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If you’re lucky enough to actually get a date with me, you had better not come up short!

Sydney’s excited today! She’s got a date with a guy she’s been chatting with on tinder for 6 months now. She’s gotten herself all dolled up and can hardly contain herself! He’s 6′ 2″ also! She really loves tall men! Suddenly he shows up at the door! She opens the door and checks out her date, but he’s not the tall guy she’s been hoping for.. he’s definitely not 6’2″!

She invites him in anyway, but demands to know why he lied on his tinder profile! He sheepishly says it was a typo, he’s actually 5’2″! She doesn’t really know what to say to him, this is the same guy she’s been talking with for a long time. She starts talking about how she’s into tall guys.. how it could never work with her towering over him, how it would just be weird.

She starts getting even more condescending, asking him even more personal questions and grilling him about his height, poking fun at how small his is! She can’t stop laughing at him and the humiliation shows on his face as he turns red. She might not want to date him, but it turns out she actually likes making fun of him. Now he just might end up becoming one of her little bitches!
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A mesmerizing and haunting glimpse into the side effects of letting this Asian Goddess into your head. I am the voices inside your head. I know what’s going on in your head. Your brain is mine. Your heart is mine. There is no escape for you. I am all the voices inside your head: sweet and sexy, demanding and feisty, dominant and seductive. I control you. You know it. Trust me. Let go. You are mine.

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This collection features some of my hottest facesitting videos, 5 videos in one now for a fraction of the price! Enjoy!

If you cross me before a face sitting session, you shouldn’t be surprised when I take matters in my own butt cheeks.

Your mistress is here for your facesitting session. You know the rules, pay up first. No one gets to touch Sydney’s ass without paying first. She’s pretty adamant about that. And when she smacks you in the face, you get worried that this session might turn out a little different than what you had anticipated.

The second hit to the face actually puts you on the floor. At least you’re in a great position for face sitting now. Actually, today’s session is called “No Tap out Facesitting”. At first it doesn’t seem too bad. But it looks like this session will end with you passing out.

Face Sitting bitches while drinking wine is the highlight of this night!
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DominatrixAnLi – Bound, Burned, & Battered HD

My slave has his hands tied behind his back and his genitalia exposed for My entertainment. With his cock and balls locked up in chastity, he knows exactly who he belongs to and of course I’ll take My liberties in remind him who’s the boss. I strike up a cigarette and get started, leaving burns all over his balls while smacking, grabbing, and twisting them to make sure he is in constant agony. My twisting is so vigorous that one of his testicles pops out of the chastity device, so I take the moment to free him…temporarily. All that really means is that his cock and balls are more susceptible to My tortures. Noticing his disgusting ball hairs, I set them on fire with My lighter under his saggy balls, slapping and punching him in the groin for being disheveled and slovenly in My presence.

Never yours, An Li
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SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina

I love training my slaves for the market, that’s how I get top dollar for them!

Sydney’s on the phone with a slaver, negotiating for a price for her latest goods. She’s got her slave bound and suspended from a harness, barely able to move. She toys with her poor pathetic slave, telling him she’s hoping to sell him soon. She whips him a few times with her cane, just to have some fun..

She gets another call, but this buyer is only offering half the price she’s asking! She demands more. He’s a very well trained slave and loves to service and describes how well he takes large cocks up his ass. She wants to get her money’s worth!

With so many bidders, she knows she can get the best price for her product. She’s been working on this one for a while, and still loves to hear his whimpers. She laughs at his discomfort and continues to taunt him about his future life as a slave to some random stranger. He’s going to have to serve well to preserve her reputation! But he knows his place.

Her buyers also love it when he’s plugged, so she works one up into his ass. That’s just the cherry on top! Finally she gets another call.
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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a domestic slave to not one, but two Goddesses? Well watch and find out!

Being a domestic Domme requires having a domestic slave. These are real life situations that a Domme like me can’t come up with. Take for example the slave in this video. His name is David. After a long day of shooting, he came over from his boring ass 10 hour a day job just to bring Katelyn and I dinner. He prepared it by putting the sushi on plates and serving it to us.

He then waited on his knees for more instructions. Katelyn poured some beer in his man bowl and forced him to drink it like a good puppy. We took things a little further by putting wasabi in the beer and a worm for him to try. There is nothing a real slave can’t do in front of two beautiful Dommes, is there?
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As your girlfriend, I’d love to let you live out your fantasies, just be careful what you wish for!

You’re having a Skype session with your girlfriend Sydney. She’s thrown on some super hot lingerie and is just looking super sexy.. she tells you how she was thinking about the role play stuff you always wanted to do, you know, all those fantasies you’ve had of her being dominant and controlling? She’s been reading a lot about it, checking out all those sites you visit.. and she’s ready to play!

Suddenly her tone changes.. She informs you that as of right now, you’re no longer her boyfriend. She says your new role is her slave! She’s going to take charge of you now.. and you’re going to do what she says! She starts telling you how much of a loser and selfish little cunt you are. Now that she’s got your attention, she commands you to start stroking. Yes, stroke like you do when you’re home and she’s away, you little jerkoff.

It’s amazing how natural she is at this role.. she knows deep down that maybe, this is the way you’ve always wanted it, and your pathetic little hard on seems to agree with her. She shoves her ass in your face and orders you to keep stroking. But you’re NOT allowed to cum unless she says so. Every time she give’s you an order you are to say “Yes Mistress”

It turns out she likes this arrangement more than she expected.. you may have opened pandoras box! Who knows if this is how your relationship with your GF will remain from now on?…
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There’s nothing like using your own pervert desires against you, especially when they’re used to get me off!

Sydney has one of her servants tied up in her dungeon, ready to be used and toyed with, and today she wants to play a little game! She knows just how helpless he is for her ass, so she going to give him a challenge: She’s going to sit right on his face and if he dares to get a hard on, she gets to beat his cock as much as she wants! The slave pleads with her, she knows how much he hates cock and ball torture! But will his fear outweigh his excitment of having his Goddess use his pathetic face as a seat??

She tapes his mouth shut and proceeds to sit right above his face. She loves just teasing him as he’s already getting excited having her ass. He struggles and tries to fight his own urges! She just keeps taunting him, she loves how he fights and how his moans vibrate on her pussy.. this is actually getting her pretty turned on. Suddenly she drops her perfect asian ass right on his face, we can only hear his muffled moans as she casually uses him as her seat.

She laughs at how her ass is swallowing his entire face! Despite this he desperately keeps trying to fight his own little dick, trying to keep it from getting hard.. she knows just how to push his buttons! She alternates between sitting her entire weight down on his face and whacking his little hard on with her cane! She loves this game! But will the slave’s cock survive?…
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STROKE TO MY ASS CONDOM feat Astrodomina

I love wearing my latex pants, and you will too!…

Sydney is going to mesmerize you today with her shiny latex ass.. she knows you already love her ass, but you especially love seeing and hearing her ass squeeze into latex, looking like the absolute perfect ass. She says you get to jerk off to it today, but with one condition – you’re going to have to ruin your orgasm! Ready, ass slave?

She orders you to start jerking.. as she waves and wiggles her latex-clad ass right in your face. You get the most amazing view and closeups, her ass just looks too good in them! This is such a treat for you! Keep jerking! Don’t get TOO excited, she wants you to last throughout the entire video.

It’s going to be a challenge, for sure. Her ass looks too hot in those pants. Can you imagine if she were to sit on your face with them? Slowly lowering her Goddess ass right on your face, covering you up, not even letting you breathe.. her ass just might swallow you whole! She constnatly teases and toys with you, ordering you to jerk the entire time and controlling your pace..

Can you last until the end? If you do, don’t forget – you had better RUIN that orgasm! She will instruct you at the end how to do it and give you a cum countdown, so make sure you follow her commands!
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Clubstiletto – He Really Is Suffering – Miss Raevyn

Beautiful Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking ravishing in a short sequin dress. “Oh you “she says as she sees her slave laying there naked on the floor. She decides to trample him before going out dancing. She walks over his legs, stomach and chest and as the camera shoots overhead and down on her she asks if you would like to be under her instead of this slave.

The slave doesn’t make much noise which pleases Jasmine but she comments that if you look at his trembling body you can see that he really is suffering. Now she stands on his groin and uses her foot to play with his cock. She reaches with her foot for one of her stilettos and presses into his body before letting it fall back to the ground. Finally she uses him as a bench and puts her shoes on telling him to wait there until she returns from a night of dancing. As she is about to leave she turns back and steps full weight onto the slave with her heels. She wants to leave him something to remember her by while she is out.
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AstroDomina – DONT FUCK WITH SYDNEY Part 2

Now that my slave is warmed up, time for the REAL action. He’s about to get an ass load he won’t soon forget! After binding her slave up nice and tight in Part 1, loosening his mangina with a butt plug and telling him what his future holds, Sydney finally decides he’s ready to take her strapon. This is her absolute favorite part, hearing her bitch boys moan and feeling them squirm as she shoves her big black cock up their ass! You can hear her excitement at watching it vanish inside their asshole, fucking them deep and hard.

The strapon session just keeps getting more intense as his struggles turn Sydney on more and more. She torments him about his locked up cock and says his cage will be staying on even though she’ll be fucking him all the time from now on. Yes, this is only the beginning of a long frustrating life of being her strapon slut.. She informs him that tomorrow she says she’s going to adjust to an even bigger strapon, and she’ll keep fucking him day after day after day while he just becomes her personal fuck doll stuck in chastity..
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Bare Feet Smelling

Asia Feet Smelling! Richie liegt im Wohnzimmer auf dem Boden und muss nackten Thai-Füssen von Yas Min riechen. Asia Feet Smelling! Richie lies in the living room on the ground and naked thai feet of Yas Min this one must smell.
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Capitalizing on your weakness is one of Sydney’s favorite things to do. As you sit here in front of her, you can’t resist her natural charm. And when she gets really close to you, and talks so intimately next to you, do you quiver? Can you stare into her eyes without looking away? Do you get turned on? Do you get flustered? Not knowing what to do? Are you mesmerized by Sydney? It is clear that you should continue to worship her. After all, it is her voice that helps you sleep at night, her lips that bring you comfort. Admit it, Sydney is your one true love. You can’t live without her.
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This is a Custom Clip. It opens where Sydney is checking the situation of the pipes with the plumber. Sydney had to call a plumber since her bathroom pipes fell into a mishap. “Oh dear, we can’t have this situation in my house. Ah, my fiancee is ringing me. Give me a sec.” she says. Sydney was wearing very provocative clothing so the plumber can’t help but stare at her legs and ass as she walked away and slightly getting turned on. The work was finally done and Sydney asks for the final bill. She goes, “$1500?! For that hour’s worth of work?! Are you fucking kidding me?? I can’t afford this! There must be another way mister. Let’s work something out.”
The plumber looks down at her chest, giving her the signal. “Oh I see. That could work. My fiancee won’t be home for another 30 minutes. Let’s make this quick.” she blurted. Sydney ushered the plumber into the master’s bedroom where they did the deed. She was obviously having fun and not regretting a single moment of this quick bliss. “You have a nice dick for a plumber mister” she commented. Suddenly, the garage door slammed closed and then…
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Doesn’t Sydney look hot in her latex outfit? It’s hard for you to hide your excitement. There is the obvious wet spot in your boxers. And the boner trying to poke through. Don’t you just love following Syndey’s orders? Of course you do. And the orders today are very simple. Start stroking, follow Sydney’s lead, until you cum all over those boxers. All while you stare at your Goddess, a reminder of how much you love to be teased by her.
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