Tag: Adriana

Includes: Adriana Chechik, Robby Echo, Creampie
Ms. Chechik is the only single mother in the community and it’s easy for the haughty women in the traditional neighborhood to look down on a woman for living alone. She has a mysterious goddess-like beauty to her with her sparkling green eyes, her tanned skin, her raven black hair. It’s difficult for an exceptionally beautiful woman to make friends, and it’s taken her years to become respected, and more than respected, she has become a pillar of the community.
Robby is getting older and running around with the poor boys from the West Side of town. Ms. Chechik has forbid him to hang around with those trouble making boys but Robby thinks they’re so much more fun than the preppy boys who are only interested in golf and chasing uptight girls with coiffed hair and pearls. Robby has been pushing his mother more and more with his rebellion, bringing them into town, and there’s been talk abut drag racing and robberies.
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