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AstroDomina – PEST CONTROL

The minute Sydney walks through the door, you know you’re in trouble. She looks at you in disgust. The only thing on her mind is how to get rid of you. She doesn’t really understand what you’re trying to do, just standing there like that. As if she would let you go once she catches you. Better run away while you still have a chance. But you can’t move. You are frozen. As much as you’d love to run away, there is no way you can. Sydney methodically removes your limbs so there’s no way for you to even move around. The only question that remains now is how Sydney will finish you off.
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TinyChaste – Pussy Cock

Asian Goddess Kim Chi decides to tease my chastity caged cock to make it swell and hurt as it presses against the metal cage. From soft makeup brushes to **** my cock and balls, each whimper makes her laugh at me for having a “Pussy Cock.” Finally, she turns all of her vibrators on and lays them against my caged crotch before leaving me to continue suffering.
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AstroDomina – Wet Kisses

Look how gorgeous Sydney is. Don’t you want to make out with her? Look at those soft, juicy lips. Imagine having those touch your lips, undeserving as yours may be. Well imagine no more. Today is your lucky day. Sydney is willing to actually french kiss you, make out with you, put her lips on yours. Have her tongue touch yours. How can you control yourself in a situation like this? Right, you can’t. The way the lights catches Sydney’s lips is simply stunning. You can’t get enough of her, that’s for sure.
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AstroDomina – Love Me

Capitalizing on your weakness is one of Sydney’s favorite things to do. As you sit here in front of her, you can’t resist her natural charm. And when she gets really close to you, and talks so intimately next to you, do you quiver? Can you stare into her eyes without looking away? Do you get turned on? Do you get flustered? Not knowing what to do? Are you mesmerized by Sydney? It is clear that you should continue to worship her. After all, it is her voice that helps you sleep at night, her lips that bring you comfort. Admit it, Sydney is your one true love. You can’t live without her.
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AstroDomina – Gentle Giantess

You’re looking up at Sydney, your giantess wife. After waiting for her on the bed for a while, you’re excited to hear all about her day. She went shopping and wants to show you the new lingerie she got. It’s amazing how someone so big as Sydney would want to be with someone tiny like yourself. But sure enough, she seems to be ok with it. She even assures you that she loves it. You can’t help but be scared of her. And that turns you on. With one flick of her toe, you could be squashed. You know you can’t get on her bad side or it could be over for you in no time. You better obey all of Sydney’s wishes and everything will be just fine.
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AstroDomina – Dick Breath

You should be thankful that I get to help you deal with a dick for the very first time. I knew from the moment I met you that u had gay tendencies. Not 2 worry for it is very normal and there’s only one way to cure it. You let it out of your system by familiarizing yourself with a dick and ultimately sucking one. Come on gay boy, you know you want to. I’ll help you all the way!
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AstroDomina – Sock Boy Subjugation

I have a soft spot for my foot boys and my sock boys. This time, you get to watch me parade in front of you and tease you with my feet and socks.

You get to hang out with your favorite Domme again. As a loyal foot boy, you can never escape those gorgeous feet and socks. Today Sydney has you on a cock leash. She wants to add a collar as well, before you can get rewarded. If you want some sock action, you better take it, and do what Sydney wants you to do. It’s been a while since you’ve been in the presence of Sydney and you’ve missed those calves, and legs, and feet, and all you can think about is smelling those socks. Your eyes are fixated on her feet. There is no way to hide your excitement. Sydney has you wrapped around all her body parts. And as long as you follow along with her, you will get your reward.
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AstroDomina – WRATH OF MY ASS

You seem a little eager to take Sydney’s ass. She’s dressed to the 9’s in latex, thigh high boots and small panties. She walks over, turns around and makes you put your face in between her cheeks. And that was just a little preview. Your face will be digging into that ass of hers quite a few more times before this session is over. Sydney makes you beg for it, and you do, because all you want in life is her ass on your face. You would do anything for her if it means being able to worship her ass.
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If it’s one thing Sydney really enjoys, it’s slaves who come ready. In this case, ready to be sat on. Laying down, head perched up on a chair, ready to accept Sydney’s glorious ass on his face. It doesn’t take long until his dick is nice and hard, even though he can’t really breathe with Sydney’s ass and pussy on his face. As Sydney moves around from front to back, slave boy’s dick gets super rock hard. Clearly he’s enjoying himself even through all the suffering. Let’s see how long this one lasts…
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AstroDomina – TO PEG OR NOT TO PEG

When a sub gets in trouble, there are a number of ways to punish them. Today, Sydney put slave boy with his knees on a tray of rice to start out with, but the real punishment is yet to come. She leads her sub to a spanking bench where he gets to go on all fours. Sydney puts on her big black strapon and makes him suck the strapon for a while. And even deep throat it like a good little bitch. But of course, a big strapon and a naked sub on all fours, there’s only one place that strapon needs to go, and that’s his little butt hole. Sydney takes it slow at first, but increases her tempo steadily. Slave boy takes it like a champ…
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When your date Sydney walks into your house, you can’t help but notice her heels and her feet wiggling in them. She heads over to the kitchen and asks about the fruit **** you were supposed to make her. As you finish cutting the fruit, she makes herself comfortable in the kitchen table with her feet on top. You bring the fruit **** to her. She wants you to turn on the TV but instead of watching what’s on, your eyes are glued on her amazing heels and her even more amazing feet. She knows about your infatuation with her feet so she teases you by putting a piece of fruit between her toes. From that point on, Sydney encourages you to pay close attention to her toes, soles and feet. Smelling it all, getting a close up look. After a little while, she tell you to lie on the floor. As she stands over you she puts her foot on your face and tramples you a bit. Before she ends the date, she makes you smell her feet one more time and she’s off…
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The interview you walked into is not your average job interview. Sydney starts off with some simple questions to get things going but soon enough things take a turn for the interesting. You have a good resume, she likes what she sees so far, and you’ve always wanted to work for her company. The questions become more and more personal and at one point Sydney tells you to get naked and start touching yourself. When she gets naked as well, you don’t see any reason not to follow along with her instructions. After all, you really want the job.
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Have you forgotten how awesome Sydney’s ass looks? You know you’ve always been an ass lover. Today, Sydney challenges you once again. To stroke and edge to her amazing Asian bubble butt. It always gets you hot and bothered so this shouldn’t be a very hard challenge. What Sydney wants you to do is very simple. Jerk it for her ass, but there is a catch! You’ll have to survive the whole duration of the ass tease without cumming. You’re not allowed to release until Sydney says the word. So go ahead, get naked. Remove all forms of distraction. And let’s do this!
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TinyChaste – Golden Claws – Goddess Nyssa

Asian Goddess Nyssa has some new rhinestone studded gold metal claws and she needed a victim to try them on. From flicking caresses to sharp edges digging into my caged cock and tender balls, I never know what to expect. One moment she sensually tickles, the next, pain as the sharp claw tips prick my skin. All delivered with Nyssa’s captivating smile.
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Astro Domina – WANK AND SNIFF

You’re back for more? Of course you are. Why would you even bother searching for someone else? You really think the grass is greener elsewhere? No of course not. No better place for you to be than in the presence of Sydney. So go ahead, grab that bottle of poppers and take a good long whiff. And before you do anything else, make sure you follow all of Sydney’s instructions. As usual, that includes getting all kinds of fucked up as you worship Sydney’s ass.
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