Mighty Girlz – Lustera’s Ordeal Continues – Ariella Ferrera

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
  Our MightyGirl, Lustera is in big trouble now...the thug wisked her away to his rural hideout...she is stripped and spread...Once again, he mounts the vibrator to her pussy...when she cums, it runs on and on...and it doesnt take long to get her there either...within 5 minutes, she has a string of orgasms that leave her unable to take anymore. Read More

Cum Bots – Lustera’s Ordeal – Ariella Ferrera

Saturday, September 17th, 2016
  Lustera is on the trail of a gas mask wearing thug...and he is tired of running from our beautiful MightyGirl, Lustera...He makes a stand and ends up getting the upper hand...and Lustera ends up bound to a gate with her tits tied and exposed and a vibrator roped between her legs...the thug leaves her to yell for help as the vibrator works away at her super-pussy Read More

Perfect Slave – Busty, Bound & Upside Down – Ariella Ferrera

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
Ariella has some extremely massive tits. We've decided that they shall best serve us bound tightly...Ariella on the other hand, may not exactly see things our way...Nevertheless, we take this buxom brunette and invert her from the rafters with the vibe pressed up against her moist clit... We coldly calculate exactly how we want this to be...She screams, she begs, she cums.. Read More