Ella Kross – Eat My Pre-Chewed Grapes!

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Ella Kross - Eat My Pre-Chewed Grapes!
Ella Kross
Ella Kross - Eat My Pre-Chewed Grapes!
“What the fuck?” I ask in anger as I open my fridge and find my slave hasbought me grapes instead of the strawberries I specifically requested. Ifthere`s anything I hate, it`s idiocy and this loser knows he`s in someserious trouble. This jerk is going to learn the hard way how much I hategrapes, and I make him lay on the floor to dish out his punishment. On hisback beneath me, I chew up the grapes and spit them directly into his openmouth. He swallows my regurgitation as I continue feeding him as if hewere a baby bird. It`s so disgusting and so humiliating for him, but maybethis will teach him now to be such a fuck-up! The strawberries would havematched my sex red outfit, but now I`m stuck with these nasty green grapesand it`s all thanks to this imbecile. Over and over again I chew them upand spit them into his mouth, making sure he swallows every last bit.There are a lot of grapes here, and he`s going to be eating every singlepre-chewed one!

Ella Kross - Eat My Pre-Chewed Grapes!
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