Ella Kross – Relentlessly Whipping a Slave’s Bare Ass!

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Ella Kross - Relentlessly Whipping a Slave's Bare Ass!
Ella Kross

With my naked slave tied to my bedposts I dish out painful punishment using my whipping rod on his bare ass. He cries out in agony as I repeatedly lash him and love every second of his anguish. I want to see how many blows he can take and cane him relentlessly until the cane actually breaks! That doesn’t slow me down a bit as I reach for my leather whipping rod and go to work tormenting his tender ass even more. His bare bottom is red and throbbing in pain but I won’t be showing him mercy anytime soon. I continue fucking him up and make him beg me for more, unleashing a barrage of painful lashes while he keeps count and thanks me in between. Guess who won’t be sitting down anytime soon? That’s right; this dirty jerk!

Ella Kross - Relentlessly Whipping a Slave's Bare Ass!


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