Today I’m going to punish this slave for failing to clean my house like I told him to. Let’s see how much pain he can handle, shall we? I tie him up naked in my back yard and begin lashing his back with my leather whip, laughing and mocking him as he groans in agony with each painful strike. His entire back is aching and red within seconds, and the sight of it only adds to my excitement. I continue delivering excruciating lashes with the whip while he cries out in misery, but his torment is far from over. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s disobedience, and I take my anger out on his bare flesh as his screams grow louder and louder. “Your suffering is my pleasure!” I growl as I make him pay for his mistake. I pause to pinch and twist his nipples, then get right back to whipping him! Do you think he’s learned his lesson? You’ll endure the same punishment if you ever disobey me!

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