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Bratty Babes Own You – Randy Moore’s Divorce Lawyer Footjob

Alexis is finally getting divorced from her loser husband. Randy is a divorce lawyer who is also the mediator of the divorce. Randy is on Alexis side and thinks a beautiful young lady like her deserves everything. Randy knows that her loser husband has to get at least something. Randy has gone over the divorce papers and seen that part of the reason they are getting divorced is because Alexis husband is a foot freak and is constantly cumming on Alexis pantyhose and jerking of to foot porn. Randy has a brilliant idea. Randy decrees that the loser husband should get a humiliating footjob as a farewell gift form his soon to be ex wife. Randy reiterates that she controls what happens after the divorce and by the law the loser husband must do what she says. First he must sign off the house, finances and all his belongings to Alexis that includes his pants. Alexis and Randy now have the loser pant-less and on the ground in front of them. Randy puts her heel right near his crotch and tells Alexis to begin the footjob. Alexis wraps her nylon soles around his cock and he immediately gets hard. Randy decides to join in by taking off her heels and rubbing her nylon soles around his crotch and sticks them in his face. Alexis and Randy cant help but laugh at all he gets is a footjob and Alexis gets everything. Randy tells Alexis to finish him off so Alexis can be done with him for good. Alexis jerks his load out of his cock. Alexis shows him the last cum he will ever produce from her. Alexis then leaves him a cummy and now homeless mess.
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Subby Hubby – Dahlia Rain & Alexis Grace Cuckold Sex | Release Date: Jul 31, 2017

Alexis Grace loves making her man into a submissive cuckold for her. She is used to getting whatever she wants, and she definitely does in this hot movie. Watch her subby hubby accept his place underneath her as her total bitch while she gets fucked by a better man, in this movie.
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Subby Hubby – Dahlia Rain & Alexis Grace Foot Lick

Mistress Esmi enjoys using personal slaves for her own sexual pleasure and amusement. Esmi is horny at the thought of her sex slave being locked in a cage and in chastity, just a helpless toy for her amusement. She makes the bitch smell her pussy juices off of her hand, then takes him out of his cage so she can mercilessly tease him by riding her pussy over his locked up cock while denying him any pleasure. This clip is part of the movie “Mistress Esmi’s Sex Slave.”
Tags: Foot Worship, Alexis Grace, Dahlia Rain
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Clubdom – An Impaled Helpless Bitch

Goddesses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain strut into the dungeon, boots clicking menacingly on the tile floor, sending echoes straight into the fearful slave’s ears as he sees them coming towards him. The women have him strung up and helpless, exactly where they want him.
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Clubdom – Alexis Grace – They Own Your Balls

Goddess Alexis Grace and Mistress Dahlia Rain are giddy and smiling with their hands wrapped around their slave’s balls, squeezing them tightly. They are so happy because they know they are about to administer extreme pain to these pathetic balls that they own, and there is nothing this helpless owned slave can do about it! The Mistresses take turns squeezing and poking with their fingernails into his exposed, delicate prunes. That is just the beginning. The Mistresses line up the slave and take turns bashing his balls in with their swift and fierce kicks! He can feel that pain shooting through his stomach, crippling him. Again and again, he must endure the torment until the women decide they are finished.
Tags: CBT, Alexis Grace
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Subby Hubby – Alexis and Dahlia’s Boot Licker POV

Goddesses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain have been tormenting their male pets all day long. This has caused the women to sweat and dirty their once very shiny and sexy boots. They have allowed you to come out of your cage and have given you the privilege of cleaning their boots for them, and be on your knees, staring up at their beauty while doing it. The catch? You will not be using rags, but your very own tongue. Get to work polishing just as the Goddesses tell you to. Do not miss one spot. Look at how horny this is making you. The Goddesses have noticed and want you to stroke your cock for them, and spray your man filth all over their boots, so they can enjoy watching you polish them all over again by licking off every drop.
Tags: Masturbation Instruction, Alexis Grace
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Brat Princess – Alexis Grace – Fingers Her Belly

Alexis Grace is smoking a cigarette out on the patio and she notices that her belly button is feeling very sensitive. She looks to see if any of the neighbors can see her in the backyard. When Alexis thinks she’s alone she unzips her body suit, exposing her naked breasts, and takes out her belly button ring. Alexis fingers her deep belly button and moans with pleasure. She plays with making her innie into an outie. Finger fucking her belly makes Alexis really wet. She fingers her belly until she cums. Later, Lola joins Alexis back out on the deck for a smoke. Alexis candidly asks Lola if she has ever fingered her own belly button. Lola has not. Alexis blows some smoke into Lola’s belly button, then fingers it for the first time. Lola gets really turned on. Alexis teaches Lola how to finger fuck her belly button. The girls finger their belly buttons together. Alexis licks and fingers Lola’s belly button until she cums, too.
Category: Belly Button Fetish, Smoking, Alexis Grace, Lola, Bellybutton Fetish, Smoking
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Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace: Ass-Licking Loser

Goddess Alexis has a slave to lick her and Mistress Dahlia Rain’s asses. He is shoved into Goddess Alexis’s ass first by Dahlia, and he must lick only her beautiful perfect asshole as he is a loser and not worthy of her pussy. Bossed around and told to stick out his tongue and lick it good, this is all he is good for. Next Goddess Alexis Grace demands that he stare at Dahlia’s perfect ass in between licking it, seeing how lucky he is of the privilege.
Tags: Ass Worship, Alexis Grace
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Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace: Fuck Meat

Slave 040 is the lucky chosen slave to get strap-on fucked today. He waits in the cage while Goddesses Alexis and Dahlia sit on top of it, stroking their huge cocks, discussing about how they wish they had someone to fuck today, sarcastically, staring right at him. They drag him out of the cage. Alexis makes him suck her cock and lube it up with his spit “You don’t want it to go in DRY, do you?” He shakes his head ‘no’ and starts sucking her and Dahlia’s big cocks. Dahlia decides she wants to fuck him good and hard to show Alexis what she has learned. She orders the slave over the cage to get his ass reamed by her. Dahlia fucks him good and hard while Alexis laughs and taunts him. He feels so violated and used.
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