Clubstiletto – Controlled By Mommy’s Love

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Clubstiletto - Controlled By Mommy's Love
Perhaps this clip would more aptly be called “Controlled by Mommy’s HAND”, but let it be known that whatever punishment Mama Kandy devises for her son; she does it out of love! That’s what mothers are for: Keeping wayward males in line. Kandy’s son is called upon to submit to an OTK spanking because Mommy has caught him staring at other girls. The only woman in his life should be his Mother- the Lady who owns him completely…..(you viewers may recall other videos in this series where Kandy subjects her son to all manner of kinky activities, such as inhaling farts and ingesting th3rds). In fact, if Johnny should ever be permitted a girlfriend, Kandy would quickly turn that bitch into her slave too! As Kandy intensifies her spanking, she ruminates about her son’s future wedding night- and the nasty scenarios she comes up with are quite shocking! But not as shocking as that final hard volley of spanking!
Mistress: Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - Controlled By Mommy's Love
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