Subby Girls – Let’s See Who Cums First

Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Subby Girls - Let's See Who Cums First There really is no winner in the who will cum first game. Both Nickey and Ash will win as the game really just involves them licking each other. It’s oral pleasure for both cuties first thing in the morning. Download: Download… Read More

Cum Countdown – Pay For Everything, Piggy

Monday, June 1st, 2015
Ash and Nickey are looking gorgeous and all dolled up because they are going out to get real men while you stay at home and clean. They need money though and naturally you will pay for their night out. In return they may grant you an orgasm, but not before teasing you about all the fun they are going to have on your dime. Download:… Read More

Subby Girls – You’re Still My Whore

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
Subby Girls - You're Still My Whore Subby Girls Carmen is as cute as they come but at the end of the day Ash still considers her to be her personal whore. Cute? Sure, but she will still be used and disciplined as she desires. Paddle her ass, kiss her or stroke her pussy, Ash will do whatever she wants to do with her cute little whore whenever she wants to do it. … Read More

Subby Girls – Try Not To Resist

Sunday, December 28th, 2014
Subby Girls - Try Not To Resist I mean Keegan could try and resist, but what’s the point? In the end all girls succumb to the tickle torture, and Keegan is no exception. Ash very quickly finds her weak points and fully exploits them, getting the cute girl to buck, shake and try to get away. Alas for Keegan escape is not in the cards today, she will have to laugh it out. Read More

Goddess Needs Licking

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
  When Goddess Ash needs to be licked, all else needs to stop. Whatever pretty Belle happens to be doing at the time needs to be set aside, and she needs to kneel in front of her gorgeous female owner and lick. Belle does just that, orally pleasuring Ash while Ash comfortably lies back on the beanbag soaking in Belle’s oral service. Like a good girl Belle… Read More

Slut Maid, Part 1

Friday, May 9th, 2014
Duration: 00:08:39 File size: 880 Mb Format: mp4 If this slave is to serve as a maid, then he needs to look the part. He doesn’t look like a pretty girl yet, but that’s something Marie, Ash and Staci can rectify with some clothing and makeup. If he is to properly tend to them and their girlfriends then they will have to slut him out and make him fully look the part of… Read More

Focus On My Toes

Friday, May 9th, 2014
Duration: 00:03:36 File size: 402 Mb Format: mp4 Keegan loves to sexually please Ash, but that’s not what Ash wants right now. Right now Keegan needs to focus on her toes, nothing more. Just touch them, kiss them, adore them while Ash relaxes with her phone. There will be time for other play later but for the moment it’s her feet that Ash wants adored. Read More

Her Sides Are Ticklish

Sunday, April 27th, 2014
Duration: 00:05:54 File size: 599 Mb Format: mp4 Dillion finds herself all tied up for the tickling, which is exactly how Ash wants her right now. Normally Ash loves to use Dillion for sexual pleasure, but the cute young thing is also fun to tie up and tickle on occasion. It takes a bit for her to find Dillion’s weak spots, then Ash can tickle attack them without pity. Read More

His Money Ran Out

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
Duration: 00:10:03 File size: 590 Mb Format: mp4 This slave is supposed to make his credit card payments promptly and on time to be sure that Marie always has funds available to go shopping with. With all the pain she has put him through you would think he would remember something so simple, after all his money is hers. But no, Marie tries to make a purchase online and… Read More

You Smell Like Pussy

Friday, April 18th, 2014
Duration: 00:05:39 File size: 636 Mb Format: mp4 Carmen’s face smells like pussy. But that’s to be expected since she spends a large portion of her little kitten life with her face in Ash’s crotch. Ash makes her earn it though by making her say how much she craves her pussy and like a good pet Carmen obeys. It’s hard to resist Carmen for long though as she looks so adorable… Read More

Good Girls Lick Toes

Monday, April 14th, 2014
Duration: 00:05:56 File size: Mb Format: mp4 Dillion is a good girl. That’s why Dillion licks Ash’s toes. It’s because that’s what good obedient slave girls are meant to do, groveling at the feet of their female master in both worship and gratitude. And she looks so cute down there, how can Ash not adore her little foot worshipping pet? Download:… Read More