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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – Lick Until I’m Completely Satisfied

Gorgeous Amber Ivy certainly owns her share of men, but she has a particular fondness for this one. He’s polite, compliant, tends to her as needed and orally serves when her whims desire it. All the best qualities in a man.
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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – Dangerously Close To My Pussy

Amber Ivy is noticing that her male is worshipping dangerously close to her pussy. So rather than delay the inevitable, she instead just pulls his head between her legs pausing only once to lube his mouth with her spit before returning him to oral adoration.
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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – This Is The Life

Pampering and adoration, that is the life Amber Ivy is all too used to. Because as a woman she knows there are no shortage of men out there that will sacrifice their time to worship and serve her on demand.
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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – Surprise, It’s My Pussy

Gorgeous Amber Ivy has a surprise for her well behaved male, access to her pussy. Perhaps it’s not really much of a surprise as his mouth tends to spend quite a bit of time down there, but nonetheless he is always grateful for her oral reward.
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Female Worship – Amber Ivy – Harvest My Pussy Juice

Amber Ivy prefers to keep males that appreciate her body fluids, that value them for the delicacy that they are. She doesn’t have to worry about this male though because he craves her fluids and will greedily consume them any chance he gets.
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Hardcore Gangbang – May 3, 2017 – Amber Ivy, Tommy Pistol, Owen Gray, Will Havoc, Mickey Mod, Jon Jon

Damn Fine Pie! A Twin Peaks Parody Gangbang
Hardcore Gangbang is proud to present a feature presentation, and the final farewell film shot in the San Francisco Armory, Damn Fine Pie! A Twin Peaks Parody Gangbang. Femme fatale, Amber Ivy, plays the infamous Audrey Horne who hasn’t come to terms with Laura Palmer’s death. She’s juggling her own inner demons and her obsession with Laura Palmer’s mysterious dark side causes her to back track and inject herself into Laura’s scandalous secret alternate world! She takes a job at One Eyed Jacks, a brothel in Canada, owned by her step-father in hopes of losing her virginity and become one with the late Laura Palmer. Audrey finds herself not only losing her virginity but being fucked by all the men that she pussy teases in her life including her step-father! Rough sex, blow bang, double penetration and five huge loads of cum drench this thirsty, dirty, whore who finally gets the fuck of a lifetime!
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Femdom Empire – Amber Ivy – Obey and Cum

Femdom Empire - Amber Ivy - Obey and Cum

Mistress Amber orders you to stare at her hot body as she play with her huge breasts. She tells you that she is going to let you cum, but only if you obey all of her instructions. See those huge, beautiful breasts? Her gorgeous pussy? That’s right, you are going to worship Amber’s body just the way she likes until she cums. Once she does, you had better be ready to jerk your dick just like she orders, then cum a huge load as a tribute to her. But be prepared to eat your own cum once you do it.
Featuring: Amber Ivy
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Red Head, Tattooed
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Femdom Empire – Amber Ivy – Sweaty Feet Gagging

Femdom Empire - Amber Ivy - Sweaty Feet Gagging
Amber Ivy

Mistress Amber knows how much her slave boy loves to worship her sweaty feet and is always amused at how horny and submissive he gets with her feet in his mouth. After ordering her slave to remove her expensive high heels, Amber fills his mouth with her foot, shoving it in until his head just bobs back and forth. She even gets both feet in his mouth! Amber then orders him to lick her toes and feet, making sure he licks up plenty of her foot sweat. She then begins rubbing his cock with her foot, then uses both feet to really get him excited. But Amber has no intentions of letting him orgasm; she just goes right back to shoving her feet into his mouth until she orders him to put her shoes back on. Amber makes the horny, unsatisfied slave crawl behind her on a leash; his pleasure means nothing to her. His only purpose was to serve her sweaty feet.
Featuring: Amber Ivy
Categories: Foot Worship, Red Head, Tattooed
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