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Julie Simone – Kyaa’s Diaper Boy Plugged & Diapered

Now that he’s been tied up Kyaa’s diaper boy gets penetrated with a large butt plug! He has trouble taking it all at first, but the two Dommes help him relax and open his ass up to accomodate the plug. Next Kyaa walks Julie through diapering Her submissive. One plugged and diapered the sub is far more agreeable and happy. Julie and Kyaa leave him alone to revel in his diapered bliss
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Goddess Harley – Fucky Wuckie Fuckover

How does it feel to know that you’ll never get to “Fuck” me but you do get to be the one I “Fuck Over”, LOL. Awe, you “wuv” it huh! You “wuv” it when I take you to the mall and make you be my pathetic paypig in front of all the sales girls! Awe, who’s my widdle servant, Who gives me his wallet” haha! You do, (boop on the nose).
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Julie Simones – Enema Diaper Release w Mouthsoaping

Julie Simone can just tell when a submissive is lying about how clean their ass is. So She designed a little test. She gives the submissive a 1.5 liter enema which he then must empty into a diaper! If he’s clean, it won’t be a big deal at all. If he isn’t it will be one of the more humiliating experiences of his life! Julie gives the slave his enema, has him put on two thick pull up diapers and rubber pants over it, then has him sit down and wait. To amuse Herself and make it more difficult for him to retain his enema, Julie gets a soft bar of Dove soap that She’s been soaking for hours and shoves it down his throat. Julie repeatedly gets Her beautiful bare hands lathered up then cleans out his mouth with them. Also includes soap licking, holding the bar of soap in his mouth and cleaning his teeth with the bar of soap. Once the enema starts to pour into his diaper, it becomes very apparent he was not as clean as he thought. Since he’s acting like a baby about it, Julie puts a crying baby mask on his head and pushes on his stomach to make the enema come out faster. She then leaves him alone sitting in his mess and contemplating the error of his ways…
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