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MeanBitches – Jada Kai POV Slave Orders

You lost money gambling on pro wrestling matches and now you owe lots of money. Your bookie Miss Kai makes you sign a debt contract with her. It says you will be her obedient sex slave. You will do EVERYTHING she tells you… so bow down, loser, and start worshipping your new owner! HOT ASS WORSHIP,…
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Marcus’s daughter has been having problems at school. A bully has been making life very difficult for her, and her grades have been bad because of it. So, Marcus goes to confront Lana, his daughter’s bully. But he finds that Lana is beautiful, smart, superior, and bossy. When she starts giving him commands,…
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FemdomEmpire – Devoted Foot Slut – Kendra Spade

Princess Kendra Spade loves a good bitch that worships the ground she walks on and will do anything to lick her soles clean. Her well-trained doormat lives for feet especially if they are a bit stinky from wearing and walking in high heels all day long. As a reward for being so devoted to his Princess’s beautiful size 7 feet she rubs and massages his horny cock right before bashing his balls in with her soles.
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FemdomEmpire – Princess Pussy Juices – Kendra Spade

When a Princess wants to cum, she gets to cum. There is no denying Princess Kendra her orgasms when she demands to have her holes pleasured by an obedient and chastised slave. Her slave’s cock has been locked up for so long that his mind has been completely trained to only focus on her pleasure. Princess Kendra uses his tongue making him fuck her holes with every inch. Her pussy gets extremely wet with every lick making her grind that much more intensely on her slave’s smothered face until she gets the orgasm she demands.
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Auto Draft

Your daughter has been bullied by a girl at school… the girl has been very mean to her, and even beat her up. So you went to confront the bully and ask her to stop. She laughs in your face and tells you that you are pathetic just like your daughter. She tells you she has been making your daughter give…
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MeanBitches – Nyomi Star 3

Muscular Mistress Nyomi Star is ruthless and brutal! Her slave is a CEO who is used to being in charge so she strips him of all dignity. She tells him that he will be wearing women’s lingerie under his suit from now on, and that’s after he signs over is company. SHE OWNS HIM NOW. HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING,…
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Beautiful Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking ravishing in a short sequin dress. “Oh you “she says as she sees her slave laying there naked on the floor. She decides to trample him before going out dancing. She walks over his legs, stomach and chest and as the camera shoots overhead and down on her she asks if you would like to be under her instead of this slave.

The slave doesn’t make much noise which pleases Jasmine but she comments that if you look at his trembling body you can see that he really is suffering. Now she stands on his groin and uses her foot to play with his cock. She reaches with her foot for one of her stilettos and presses into his body before letting it fall back to the ground. Finally she uses him as a bench and puts her shoes on telling him to wait there until she returns from a night of dancing. As she is about to leave she turns back and steps full weight onto the slave with her heels. She wants to leave him something to remember her by while she is out.
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MeanBitches – Nyomi Star POV Slave Orders 3

Mistress Nyomi knows that you are powerful where you work, and she also knows how you crave to be treated like a bitch and degraded. She makes you get on your knees, kiss her feet, and lick her beautiful Asian Ass! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!
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GloveMansion – Horny gloved asian nurse

Nurse Natalia is feeling very horny and loves using her surgical gloves for pleasure, also outside of her medical practice. Want to watch her as she cums for you?
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DirtyDommes – Extended teasing handjob part 2

He has been teased without mercy and he is about to burst. It was so much fun making him feel so desperate. Now we will allow him to cum but he will be fed his own spunk in the end.
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FemdomEmpire – Trained for Dick – Kendra Spade

Princess Kendra Spade needs to get her slave’s ass primed and ready for her big party. She plans to have him be the entertainment for all of her girlfriends to use and abuse with their giant strap-on cocks. His ass needs to be properly stretched out before the big night and Princess Kendra has just the ass splitter to get the job done. Using her big red cock she hollows out her slut’s hole until he is gaping and ready to be gang banged by every last one of her vicious girlfriends.
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BratPerversions – Asian Babe First Time Pegging

Keilani is very excited because this is her first-time strap-on experience. Miss Brat’s neighbor is a closet pegging lover and tonight is his lucky day with a femdom apprentice. She got her feet and ass worshiped and fucked her new male sub’s face with her kinky sex toys. The happy ending included a sensual strap-on fuck and a prostate milking that made him finish with a huge load on his belly.
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DirtyDommes – Extended teasing handjob part 1

You think we are just going to give you a release? Think again! Maya Liyer and I, Fetish Liza love to drag an orgasm out until the slave is about to explode. We are experts at teasing with our sexy bodies, our latex, our voice…we control your cock. Edge over and over again, like our tied up male slut who is so hungry to cum. We have so much fun seducing him, getting him hard and making him wait for his much needed relief.
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GoddessMayaLiyer – Ass Victim

Fetish Liza often comes to stay whenever she is in London and we just love to play with a varied selection of slaves during her stays. This evening one of her leather and strap on boys came over for the evening, and bought his girlfriend, who had a mild interest in BDSM but had never experienced anything real time before. It was a humiliating experience for both of them, in this clip this slaves girlfriend has to sit on the sofa out of shot while we spit roasted and humiliated her boyfriend, our slave slave with a ferocious pounding in both holes.

In the previous clip we warm up his mouth by using his tongue as our personal polishing tool. We are both dressed in leather outfits and he will clean and polish us from head to toe with his tongue in preparation for his spit roast , well we want to look in tip top shape for the camera now, don’t we? That clip is available here Leather Loser

These were such fun scenes to film for all the wrong reasons, it was a terrible idea for this slave to bring his girlfriend along, but I was actually getting off on her embarrassment and misery as I occasionally glanced over to her off camera as we degraded her boyfriend in front of her. The look on her face as her boyfriend took his pants off to reveal that he was wearing a chastity device (that she clearly hadn’t seen before) was priceless. Seeing her recoil in horror as our big cocks entered this bitch and made him moan in ways that she had never heard before made Me laugh inside.

Imagine your wife or girlfriend watched you as you got pounded by us, your dirty little secret out in the open for all to see.
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Clubstiletto – Private Property, Private Parts

Miss Jasmine is confronted by a forest ranger as she walks through the forest. “This is private property and you have to leave” he tells her. She loos at him and replies “Oh really?” the scene rolls over and the ranger is now standing with his legs spread and Jasmine is kicking him in the balls. She kicks him several times and as he stumbles she reaches up and pushes him to the ground with her foot. She grabs a branch and strikes his ball before sitting on his face, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock. She makes him get up and again starts kicking him in the cock and balls. She also uses her hands to swat his cock repeatedly along with some kneeing and a lot more kicking.

Now he is ordered to kneel on all fours and she kicks him from behind until a real hard blow drops him flat to the ground. She orders him up and kicks some more and then takes the branch to his now fully exposed ass. Next she makes him kneel upright and she pulls his shirt over his face before booting him again and again. Jasmine goes in the bush and finds a stinging nettle leaf which she runs over his cock. “Which is worse, this leaf or. my high tops?” she asks as she jumps up and boots him again. As he falls on his stomach she sits on his back and tells him she will expect him back in the same place the next time she is in the forest. “Yes Mistress” he replies.
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