pretty stinky in there huh?” After another 7 minutes Helena decides to remove her sweaty shoes and give the slave a taste of sweaty foot smothering! At times she stands over the slave, pushing one foot down firmly over his nose and mouth. Other times she takes a seat on his chest and uses both of her sweaty feet to smothering her slave. For the last 7 minutes she mixes it up between foot and ass smothering. When she has had enough she decides to leave the slave trapped in the smotherbox until after her next work out and smother session (she promises to wear the same sweaty clothes tomorrow to make things extra fun)! Domina Helena, Smother Box, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Foot Smother
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TheRealQueendom – Pleased with Her Pet

Mistress Katelyn Brooks and her new pet Cupcake Sinclair have both fully embraced their BDSM fantasies thanks to their group therapy sessions. Today is Cupcake’s first day as Katelyn’s stay at home, full time slave! To celebrate their first day together Katelyn has locked her new pet in the smotherbox, leaving Cupcake totally vulnerable to endless ass smothering! “Do you like your training so far?” Katelyn asks as she grinds her round ass into Cupcake’s face. Katelyn loves hearing her pet gasp and beg for more each time she lifts up. “I bet you can’t wait until I lift my dress huh? You’ll be even deeper in my ass!” Katelyn thinks about all the ways she can use her new slave as furniture in her daily life; while she works, watches movies, or like now just for fun! “Pretty please smother me with your big mmpph” Cupcake starts to say as Katelyn lifts up her tight dress, but she’s cut off as Katelyn lowers her ass down. “Let’s seal your face in my ass,” Katelyn says as she starts counting slowly to see how long her new pet can last beneath her. Katelyn’s ass looks absolutely amazing as she squeezes and jiggles it on Cupcake’s face! The more Katelyn sits the more she feeling of her pet squirming and gasping for air between her luscious ass cheeks. Katelyn has no intention of letting Cupcake out of this smotherbox any time soon, in fact for their first day together she’ll be leaving her pet locked in place all day long! Don’t forget to check out the previous clip in this series:
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TheRealQueendom – A Closer Look

Evening at home with Mistress Kawaii, stretching out like a mountain range upon the bed spread. Mountainous to you, that is, as you slowly creep across the sheets toward her body. She’s busy checking her phone, so you take the opportunity to sneak up, carefully, cautiously. Suddenly she straightens her leg, and her calf nearly flattens you! Was that intentional? “Stupid phone,” she mutters, drawing her leg up once more, giving you the opportunity to stalk beneath her powerful thigh. It’s so dangerous to do this, with that immense leg arching over your frail, tiny body, but how can you resist? You creep right up between her thighs, giddy with your sneakiness, when suddenly she rolls to her side! Her thighs plow you away, and then her big, beautiful ass is lying right before you! Seizing the chance, you charge her ass and begin to crawl up her inner thigh to get in that sweet crack… “Whoa, what the hell?” Kawaii’s voice thunders above, stunning you, and you’re tossed about as her thighs pummel the bed around you. When the chaos settles, you’re staring straight up into her panties, stretched tight over her thick, swollen pussy, and way up in the distance, her face glares at you with displeasure! “What are you doing over here? I put you in the drawer! And now you’re sneaking under my ass?” Her thighs close around you, and then she nudges her pussy into you, shoving you around like a schoolyard bully. “You look excited,” she notes. “Is this really where you want to be?” She clutches you in one overwhelming fist and, grunting and sighing, rolls her massive bodyscape to lie on her front. Suddenly you’re perched upon her thighs, with her huge, glorious ass rising before you. “I’m just going to keep you there, that’s what you wanted to do.” You can barely see the back of her head, peeking over the huge hemispheres of her ass cheeks. “You know like how that looks?” She slaps her ass, making it shudder heavily around you. “You know what, I’m going to trap you in there.” She laughs, her buttocks grow and swell, and then there you are: lying next to her thong, resting just above her asshole! Is it everything you hoped it would be? Her hand releases her ass, her cheeks close upon you, and then you disappear deep inside her ass! “I don’t even feel you,” Kawaii thinks idly. “I hope you’re comfortable in there. It’s going to be so sweaty, because I really feel like dancing.” Is she serious? You can’t tell, your entire world is two enormous butt cheeks clenching you from all sides, her excited anus fluttering against your tiny legs. She laughs at you: “No, I don’t feel you. Maybe you just got sucked up into my ass and you’ll be in there forever!” Mistress Kawaii scoots her incredible ass over the bed, gets up, adjusts her skirt, and strides out of the apartment for a night on the town. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your night,” she comments mockingly. “I know I will.” Mistress Kawaii, Giantess, Ass Slave, POV
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TheRealQueendom – Edyn’s Secret Ass Slave

** The audio is a little bubbly sounding due to unexpected background noises that needed to be removed** You signed up to be a shrunken video slave for The Queendom, not knowing how you would be used or even if you would survive. You were disappointed not to have ended up in one of the many Eat and butt Cru.sh videos that were filmed with Edyn Blair today, but luckily for you Miss Blair has special plans for you! While the producers weren’t paying attention she secretly snuck you into her purse and left you there while she finished working. Now that her shoot is over and the producers are working in another room she decides to take you out of her purse and put you somewhere a little more secure. Edyn pulls you out of her purse and places you on a small barstool, putting her big, sexy ass directly in front of you! This is where you are going to end up whether you like it or not. She pulls her tight jeans down and gently sits on you, testing you out to make sure you’ll survive being trapped between her luscious cheeks for the long drive home. “Don’t be so concerned,” she says before spreading her cheeks wide and sitting on top of you again. “Do you want to live in there? I bet you do!” So many shrunken slaves go through The Queendom she’s sure that no one will miss you. That means you’ll be all hers for the rest of your life!
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CUSTOM REQUEST – You have your slave (man) tied down and he’s unable to move and can’t escape. You get on top of him and sit down on his face with your nude ass. Then begin to smother him good, so good the slave struggles and gasps for air, but you just wont let him get any. He tries to speak and beg for you to stop sitting on his face, but you just dont stop and keep smothering him. You smother him so extreme, that he starts to yelp for air. You decide to give him a little breather. Then sit on him again, while farting and taking his breath away. As he tries to get air, and mumbles under your ass. You continue to smother him, and fart on his face. As he struggles and gasps for air, there is no escape as he helplesly suffocates under your beautiful ass…
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TheRealQueendom – Fetish Therapy: Feel the Connection

“Welcome to the bonding belt,” Dr. Locke says as she finishes securing Cupcake’s face into Katelyn’s beautiful, round ass! Dr. Locke has been helping her patients embrace their BDSM desires and the bonding belt (smother harness) is the perfect too to help establish an intimate Domme/sub relationship. Cupcake moans as she struggles to breathe from deep inside Katelyn’s ass crack. “Just become one with your dominant,” Dr. Locke says as she encourages Katelyn to bend forward and pull her slave’s face deeper into her ass. When Katelyn moves to the couch Cupcake has no choice but follow. Katelyn and Dr. Locke work together to push Cupcake deeper and deeper into Katelyn’s ass. “It feels like my ass is just swallowing her entire face,” Katelyn says as Dr. Locke sits on the back of Cupcake’s head. “I love taking the back of her head and just shoving her face into my butt!” Dr. Locke is pleased to see how quickly Katelyn and Cupcake have taken to their roles as Dominant and submissive and she’s sure they will have a long, happy relationship. “You can just see in her eyes she’s getting assdrunk!”
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TheRealQueendom – The Executrixx Files: Smothered Out by RavenRae

This video was filmed with our new 4k camera and down-scaled to HD. The result is a smaller file than a 4k video with better quality than normal HD! “Wake up,” she says, already annoyed at having to wait on this worthless slave. Madam RavenRae is a professional Executrixx with a busy day ahead of her. The loser with his head in a smother box is just another male deemed unworthy of existence in the Femdom Regime. Now that the male has been delivered to the Executrixx Center and locked into the smotherbox all that’s left is for his sentence to be carried out, a job which Madam RavenRae is happy to do! The slave is too disoriented at first to beg for his life, but that doesn’t stop Raven from sitting on his face! Raven begins with reverse facesitting, wedging the slave’s nose deep between her cheeks. With his nose and mouth sealed shut by Raven’s ass the slave starts to panic, but Raven’s soft cheeks and thighs mold themselves around the slave’s face in a soft, smothering embrace. When Raven turns for forward facesitting and opens up her legs you can see the slave’s forehead turning deep red and purple from being crushed and suffocated!. “I don’t care,” she laughs as the slave tries to beg to be kept alive. “Keep humming and maybe I’ll keep you,” she says, enjoying the vibrations of the slave’s pleas for mercy. Unfortunately for the slave however, Raven doesn’t enjoy it enough and she doesn’t have any interest in keeping this slave around for long! In fact its about time for lunch and Raven spends the last few minutes of this slave’s pathetic life thinking about lunch, smothering the slave within an inch of his life over and over without thinking about it. “You know what, I need my phone,” she says, having finally come to a decision about lunch. She waves goodbye in the slave’s face and without another word sits down one last time and waits for the loser beneath her to stop flailing around…
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TheRealQueendom – It Always Hurts When I See You! (Full Clip)

As a slave, seeing Madam Jada is never easy. Being sat on, squeezed, smothered, and crushed can certainly be fun and exciting, but with Madam Jada’s incredible, massive booty and powerful thighs it can quickly become painful, exhausting, even terrifying for her helpless slaves. That’s exactly how Madam Jada likes it though and no matter how uncomfortable her seat may get, Jada never lets up. This slave knew what he was getting into, he’s been trapped here beneath Jada’s full weight before. He knows that once it begins, as soon as Jada’s magnificent rear end settles on his chest he will have to endure its weight for at least the rest of the day. “You seem more comfortable,” she says, meaning she may sit for even longer before. She stretches her legs out and makes herself as comfortable as possible, preferring to keep as much of her weight as possible on the slave’s chest. When she sits facing sideways her ass takes up the slave’s entire torso, crus**** him from his collar bone to stomach. Jada bounces up and down, laughing at how the air is coerced out of the slave’s lungs each time her butt lands. When she turns to face the camera she crosses her legs and rests them on the slave’s shoulders, putting 100% off her weight on his chest; crus**** him while she casually looks for dinner. After 12 minutes of non-stop, full weight chest crus****, Jada has finished ordering food and she’s ready to take things up a notch. “You know what I’m gonna do?” she asks mischievously. “I’m gonna sit on your face!” Jada turns around and drops her ass down in a reverse facesit, crus**** the slave’s nose as she focuses her weight onto it. As the slave starts to panic from the smothering he tries to struggle for air which gives Jada an idea: If the slave can get out from underneath her she won’t smother him all night. The slave is conflicted. On one hand the night has just begun and he wants to be smothered, but on the other hand Jada always takes it farther than he wants to go and sometimes keeps him captive for days! The slave’s struggles start to get more intense though as the pressure on his face and constant smothering starts to take its toll. When Jada strips off her leggings it calms the slave down for a moment, who wouldn’t be mesmerized be the sight of her amazing ass coming towards you? But free from the leggings her ass gets and even tighter grip on the slave’s face, making it even harder to breathe and prompting the slave to struggle again. Of course, there’s nothing this scrawny, 160 lb slave can do to move the powerful Goddess on his face! Jada is 5’10 and 185 and easily overpowers the slave throughout the video. Ultimately the slaves gives in, accepting his fate and wondering how many hours or days he will spend beneath Madam Jada this time…
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TheRealQueendom – Breathing is a Privilege (Full Clip)

Also check out the first part of this marathon: Best Butt Day Ever Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have returned to torment their slave with a brutal mix of hand over mouth smothering, face sitting, foot smothering, and trampling! “How long do you think you can stay in here for?” Mistress An Li asks the slave as she clamps his nose and mouth shut with her hands. The slave has his head trapped in a smotherbox with his wrists cuffed to the smother bench leaving him completely vulnerable to these two sadistic beauties and they intend to take advantage! They get started with intense HOM smothering, using all four of their hands to keep the slave’s mouth and nose completely sealed shut. The slave has already endured hours of facesitting and smothering today, leaving his nose completely soft like puddy and An Li just can’t resist squishing and bending it between her fingers. The slave moans in pain against An Li’s palm, exactly the response the Mistresses were looking for! Hanna prys the slave’s eyes open with her fingers while An Li dilligently goes about her work. The Mistresses begin discussing ways to alter the slave’s face to make him more fun to play with. Perhaps they should sew his mouth shut? One of his nostrils? There are so many possibilities! After 10 minutes of HOM smothering Mistress An Li decides its time for some facesitting! “How ya doing in there? Having a good time?” she asks while Mistress Hanna bounces up and down on his chest and stomach. The slave’s nose, still soft and moldable, squishes flast as Mistress An Li settles her weight on it. When Mistress Hannah Hunt takes a seat however the slave’s entire face is engulfed. “Its like he doesn’t even exist anymore!” When Mistress Hannah strips off leggings and stands over the slave, teasing him with the site of her huge, round, amazing ass his eyes nearly pop out of his head! It doesn’t matter how exhausted, beat up, are bare consious the slave may be, the site of his Mistresses beautiful butts gives him a second wind. Which is great for his Mistresses who enjoy an energetic, struggling, but still helpess slave! the ass smothering constant, the slave’s only slight relief comes when the Mistresses take turns droping their butts on his face! After about 13 minutes of facesitting though, the Mistresses decide the slave has had more time than he deserves beneath their glorious asses, but they aren’t finished with him yet! Instead of facesitting it’s time for foot smothering! Hannah gets things started off by squithing the slave’s nose between her two big toes. An Li begins explaining to the slave that he’ll get used to being smothered by all different body parts and types of things since he’ll be spending the rest of his life as a smother slave! This is obiously news to the slave who begins to struggle, again to the delight of his Mistresses. “Aww do you think someone is coming to save you?” Mistress Hannah asks sweetly without moving her feet from the slave’s face. “No, nobody wants to save you. You’re a chair!” To illustrate her point about how helpless the slave is An Li decides some face standing is in order! “We’re gonna keep you here forever,” she sings while crus**** the slave’s skull beneath her feet!
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Mistress T – Your Disgusting Ass Obsession

Custom vid, no name mentioned: I humiliate & degrade you for your obsession with my ass. I permit you to jerk off while showing you my butt as another way to humiliate you. Throughout the video I clearly convey my disgust with you & your fetish. This is NOT a sensual tease vid, I don’t think I smile even once. You will feel judged.
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The Queendom – Fetish Therapy: Group Therapy

Be sure to check out the first part of this series: Fetish Therapy: An Unusual Treatment Dr. Helena Locke is a world famous BDSM/fetish therapist. Today she has arranged a group session between the very submissive Cupcake and the head over heels, aspiring Domina, Katelyn Brooks. Cupcake dreams of being used and abused by a strong woman with a big, round butt. Katelyn on the other hand has been feeling more and more compelled to take control of a submissive woman with a cute face and mold her into the perfect pet! Dr. Locke expertly guides Katelyn’s bubble butt into place on Cupcake’s face, making sure Katelyn’s butt forms a good seal over the eager slave’s nose and mouth. Cupcake quickly falls under the spell of these two beautiful Dommes. She squeals with delight and trying push her face back into Katelyn and Helena’s asses when she’s allowed to breathe. “Sometimes you can bring your legs together and just cover her,” Dr. Locke explains, encouraging Katelyn to shift more of her weight onto Cupcake’s face. After 10 minutes of smothering the group session seems to be going so well that Dr. Locke suggests making things more intimate. She strips off her skirt, revealing her strong thighs and big, beautiful ass as she takes a seat on Cupcake’s face. Dr. Locke shows Katelyn how Cupcake’s face slips deeper between her cheeks as she sits, forming a tighter, more inescapable smother seal. Katelyn can’t wait to try and quickly strips off her tight leggings, revealing her own beautiful, jiggly booty. Katelyn can’t help but squeeze her press her soft cheeks into Cupcake’s face as she sits, enjoying each sound and movement Cupcake makes beneath her. Katelyn’s dominant side begins to shine and before long Dr. Locke believes its time to bring out a special toy to help Katelyn and Cupcake bond even more quickly… Helena Locke, Katelyn Brooks, Cupcake Sinclair, Facesitting, Female Slave, Chest Sitting, Human Furniture
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ass Reverence

It’s time for another ass worshiping session, slave. I’m going to let you get right up close and personal with my lovely ass in order for you to worship it properly. I know how much you enjoy getting down on your knees and looking up at my body. From down there you can see every curve and imagine placing you face and hands on those curves to worship them. I love having my ass worshiped. Now get down on your knees and start kissing my ass.
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