Sexually Broken - Aug 04, 2014 - Veronica Avluv, Matt Williams

Pretty pale Veronica Avluv is a force to be reckoned with. Busty, eager and in love with the dick, she is just the sort of toy that we like to play with here at Sexuallybroken. Today this redheaded MILF gets pushed to her limits by cock and bondage until she is utterly destroyed.

We start off with having this sexy MILF blindfold and handcuff herself. It is always once when the toy does all the work for you. Once she has rendered herself wrapped up, we manhandle this slut a little before before dropping her to her knees. She goes down easily, she knows her place. The blindfolds cuts off her vision, all she can do is worship the dick in front of her.

Once we have warmed up her throat a little, we flip her over doggy style and slide right in. Her handcuffed hands make the perfect handle to drive her deeper onto the dick. The blindfold is removed so that we can see her eyes bulge as the cock owns her holes. Once we have reshaped her pussy, we pick her up and throw her own on the fuck stool, belting her down in place.

Once she is properly restrained, we open the floodgates. Both ends are deliciously exposed, and we make full use of this bag of holes. Back and forth, filling her balls deep as she cums and drools upon the cock. Brutal deepthroat makes this MILF’s eyes glaze over. By the time we are done, Veronica is a twitching puddle of well fucked flesh, held up only by her bondage. This is what sexually broken looks like. It is a good look on her.
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Dungeon Corp - Gracie at Silent Auction, Part 3 - Gracie Glam
Dungeon Corp

It’s time to really focus the auction, to give the viewers one final chance to see Gracie in slave action…Sasha spanks and flogs her…then more huge insertions…and one more round of orgasms for her very sensitive pussy…no doubt, she will make some lucky and rich man, very happy…
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Adore Her Feet - He Wants To Adore Us

Look at you sitting in the corner, greedily staring at Kendra and Marie’s heels. The way they are dangling off their feet keeps you mesmerized, you want to come closer and adore them as they dangle. The girls have noticed you lusting after their shoes so sure come closer slave, they will permit it. Worship their dangling high heels while the girls mostly ignore you and talk amongst themselves. Adore them until they have had enough of you and send you back to your corner.
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Subby Girls - Obedience Earns Pussy Licking

Good girls get their pussy licked. That’s kind of a general rule with female slaves, and it’s no different with Katrina and Willow. When Willow is good, like here where she is cleaning the dishes like a good little girl, Katrina will come by and reward her. She gives her a short break from her chores by getting her up on the counter and licking between her legs. Willow loves this and sits back to enjoy Katrina’s oral ministrations, and then it’s back to work for the cute slave girl.
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Club Stiletto - School Girl Riding to Orgasm Mistress Sasha Mizaree
Club Stiletto

Mistress Sasha gets extremely aroused from shoulder riding. Dressed in her sexy school girl outfit, she mounts up her slave and rides his neck until she cums. Then she continues to sit on his neck with full weight as she uses her vibrator to get her off again. She really squirts a lot when she explodes all over his neck and shoulders. Very erotic scene.

Mistress: Mistress Sasha Mizaree
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Princess Britney isn’t charmed when her slave sports a tent in his pants. What a ! He knows he is not supposed to get hard without permission. He needs to control his urges around her, so she punishes him and dishes out some of her trademark brutal face sitting. She bounces on his face, plops down on it full force like he was just another comfy old couch, and ignores the fact that she’s busted his nose. What a mess.The slave knows better than to complain, as Princess Britney shows no mercy and gives him a verbal dressing down as well!

Mistress: Princess Britney
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Fucking Dungeon - Bound for Two Cock - Hailey Young
Fucking Dungeon

Back by popular demand, this week we have contract slave Hailey Young in The Dungeon. As you know by now, Hailey loves the sex and she loves it rough. This week’s rough customers are Alex Sanders and Van Damage, so it looks as if Hailey might just have her hands full this time… Gagged and bound spreadeagle to a chair, Hailey looks like a deer caught in the headlights as her big, brown eyes widen whe she is rudely introduced to Alex and Van. Van Damage gets it going by roughly pawing at Hailey’s slender body. Then, Alex gets to work on Hailey’s porcelain skin in dual flogger mode. Next, Hailey gets an oral examination as she takes Van’s meatpole long and deep into her throat. Van, then vacates her gaping mouth, making room for Alex to hammer his cock into her face, as Van goes for the prize and slams his cock home into Hailey’s cunt. As Hailey’s moans of pain and pleasure increase, Alex and Van begin to take turns at Hailey’s bound body, switching off between her mouth and pussy. Next, Hailey is bound and gagged, suspended from the ceiling as Alex enters her pussy from behind. Seeking a little satisfaction of his own, Van removes the gag from Ms. Young’s mouth and force feeds her some more cock. Then, Hailey is spun around mid-air as the tag team reverses their vantage points. As we watch the intensity and speed increase, pain gives way to pleasure as Hailey in her highly compromised position, gives way to a tremendous orgasm. Then she is left, alone, hanging in the air…Hailey is now on a bed, wrists and ankles bound, a red gagball muffles her whimpers. Her whimpering becomes a little more frantic as she again catches sight of her Masters. The gag is removed as Hailey is rolled over onto her belly. Van begins by aggresively fucking her doggie style, then, Alex follows his cue and fucks her throat. Again we get a chance to see a little tag team action, as the guys switch off between Hailey’s holes. Swapping back and forth betwen her mouth and pussy, Van and Alex finally settle and stake their claims and root themselves in for the race to the finish line. Then they both blow their huge wads on Hailey’s face, and leave her alone in The Dungeon with her face covered in huge amounts of cum…
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Dungeon Corp - Proof of Submission - Sabrina Banks
Dungeon Corp

Sabrina is quickly becoming an elegant, european, sportscar of a submissive…although her curves are sexier than any machine ever built by man…and her composure, for a 19 year old, is very strong and conifdent, but graceful and intelligent…in her past shoots we have focused on fantasy roles of submission, but I wanted a bit more from her, so I asked if she would simply submit to me and not add any acting or role playing…A simple and sincere Master and Submissive shoot…This woman does truly enjoy being sexually submissive to men, and she seemed very comfortable until I made that very difficult…In each scene, she is tied tight with no chance of escape and this inspires even more submission…She does extremely well with tight clamps and my whips and floggers…and her squirting, screaming, multiple orgasms show what this type of edge play does to Sabrina’s sexual capacity…it arouses it deeply…which aroused me deeply, as her momentary dominant, and is gauranteed to arouse anyone with a fetish for extremely beautiful and submissive women, proving their worth through the suffering and service of BDSM.
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Real Time Bondage Blabber Mouth Part 1 | Bonnie Day | Nikki Darling

Cages are a wonderful thing. They let us lock the girls down and still have open access to their bodies. The bars give us hard points to bind them do, and they definitely keep them in place, but they also leave the girls wide open to whatever we want to see and do. It’s the best of both worlds.

Inside the cage today we have a pair of hot young things, Bonnie Day and Nikki Darling. They have a lot of experience in BDSM, but there is nothing like a live feed. It’s hours of the most extreme bondage, intense corporal punishment, hardcore humiliation and sexy submission.

RealTimeBondage live feeds allow users to submit their questions and suggestions for the models. It means that as ready as the girls may think they are there is no way that they know what is coming. The unscripted action is a great way to keep them on their toes.
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Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Susi Erotic Punishment
Mistress Susi

Featuring Mistress Susi

Having her slave lying on the bed Mistress Susi begins totorture his cock with some light electrical stimulation and whipping. Afterrestraining the slave she teases hiscock with her hands and removes her bra to tease his mind with a view of herperfect breasts.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 19 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: mistress, sexy, susi
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Goddess Foot Domination - Mila’s Your New Boss POV Goddess Mila
Goddess Foot Domination

Goddess Mila has just been promoted and now she’s your boss! Now that she’s your boss, she has no intentions of doing any of her work ever again because it’s now your job to take care of that for her while she sits there and looks pretty. You will do your work and her work, if you know what’s best for you, and you are also responsible for worshiping her gorgeous feet. When she kicks off her sexy high heel pumps, you are going to smell, kiss, and lick her feet, giving them the attention they deserve. You will also clean her office, cook for her, and anything else this divine goddess requests of you, otherwise it’s your job on the line.
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Club Stiletto - Who is the Bitch Now 4

Bijou hops onto the bitch’s face and Roxy pulls out a vicious anal probe. She starts ramming the probe into their bitch’s asshole while Bijou smothers him with her ass. “”Grab your cock and stroke it bitch,”” they command. The girls are really having fun totally dominating their slut whore bitch. Can you imagine going to a massage parlor and ending up with Bijou and Roxy? Is that heaven or hell?

The bitch ends up blowing a beautiful load as Roxy drives the probe into his ass and Bijou smothers him completely. It supports the theory that orgasms are so intense when there is a lack of oxygen. The girls continue to abuse the bitch, even though he has blown his load, and they decide that he will continue to be their bitch from now on.

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal, Mistress Roxy
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Sexually Broken - Aug 01, 2014 - Lyla Storm, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

We love Lyla. This thin brunette spitfire is a sexual animal that delivers her A game every single time. She loves the dick and holds nothing best. Not only can she fuck like a champ, she is in the top 1 percent of deepthroaters. Her drooling dedication to the dick is impressive. Today we test her ability to multi task.

Lyla is bound in a classic fuck me position with a twist. A custom made spreader bar is inserted between her skinny legs, preventing her from closing them. Shackled down on her back with her legs forced open wide, both ends of Lyla are completely exposed and wide open. Her always accommodating throat invites the dick and her small heart shaped pussy makes a tempting target. We simply walk right up and make full use of this slut. The drool flows out of her mouth immediately. The dick destroys her carefully made up face on the spot.

The cocks turn Lyla into a sex sandwich. We take both ends and use them hard. She cums over and over in her restrictive bondage. A giant puddle of throat lube forms under her head as we take advantage of that face pussy. The rougher we are, the more her pussy responds. Lyla was made for this sort of treatment. Her tight pussy is reshaped by massive BBC as she surrenders to her fate.

By the time we are done with this lean fucking machine, she is a fucked out bag of holes. Covered in drool, cum and sweat, hair and makeup destroyed, overloaded with multiple orgasms, this fucktoy in no way resembles the pretty porn starlet that first stepped onto the stage. We have revealed her true nature. The slut is always lurking underneath, and Sexuallybroken brings it to the surface. You are very welcome Lyla. Until next time…
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Infernal Restraints - Aug 1, 2014: Phoenix Rising | Phoenix

The Phoenix was a mythological bird known for immolating and then rising from the ashes. We’ve got our own Phoenix on hand to day. Her body is certainly hot, she has a great set of tits and an ass that won’t quit. Those smooth, long legs of hers run right up to a pretty little pussy that is begging to be impaled. We’re going to add a little friction and see if we can’t give this bird exactly what she came her for, a chance to flame out and then rise again, even better than before.

The trick to taking a beautiful woman to the next level is a masterful mix of bondage, discipline, and corporal punishment. Once he’s inside of her head PD begins to work his magic on Phoenix like no man ever has before. Her moves her as much with force of will as he does with his hands. She submits to him without question or protest. When he canes her she doesn’t ask what she has done wrong, when he uses vibrators to bring her to intense squirting orgasms she knows it isn’t really a reward.

The combination of cold, metal restraints, sharp pain, and intense vibrations has her cumming her brains out. By the time PD has finished using her it is clear that her namesake is being put to the test. He has no intention of unlocking her after her last round of screaming and squirting. She had better be ready for more soon.
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