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Madame Lucrecia (105kg) and Lady G (56kg) trample slave Bitrack at our latest shoot in Prague (Czech Republic). This is 161kg. of high heels digging into Bitracks body and absolutely an almost unbearable pain for most. Even Bitrack is clearly suffering even he tries to say it is just tickles, when the heels dig deep. Not only do the Mistresses trample Bitrack, they are also kicking and whipping him during the whole process. It almost turns into something like pure violence. A really nice and hard trampling clip for every trampling masochist to watch.
Category: Trampling, High Heels, Double Domination, Kicking, Lady G, Madam Lucrecia, Prague, 2016, Hard Trampling, Slave Bitrack, Kicking, Evil Heels
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