Be careful when you answer a dating ad, especially if you’ve decided to be deceitful and use a 20 year old photo in order to make a good first impression! When Bijou’s date shows up, she lets him know in no uncertain terms that he’s an old man and she’ll never date him. She does give him an option to worship her feet though, as seen in the first clip of this series, Worship My Feet, and soon she’s subjecting him to all sorts of nasty things as you’ll see in the clips I’m Going to Facesit you with Jeans and I’m Trampling You. Finally, she just takes him in and makes him live in a prison under her kitchen in You’re My Caged Boot Bitch. You can see these and all Bijou clips HERE.

Today, however, Bijou decides to stretch her new slave’s limits by taking him out to the country to be her pony. She tells him that if he wants to stay in her house, he has to be of use to her. “An old man I have no romantic interest in, but a strong old man, I can at least make some use of” she says. Bijou decides she isn’t as comfortable as she’d like to be, riding on the old man’s shoulders, so she extends her legs and scissors his neck. The old man stumbles from the sudden lack of oxygen and she warns him not to drop her. Bijou loves the way she can exercise her legs by squeezing them around his neck. What a lovely scene; a couple out in the woods getting some exercise together. Okay, perhaps it’s a bit unconventional, but this is not an old fashioned love story after all; it’s an old man desperately trying to please a younger woman… and so the old man soldiers on. Bijou ridicules the pony and tells him to walk more erect and to keep his shoulders up higher, before she makes him run for a while. When the old man is finally about to collapse, Bijou tells him he can set her down, but she changes her mind just before she dismounts, and as the old man leans over a boulder, she just sits on his upper back instead. Truly a modern love story!

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