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How does a fresh faced, beautiful bodied, 18 year old, end up at DC about to be served up as my weekly slave? Im sure it’s a long story and I dont care…her youth was fascinating to me…not only that she is very young at 18 years old, but that she looks veeeeery young…Alaina is an angel of a woman…with a few demons roaming around inside…I find that she has a very high tolerance for pain…and unlike many of the women we shoot, gets off on discomfort…her pussy would actually get wetter for the whip than the vibrator…which isnt to say Alaina didnt get off…she had orgasms in every scene…but pain was her real desire and draw…I thought she might not be able to tolerate much and found out very different…I thought her reactions a bit tame…turns out I just needed to turn up the intensity…and I did…keep in mind…this is her first time ever being bound and controlled…I was able to get control of little Alaina and had her calling me Master faithfully by the end of the shoot…I hope to get this one back very soon…have a safe and kinky weekend, Ogre..
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