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Subby Hubby – Cherry Morgan Alina Long Part2 | Release Date: Aug 15, 2017

Alina Long and Cherry Morgan still have their repairman hypnotized and he is now on his knees to suck the cocks of the other hypnotized slaves. He sucks cock good for them as the woman laugh, knowing he is completely under their spell. The Mistresses then make their slave jerk off into his mouth and face. He is not going to be released from control until the women want him to be. Lets see what other fun they are going to have with him.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Sasha Sweet – Make Your Mistress Cum Slave

Goddess Alina hates this loser slaves mutant phatheric cock. This slave will never be able to get off Mistress Sasha by fucking her. The only thing for the Mistresses to do is to strap a chindo on his face and have him fuck Mistress Sasha with his face. Goddess Alina is going to punish the slave for having such a worthless cock by canning his bare ass. She beats his ass red while he fucks Mistress Sasha with his chindo. Mistress Sasha demands the slave fuck her good with his face as Goddess Alina non stop canes him. Mistress Sasha does not think the slave is fucking her good enough so Alina canes him even harder and faster. The Mistresses do not allow the slave to leave until he has made his Mistress cum and his ass is red and covered in welts. Mistress Sasha sits back with Godess Alina and enjoys a smoke after being pleased by her slaves suffering.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Raven Bay – Anally Pounding Slutty Ass

Mistress Raven Bay and Goddess Alina Long walk up to two of their slaves Jammed in the same cage. As they tower over their slaves deciding which one they are going to shove their 12″ strap-on into. After thinking for a sec, Goddess Alina finally picks one. she drags this pathetic bitch over on his knees and she shoves her strap-on down his throat making him gag. Goddess Alina then bends this fuck toy over and rams his man pussy while Mistress Raven strokes her strap-on smoking a cigarette informing the other slave to watch since he is next. Goddess Alina pounds this slaves man pussy till he is yelling in pain. Mistress Raven Bay and Goddess Alina Long now have slave number 2 strapped down to the fuck horse and Goddess Raven Bay takes her turn pounding the bitches ass um unmercifully she loves every minute of stretching the sluts man pussy she looks like she is dancing in his ass as she fucks him hard and long then makes the slut clean his own filth of her 12 inch black strap on.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Sasha Sweet – Milking Slave 666

Goddess Alina and Mistress Sasha select slave 666 for his awaiting milking. Alina and Sasha expertly milk the slave’s cock while humiliating their bitch, laughing at his lack of success with women and how pathetic he looks lusting after their beautiful bodies that he can not even touch. Goddess Alina builds the bitch up, jerking him to the point where he begs o cum, then spurts all over Mistress Sasha’s black glove. Alina and Sasha then make sure he eats up every last drop of his man filth.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Raven Bay – Fuck Your Way To Freedom

Goddess Raven bay and mistress Alina Long find a poor excuse of a man tied up in the woods to a tree all tattered and torn the ladies decide to have a little fun with this looser they offer to cut him down but inform him that he will have to fuck his way to freedom by doing everything they tell him Goddess Raven hands him a blow up lamb and makes him fuck it and onk like the man pig he is completely humiliating him and making him lick his own filth up just to amuse them, and this is just the start of his day. Goddess Raven bay and Mistress Alina Long now have their new found slave back at the clubdom estate and tell him maybe he can lick his way to freedom by worshiping their thigh high shiny black boots, That’s right bitch you heard us start licking our filthy boots, Worshiping the ground beneath our feet licking our filthy dirty boots that’s right suck=ck the heel like its a big black cock swallow it up, deep throat it and maybe we will set you free, the ladies start to laugh at this eager boot slut, Goddess Raven Bay spreads her wet pink pussy and lets him get a look and then rubs it as she starts moaning and asks if he would like some ? yes, he replies and they both laugh, your not worthy slut back to the heel of my boots keep licking your way to freedom. Goddess Alina Long and Raven Bay are still having fun with their new pathetic slave boy the one they found tied to a tree, they made him fuck his way tp freedom by having him fuck a blow-up sheep Then they made him worship their boots and teased him with their pussy’s letting him breathe in their essence but never touching, so now they have decided to go for a pony cart ride and make this poor slave pull them all around the estate and Goddess raven hand the out of breath bitch a teaspoon, and tells him it’s time for his nourishment so he better start stroking that tiny little slut stick and fill the teaspoon up with his filth and then he will eat up every last drop
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Sasha Sweet – Cum Licking Boot Faggot

Goddess Alina and mistress Sasha have their slave on his knees. The little bitch boy has graduated to boot faggot. Mistress is wearing tall shiny black boots and they need to be cleaned. The boot faggot starts to lick it till its shinny. The boot faggot starts with her heel and Mistress Sasha makes him suck on it. Mistress Sasha knows he likes sucking on that heel like he likes to suck big black cock. The eager foot faggot agrees with what ever his boot mistress says. Goddess Alina makes sure he knows that he is nothing more then a pathetic boot slave . After the boots have been cleaned Mistress Sasha makes him Jerk his pathetic cock all over their boots. Only to make him lick up every last drop.
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Clubdom – Alina Long, Sasha Sweet – Stretching Your Hole

Goddess Sasha and Mistress Alina mercilessly assault this bitch’s ass with their cocks. While Goddess Sasha Sweet pounds the slave with her huge strapon, making him take it balls deep, Mistress Alina makes him almost throwup on her big black cock until he is choking on it, drool pouring out of his mouth. The more this bitch suffers and shakes in his bondage, the more these heartless Mistresses get off on it. Now covered in his ass juices. The Mistresses inspect his Stretched out hole.
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Subby Hubby – Tight Ass’s and Hungry Mouths

Mistress Alina feels like fucking some man pussy.. Sasha is waiting. These ladies plan to fuck thees bitch’s deep and hard. Thees sluts have two tight fuck holes. Oh, the ladies are going to enjoy drilling pumping their whores full of hard cock. Alina rides her slut, smacking his ass and watching as her cock slides in and out of his tight little fuck hole. Sasha deep throats the slut’s mouth with her dick. Mistress Alina is obviously aroused by the bitch’s tight ass. The ladies ought to take thees boys out on the streets and make some money off there ass and hungry little mouths.
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Clubdom – Alina Long & Sasha Femdom Sex

Mistress Sasha and Goddess Alina look forward to milking day on the ClubDom Estate. They strap the slave into a bondage chair and stroke the slave’s cock nice and slow. Sasha proceeds to fuck the pathetic slave. However he is unable to keep his erection. The slave is resistant because he knows that is orgasm will ultimately be ruined and he will made to consume his own filth. As hard as the slave tries to resist the ladies seductive hands his body betrays him. Sasha catches his filth her hand. Alina holds the slave’s mouth open as smiles as Sasha force feeds the slut every last drop.
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