Society SM – Intense Amelea Dark – Amelea Dark

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
Society SM - Intense Amelea Dark - Amelea Dark   Its been awhile since we had Amelea at SocietySM for a good BDSM trial, and that's exactly what we give her. I set her up to submit to Simon. Simon does his research and learns what he can about Amelea's previous shoots in order to size her up. A strong dominant will look for cues in his subject, and Simon comes into the shoot, ready to tackle this one. Amelea is whinning and wet within minutes and submissive putty in Simon's capable hands. Each position is a physical strain… Read More

The Grave Project – Sadie Dawson & Amelea Dark

Friday, April 25th, 2014
Duration: 01:00:23 File size: 658 Mb Format: mp4 Sadie Dawson & Amelea Darkare two gorgeous brunettes in Journalism school looking for the scoop on a series of local grave robberies. Amelea got a lead on a truck that was seen at one of the robbery sites and sweet Sadie has gone to investigate. As she arrives at the compound where the truck was registered to, she senses something creepy about the place, little does she… Read More