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American Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Virtual Muddy Boot Licker

American Mean Girls - Princess Carmela - Virtual Muddy Boot Licker
Princess Carmela
This is REAL DIRT on these boots. And you are going to see through the eyes of a real dirty boot licker! This is just to prove that I dont care if you eat dirt in real life for me. You dont fucking even deserve this, your my bitch boy look at that big piece of dirt, get that all off with your tongue. This is exactly what you would get if you are my slave.
Princess Carmela
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American Mean Girls – Goddess Nina Elle – Inferior Couple

American Mean Girls - Goddess Nina Elle - Inferior Couple
Goddess Nina Elle


You WISH your wife looked like ME, don’t you? Too bad. Don’t worry, you could have never had me anyway LOL. I am SOOO out of your league! But you know what you CAN do? WORSHIP Me. That’s right. KNEEL before me and GROVEL at my feet. If you worship me as your superior, I MAY allow you in my life…You will also need to shower me with gifts. And MONEY. I may even put you on an allowance LOL. That’s right- I will decide how much of “your” money you will get each month! And you know what? Just because your wife married YOU, that makes her inferior as well. So I will want you to explain to her where all your money is going- and I want BOTH of you to serve and worship ME! And if she doesn’t like it, now here is how this is going to work…-You will both be stored chained up in my basement like property.-You will WORSHIP me on my throne in regularly scheduled rituals! -You will PRAISE me constantly for being superior to BOTH of you fat, ugly losers and THANK me for allowing you in my life!-You will open online businesses…and give ALL the $$ to ME! I will feed you scraps- if at all! LOL-You will do ANYTHING I say! -I may even position the 2 of you as “human furniture” in my home when I have parties for my superior, hot friends- just to humiliate both of you and show off and entertain my friends!-You will literally do ANYTHING I say, worship me as your GOD, and give me ALL of your $$$!!! (BOTH of you!!)-I might even whore your wife out on a street corner and take 100% of whatever her fat ass can ear for me! Haha

Goddess Nina Elle
Categories: Homewrecker, Femdom POV, Domestic Servitude, Humiliation, HOME WRECKER
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American Mean Girls – Princess Cindi – My Gym Foot Licker

American Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - My Gym Foot Licker
Princess Cindi


Come here my sweaty foot worshiper! Im gonna tie you up a bit and make you lick my feet and sniff my socks after my workout! Do you know how much fun I have sticking my sweaty socks on your mouth and making you r lick the inside of my shoes, LOL! I think I will even lick the bottom of my gym sneakers Thats what youre here for isnt that right, my sweaty foot worshiper??? Your reward is to lick my bare feet and make sure you get your tongue between every toe!

Princess Cindi
Categories: Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Femdom POV, Socks.
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American Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Goddess Raven – Shrink The Inferior Humans

American Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Goddess Raven - Shrink The Inferior Humans
Princess Bella
Goddess Raven


Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would listen to reason, haha! At first she was telling me to be nice to mortals but after I explained to her that it is fun to step on lowly humans, she finally got it! We had a nice chat about how great my new evil shrink ray was and we talked about the various foot grinding techniques we could use when stepping on shrunken men! Especially those mortals that write us emails and ask to kiss Wonder Womans feet! She hates that and is only too happy to give those losers what they deserve. I show her the man that I shrunk and put him in my shoe. Then I walk on him! Oh, it turns out that tenderized shrunken men taste delicious too!

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven
Categories: Superheroine, Giantess, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Crush, Super Villains, Femdom
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American Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – How To Be My Cuckold For Real

American Mean Girls - Princess Carmela - How To Be My Cuckold For Real
Princess Carmela


So We ALL hear from “slave wannabes” all the time, BEGGING to “serve” us and become our slave. And guess what, it IS possible! but NOT if all you do is send EMPTY emails full of WORDS- and nothing else. How are WORDS going to benefit ME as your princess? Does that PROVE anything to me?? Um, NO.
What DOES get my attention?? GIFTS. I have a wishlist, SLAVE- so go find it and SEND me something. THEN contact me! And guess what? I might actually take your begging, pathetic plea for servitude seriously.
Amd this video is a good example of a REAL slave that did JUST THAT. I open my gifts from him, read the notes he sent in the clip, and then I give out my email/wishlist info to the REST of you losers that are smart enough to actually follow his example of what a REAL slave should do!
And guess what? I actually MET this slave IN PERSON just prior to shooting this clip! (He didn’t want to be filmed.) He was local to me here in S. Cal and was willing to $erve me AND my BF FINANCIALLY, and he brought me $200 CASH just to grovel at my feet in person and BEG to serve me n my man! (I show off the cash in the clip too lol.) Now, to all you other “slave” WANNABES- THAT is how it’s done! I will be fucking USING this motherfucker in REAL LIFE from now on. Are you jealous?? Awww…haha. then download this clip if you want to learn how to REALLY serve ME for REAL!

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