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You’ve only been living with her and the other roommates for 2 weeks, but you’ve had fun so far. Tonight was a rager, & now everyone’s sleeping, gone or having sex. It is just u & her left. Through slurred words she makes a bet with u. “I bet, I can drink the down 2 this mark. All the way. Seriously, no stopping. And if I do, u owe me something.” You have 2 say it would be a little impressive to see that. But mostly you just think she’s cute when she’s drunk. She lifts the bottle to her lips and downs it. It is not quite 2 the line, but she takes another shot to make up for it. She takes some time to compose her wasted self, & asks for her favor “You should fill me a bath.”
This tottering girl starts undressing 4 the bath right in the living room. She drags u into the bathroom with her, making your promise to talk to her while she bathes. Without her little tank & teeny red shorts on shes just got a white bralette & panties. She stumbles into the tub with her underthings on. “I won a wet t-shirt contest last week. Did u know that?” She fills up an empty can of beer with water and dumps it all over her thin bra. Before long this drunk girl is telling u about a threesome she had with your other roommate, Melissa, and how Melissa is freaky and has a big crush on u too. “When I am done, will you take me out & tuck me into bed? Maybe in Melissa’s room?”
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