RubberEmpire – The Baroness – A Nasty Couple Therapy

A submissive couple has registered for rubber therapy at the Baroness. While the slave is allowed to spend a night in a cage, the slavegirl is chained in the studio. The problem of the two is as soon as they have even a touch of Rubber on the skin. they no longer want to be in control of their lust and just want to fuck all day. The Baroness knows how to manage this problem, that the slavegirl is wet as the lake is clear at the first morning examination and that the slave is like a one was also foreseeable. After the following dido Fuck from the slavegirls pussy, which makes the rubber slaves mad with lust when watching, the two are fixed in exactly the position which promises the best fuck. Well, if only the missing 5cm does not last …
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GloveMansion – Gorgeous asian in leather

Follow the stunningly gorgeous Natalia Forrest as she takes a walk through the garden in her leather knee high boots, tight mini skirt and long leather gloves. She is so hot and naughty…she knows what turns you on! Watch how this sexy asian babe rubs her leathers, bends over to show you her leatherclad ass and lets her gloved hands wander towards her pussy. Masturbating outdoors is just extra hot!
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Chateau-Cuir – The leather pants fucker

Super hot and so sexy and dominant! Miss Tina looks amazing in her tight leather leggings and high heeled boots. Her male slave is one lucky boy today as she allows him to worship her leathers and not only fuck her Louboutin boots, but also her leatherclad thighs! He better do a good job at pleasing his Mistress as she will allow him to cum on her leather ass!
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Humiliatrix – You Are Princess Tiffani’s Stupid Sissy Stocking Slave

“You’d love to steal a feel of my impossibly silky-soft stockings. The stockings I wear when I fuck my boyfriend. You’d love to sniff them and caress them, wouldn’t you, sneaky naughty sissy. Well. I’m going to take my dirty stockings and I’m going to use them to punish and humiliate you, silly stocking slave…”
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FemdomEmpire – On-Demand Orgasm – Whitney Wright

Slave’s are given absolutely no freedom, no choices and no say for anything in their life….especially when it comes to orgasms. What Mistress Whitney wants, Mistress Whitney gets!!
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CfnmTV – Nurses 4,5,6

PART 4: John came into this office for a routine physical examination, then the lady doctor and nurse began carrying out a test that involves playing with his dick. Now they have him naked and tied so he can’t move his arms! It’s like they have some sinister sadistic plan but because the girls are in a position of authority he knows he shouldn’t question them. He thinks he must get through this to receive a clean bill of health.

PART 5: Big dumb rugby player John has no idea that the real doctor and nurse are bound and gagged in the cupboard in the very room that is the scene of his humiliation. While they squirm at the sounds of his pain, the two imposters are having a whale of a time with their plaything…

PART 6: John is stricken with an unbearable urge to ejaculate like he’s never had before. The perpetual toying with his penis, the tender kissing from the nurse and strangely the way they took his temperature earlier, have made his balls full of hot eager come.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Honey Your Home, Now Kneel

Goddess Brianna’s husband arrives home from work and immediately begins serving his goddess. He pours her a glass of wine and then kneels before her and worships her perfect MILF feet. Brianna talks about shopping and how much of his money she spends even before payday. This guy is in heaven and clearly understands the price required to maintain a woman of this caliber. He has no concerns, qualms or second thoughts because everything he makes is completely for her.

Goddess Brianna has her horny hubby lie on the floor. She stands on him and offers her feet and toes deep into his eager mouth. This dude is in bliss and adores every inch of fabulous foot meat he can lick, kiss and suck. He feels the weight of his gorgeous wife standing on his chest and he can’t contain his happiness. He has to squeeze and stroke his engorged cock while enjoying the smell, taste and feel of his wife’s precious feet.

Goddess Brianna doesn’t want him to become dehydrated, so she pours some red wine on her feet and allows him to catch the dribbling drops with his mouth. Brianna wiggles her toes and tramples his chest as he wanks his crank. He loves the taste of her feet and having her stand on him is an exquisite reminder of how he is always under her control. She shoves her feet into his open mouth and tells him to cum. He wants nothing more than to please his spouse and squirts a huge load all over himself. His life, his goddess smiles sweetly…then tells him to clean it up.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather gloved domination part 1

Miss Shay Hendrix and Fetish Liza dominate their pathetic glove slave. Both Ladies love to tease him with their leather gloves. He must worship their boots, inhale Liza’s smoke and worship their ass, much to the amusement of the Dommes.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Mommy Makes You a Mummy

Today, we take a break from my aggressive flirting, over-the-top restraints and overall …. excessive nature–the amazing Ela Darling (seriously, check her out) brings her ethereal bohemian sex magic from sunny LA to Southie, and the results are just lovely…
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PrincessBeverly – Oops, You’re Dating A Domme

So, I have a secret I’ve been keeping from you. You have no idea what I’m really like, do you? You thought I was so sweet, shy, and loving, but I have a dark side. I know how obsessed you are with me. I’ve got you where I want you now. So here’s the truth: I’m a *DOMINATRIX*! Oh you think it’s a joke? Get on your knees! You have to ask me for permission to stroke, or to do anything else at all. You will be obedient to every utterance little slave boy! Looks like the only thing that will be getting fucked here is your mind.
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CumCountdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On

ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson1ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson3Cum Countdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On
The only thing my foot bitches love more than my feet is my smelly feet. Well my pets, I just did a nice long walk without any socks on and boy do my feet stink. Wanna stroke and worship them?
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Clubstiletto – Cocks, Feet and A Juicy Asshole!

TS Staci, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, and Koi Erotica have all gotten together for an evening of fun. The scene opens with the ladies directing slave one to suck slave G Nasty, whose cock is bound tightly with rope. Meanwhile, a third slave sniffs Mistress Kandy’s ass through her pants. Kandy tells her slave to pull down her pants, and when he does as instructed, he kisses her ass cheeks and licks along the crotch panel, trying to get at her asshole. Staci kneels over G Nasty and stuffs her cock down his throat.

Kandy tells her slave to focus on her asshole as the ladies enjoy watching Staci get sucked. Staci slaps G Nasty’s face with her cock while Jasmine and Koi squeeze his nipples. Kandy tells slave one to move away so the ladies can focus on G Nasty’s cock. They tug on it, slap it, and twist his balls. They decide to untie the rope from his cock and Jasmine wraps her feet around it. She works his cock until he’s ready to explode, and just as he does, she quickly pulls away in order to ruin his orgasm. Meanwhile, Kandy pulls her panties to the side in order to give her slave a clear path to her butthole, which he eagerly devours. Now how would the ladies put you to use if you attended this kinky party?
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FemaleWorship – Yes, Eat Me – Victoria Voxxx

Being worshiped by an adoring male is something Victoria Voxxx is quite used to. Lying back as they kiss and adore her body while she gazes down at them. But she will never say no to being eaten out if his mouth takes him there.
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Mean Bitches – Courtney Taylor POV Slave Orders 6

Your wife left you for another woman: Mistress Courtney Taylor! You go talk to her to find out what happened and she tells you that your wife is her whore and that you will be a good whore for her too!
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