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Alessa has long suspected that Jack masturbates in his office when he should be working. She gets two fellow secretaries together and they spy on him, watching as he jerks off and cums in his hand. They then burst in and embarrass him before he has chance to clean up. They laugh at how sensitive his cock is as they poke at it and they wonder if his big dick can cum again if they have a play with it. As the three girls take turns to jerk his cock he is soon cumming for the second time as they watch in thrilled excitement!
Alessa Savage, Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon
Tags: Handjob, Multiple Cumshots, Office, Spitting
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Pure CFNM - Hen Party Dare Alessa Savage, Ella Hughes, Jessy
Ella Hughes


Jessy’s two best friends are determined to make her hen party a lively one. They have a series of dares that she has to do and the first one is to convince a random guy to show her his cock! Jessy’s grabs the next guy to walk by and talks him into flashing his penis. When they see it though, the girls get so excited that they yank down his trousers so they can have a closer look. Before he knows what is happening they shove him on the ground and take turns to suck his cock until he shoots a huge load all over the place!

Alessa Savage, Ella Hughes, Jessy
Tags: Big Cumshot, Blowjob, Games, Upskirt
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