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Clubdom – Alexia Jordan – Fucked with Your Own Cum | Release Date: Jun 13, 2017

Goddess Alexia Jordon is in the mood for a little ass. She puts her slut on his knees and shows him the 12 inch cock that she will be fucking him with. First, she makes him empty his balls. She demands that he jerk off all over the cock. Afterall, he will need lube. After the trembling slut spills his filth on the cock, Alexia bends the bitch over fucking him in his pussy hole with her big cock. “How does it feel to get fucked with your own cum?” She asks as she rides the bitch hard.
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Clubdom – Work out those Nuts!

Alexia Jordan humiliates her male bitch by making him exercise his nuts. She demands he swing TWO gallon jugs from them as she supervises and berates him all day. Alexia is pleased as the slut’s balls swell with the enormous amount of weight they are lifting.
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Clubdom – Alexia Jordan – Beg for her cain

Goddess Alexia Jordon warms up on his pathetic balls making him beg to be caned till the end. Stroke after stroke she canes his ass till it is hot, red and swollen. There is no Mercy, for his only function in life is to amuse and please her by being a pathetic slave …begging for mercy….
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Clubdom – Goddess Alexia Jordon’s Boot Faggot

Goddess Alexia Jordon has her slave on his knees because the little bitch boy has graduated to boot faggot. Mistress is wearing tall shiny black boots and they need to be fully cleaned. The boot faggot gets to work. The boot faggot starts with her heel and Goddess Alexia makes him suck on it. She knows he likes sucking on that heel like he likes to suck big black cock. The eager Boot faggot agrees with what ever his boot Goddess says. Alexia makes sure he knows that he is nothing more then a pathetic boot slave.
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Clubdom – Alexia Jordan – Inch by Inch

Alexia Jordon has her bitch boy in a vulnerable position. His man pussy is exposed and ready for the taking. Alexia strokes her huge strap on cock and smiles. She is going to enjoy emasculating this slut, inch by inch. As Alexia slides her massive cock into the bitch’s man pussy, her smile becomes even more radiant. She thoroughly enjoys fucking this male slut, driving her cock deep into his bitch hole.
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Clubdom – Slave to Please

Alexia Jordon and Kimmy Lee know full well what male bitches are for, Alexia Jordon has the bitch’s balls strapped with an electronic shocker. Kimmy has the bitch filled with a dildo gag. The male slut is ordered to pleasure Kimmy as Alexia shocks his balls. Kimmy grabs the slut by the back of his head and demands that demands that he pleasures her until her pussy juices are running down this throat. Alexia laughs and keeps right on torturing the slut’s balls.
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Clubdom – Alexia Jordan Whips The Slave

Watch as Alexia Jordan lets her caged slave out and ties him up because he was being bad, then whips him till he begs the safe word.
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Clubdom – Kimmy Lee & Alexia Jordan Fucking Boots Worship

Training of Alexia Jordon and Kimmy Lee’s Boot Bitch slut, shocking the slut with a cattle prod as he is ordered to lick the dirt from the bottom of Alexia’s heels. Then the bitch is ordered to show the ladies what a boot whore he is by having sex with Alexia’s thigh high boots. When the slut is made to spill his filth all over Alexia’s patent and leather boots, he is ordered to lick up every drop!
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