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DirtyDommes – Teeny strap-on Princess part 2

Miss Gina is ready to penetrate her male slut deep with her big strap-on cock. He has no other option than to comply as he is in bondage and his cock is locked in chastity.
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DirtyTransDolls – Fuckdoll strap-on training part 2

FuckDoll Jenna is getting a nice big cock up her ass as miss Tina continues the anal training. She is strict and expects her feminized rubber dolls to take it all
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DirtyTransDolls – Transdoll sex swing sodomy part 2

he fucking continues as I penetrate my TransDoll deep with my strap-on cock. She is such a dirty slut and always so horny!Once she has been pounded enough, I play with her clitty and make her cum hard.
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HouseofSinn – Caged anal whore

Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his lowly life and straps him to the bondage bench before driving Her big black cock forcefully into his willing ass. He is such an anal whore that the cock slips in easily and as She thrusts hard this fuck toy soon starts to moan with pleasure betraying his slutty pleasures. He will be left tied to the bench, ass stretched and **** ready for much more cock.
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MistressT – Sissy Slut Takes Huge Cock Ass To Mouth

Sissy sluts need a lot of training. If they are to take any size cock in their mouth & ass, they need to practice. They also need to get used to eating cum & going ass-to-mouth.
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DirtyDommes – Brutally fucked by hot naked Dommes part 2

Miss Tina and Coco brutally fuck their male slut with their huge strap-on dicks. The anal whore needs to be penetrated deep and hard whilst his cock is being locked in chastity. The pleasure is all for the Ladies!
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DirtyTransDolls – Stretching the new sluts hole

The feminization process on my new rubber doll continues with some stretching of the new slut’s fuck hole. It seems this treatment is very effective as the rubber doll’s cock cage is about to explode!
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DirtyDommes – Teeny strap-on Princess part 1

Young, blonde, petite and a natural Domme. Gina Gerson amuses herself with her bondage slave. His ass belongs to her, his cock is locked in chastity. She makes him suck her strap-on dick like a real bitch! Slaps his face and buttcheeks and fucks him good! She really enjoys to boss him around and use him as her fucktoy.
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Clubdom – Stretch Your Ass For Goddess Sheena

Goddess Sheena Ryder slowly lubes her slaves us up. She has another little surprise for him, well, I shouldn’t say little. Goddess Sheena has a dildo in the shape of a hand. She applies lube to the hand, and slowly and gradually penetrates her slave. Goddess Sheena wants complete penetration, the knuckles of her hand must be all the way in his ass. She is forcing it up his ass, trying to help it along with some of her lube, her spit. She finally gets it where she wants it and makes him bounce up and down on it.
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DirtyTransDolls – Deep anal fucking part 2

Rubber Doll Jenna is getting a good anal stretching with our toys and strap-on. Time to get a really big and invasive “snake like” dildo up the doll’s butt! This is proper ass training…a good slut can take big cocks!
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DirtyTransDolls – Double sissy strap-on fuck part 2

Sissy sluts, bend over! Princess Aurora and Fetish Liza are going to drill your fuckholes even harder whilst keeping those clitties locked in chastity.
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DirtyTransDolls – Chastity rubber doll fucking part 2

Rubber Doll Jenna has no say in the matter. The dick is locked and the butt is at my disposal. I will bend this doll to my will and stretch that fuckhole with my strap-on cock.
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DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 2

Our boot slave has been such a disappointment lately, bringing us cheap and nasty boots! Now he must feel the punishment as we spitroast him with our boot heels and toys. Maybe now he will finally know his place beneath us Ladies.
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DirtyDommes – Nikki’s anal slut part 2

What an anal whore! Nikki’s slut cannot get enough of her big strap-on cock! But she pushes his limits even further and stretches his butthole to the max. After all the pleasure should be hers and he is just her ass puppet.
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DirtyTransDolls – Pegging her tranny slut

Miss Tina is meeting up with TV Kinky Natasha and that always ends up with some filthy fun! She loves to use her strap-on cock on her tranny slut and fuck her doggystyle.
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