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Adore Her Feet – Relief Princess Jessie

Adore Her Feet - Relief Princess Jessie

This slave needs to move his face, Jessie has to pee after all. He’s not supposed to be looking up at her while she relieves herself, he just needs to have his face act as a resting place for her feet. Sniff those socks and serve as her footstool like a good slave while she uses the toilet, that’s this slave’s purpose in life right now.
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Adore Her Feet – Get The Toe Jam Princess Kelly

Adore Her Feet - Get The Toe Jam Princess Kelly

This slave really needs to work his tongue hard to get all that hard to get to dirt from between Kelly’s toes. He needs to lick at a rapid pace and get deep in there to fully clean her feet. Because then he must go do the same to Dakota’s feet as hers are also in need of a cleaning. C’mon slave work that tongue, keep cleaning until all that toe jam is gone.
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Adore Her Feet – Sleeping Beauty

Adore Her Feet - Sleeping Beauty

This slave is licking Ella’s feet a tad noisy. All that slobbering noise he is making as he runs his tongue up and down the soles of her feet, he needs to dial that down a notch. Ella is snoozing after all, he doesn’t want to wake her up he just needs to worship her feet while she dozes away.
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Adore Her Feet – It Needs More Flavor Princess Jessie

Adore Her Feet - It Needs More Flavor Princess Jessie
Princess Jessie

Who doesn’t love bananas and whipped cream? This slave sure does, it’s a favorite dog bowl snack of his. Sometimes though little Jessie likes to add some extra flavor to the mix, to give it that missing ingredient. That is the taste of her feet, mashing everything in his dog bowl under her feet and letting him feast on the delicious snack from between her toes. That is a snack fit for a slave.
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Adore Her Feet – Lick My Sweaty Gym Feet Princess Kayla

Adore Her Feet - Lick My Sweaty Gym Feet Princess Kayla

Princess Kayla is squeezing in a quick morning workout before she hits the shower while her blindfolded slave kneels behind her patiently waiting until he can be of service to her. After all he doesn’t deserve to look at her tight ass as it bounces up and down while she uses the elliptical. No, he is there for one reason and one reason only, and that is to provide her stinky sweaty feet with a slave pre-wash. Once she hops off the machine she kicks off her smelly running shoes and puts the slave’s mouth to work as he fumbles around blindly trying to locate her feet and begin the task of licking them clean. He doesn’t need to gaze upon her feminine beauty, he just needs to lick feet like a good slave.
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Adore Her Feet – Here Piggy

Adore Her Feet - Here Piggy
Adore Her Feet

Where’s piggy? Piggy knows he needs to run to the door to greet his master Marie when she comes home. After all Marie has been walking around in her running shoes and they will probably need a good cleaning with male tongue. After a short delay piggy appears, now he can greet Marie property and begin to lick her shoes clean like a good groveling pet.
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Adore Her Feet – We Be Clubbin

Kelly and Dakota are getting all dolled up to look cute on the club scene. But they can’t head out with dirty shoes now can they? Definitely not. So on their way out they get the shoe cleaning slave from the closet and put him to work making sure their shoes don’t have any unsightly dirt on them. The slave does what he does best, namely grovel like a pig on the floor licking up whatever filth is offered to him from their shoes. That’s a good pig, now back into the closet with you as the girls need to head out to find some real men.
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Adore Her Feet – Smell The Stink Out

Adore Her Feet - Smell The Stink Out

What do you do when your shoes stink? You use the shoe de-stinker device known as a man’s nose. Why else would Kendall permit a slave like this the honor of being in her home if he didn’t provide some sort of useful function to her? He needs to de-stink her high heels and running shoes, keep deeply inhaling them until the rancid stench is all gone. Then she will permit him to beg and plead for the honor of smelling the shoes she has been wearing all day to de-stink those as well. Get to smelling little piggy, there is lots of stench to remove from her shoes.
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Adore Her Feet – Pig, You’re A Good Boy

Adore Her Feet - Pig, You're A Good Boy

Pig loves Ella’s feet. But if Pig wants to worship her feet then Pig will have to humiliate himself. That means he will have to respond to dog training at Ella’s command, learning to kneel, grovel, beg, dance, and do any degrading task she asks before he is permitted to worship her feet. Of course Pig is a total fool when it comes to feet so naturally he obeys and performs every humiliating task asked by his female owner, just for the chance to adore her feet.
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Adore Her Feet – Four Feet

Adore Her Feet - Four Feet

It’s hard to be sure which view is better, the slaves view of four pretty feet or the view of the perfect asses that go along with them. Either way this slave is in heaven as he gets to worship Kelly and Dakota’s feet while having a perfect view of their asses wrapped in tight denim shorts. So while the girls chat, he is thrilled to serve and adore their feet for as long as they need.
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Adore Her Feet – He Wants To Adore Us

Adore Her Feet - He Wants To Adore Us

Look at you sitting in the corner, greedily staring at Kendra and Marie’s heels. The way they are dangling off their feet keeps you mesmerized, you want to come closer and adore them as they dangle. The girls have noticed you lusting after their shoes so sure come closer slave, they will permit it. Worship their dangling high heels while the girls mostly ignore you and talk amongst themselves. Adore them until they have had enough of you and send you back to your corner.
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Adore Her Feet – He’s Down There Somewhere

Adore Her Feet - He's Down There Somewhere

Yeah, there’s a slave down there on the floor somewhere. But Jessie doesn’t really care because she is on the computer surfing the web. He just has to keep adoring her by worshipping her feet while she goes about her business, so he shouldn’t expect any attention from her right now. Slave of feet just needs to kiss, lick and suck female feet like a good slave.
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Adore Her Feet – Begging To Smell Socks

Adore Her Feet - Begging To Smell Socks

This slave is smelling Allison’s socks when he is supposed to be packing her luggage. He knows such a privilege only comes with significant begging, which is why Allison is upset with him when she walks in the room. Now she will make him do this properly, if he wants to smell her used socks then he will have to beg for each one of them, groveling like a good slave to smell whatever remnants of her foot smell is infused in the fabric of her socks.
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Adore Her Feet – Worship Goddess Belle

Adore Her Feet - Worship Goddess Belle


Belle loves to be worshipped. To be praised, adored, and to see the reaction her mere presence has on her slaves where they begin to stutter and can’t think straight anymore when they see her. She lives for that and will reward good behaving slaves by permitting them to adore her. She knows this slave has a weakness for seeing her nude body in stockings so naturally she torments him by both denying him and letting him adore her in three different pairs. Then right as he has reached a fever pitch of worship she stops and puts him in the closet. Now she can lie comfortably on the bed and listen to him begging and pleading for more access to her body. She loves that, to hear him groveling behind the closet door. He will beg for hours, meanwhile Belle will listen to his adorations and then snooze, leaving him to beg through the night.
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Adore Her Feet – Hey Numb Nuts

Adore Her Feet - Hey Numb Nuts


This slave is groveling at Jessica’s feet not only because he adores and worships her, but also because he fears Jessica. He knows in spite of her soft and soothing feminine voice that she can actually be ruthlessly cruel to the men she owns when they don’t properly respect her as she deserves. In spite of the permanent marks she has left on him though he still lives to please and serve his new owner, and will gratefully lick her high heels shoes for as long as it takes to please Jessica.
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