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Absolute Femdom – Bootlicker Birthday Visit

My slave neighbour has invited me to his birthday. The creamcake was delicious, but more better was the view he eat his cake from my boots after I have crushed it right in front of his nose.I didn’t stay long only until my boots were cleaned by his tongue how they were as I came.His greatest wish was that I milk him out wearing a gasmask, after he has paid me for that I leave for changing my outfit. Watch it in next clip.
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Absolute Femdom – Gape For Us, Faggot!

One mistress in black rubber uniform is just busy stretching the fuck fag when the second arrives.After some degrading and mean comments she heats up the situation with Amsterdam liquid aroma and offering a double assfuck for extra payment. The horny slut agrees and gets the f..t fuck of her life. Both ladies have much sadistic fun with testing different methods to bring out a extreme gaping.The hole becomes bigger and bigger in this squishing rubber glove fuck session.
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