Sexually Broken - Jul 28, 2014 - Marica Hase, Jack Hammer

Marica Hase only LOOKS innocent. This petite package of cuteness is actually a raging slutbag that craves bondage and cock. There in nothing more appealing then the good girls that desire hard use. Today is this tiny fucktoy’s lucky day. We are going to give her all the cock and bondage her tiny holes can possibly manage.

Tightly bound in a fuck me position on one of our custom made wooden bondage devices, both ends of Marica are completely exposed. The only thing she is wearing is a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings. Strict ropes keep her firmly in place, this sex kitten is going nowhere fast. All Marica can do is surrender to the dick and take the training in all of her tight holes. As tempting as that tender cunt is, we don’t jump right in. Marica’s puffy nipples get some attention first.

Once some suction tubes are applied to torment those giant nips, 10 inches of BBC are poured down Marica’s throathole. She sputters and gasps as her world is reduced to simply trying to survive. She sneaks air as she can, worshipping the massive manmeat like the natural born slut that she is. Her throat is so much fun we have to move on to that pussy. Marica struggles in her restraints as the cock enters her, it is so big she does not think she can take it. We prove her wrong.

The cock fills her to the brim,reshaping her tight hole. She cums hard, mewling like a baby kitten in her broken English. Today is a day Marica will not be forgetting anytime soon. Adding the vibrator on top of the cock blasts Marica into sexual subspace. She cums yet again, dazed and dickdrunk as waves of pleasure wash over her bound body. We rip one last orgasm out of her well fucked hole with our fingers, reducing her into a twitching lump of flesh. This one is all used up. Next!
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Cum Bots - Pussy Stand - Leah Parker
Leah Parker

Does it make me a dirty old man to say that I love shoots with young models where they kinda act nervous? There’s no real harm in nervousness, but it is a nice perverted turn on…Why is Leah nervous anyway? Maybe cause we’ve got her propped atop a sybian and her weight is on her pussy and she knows that we’re going to turn it on…hell, maybe it’s anticipation, but anxiousness does more for me..
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Strict Restraint - Goddess Soma Breaks Madison - Madison Scott
Strict Restraint

Madison Scott is back, and that is big news…such a hot little woman…and a tough one too…Madison lives the life, in fact, she brought her real Mistress with her to this shoot…I kinda get the feeling it was to protect her from me…it’s hard to be around Madison without grabbing her tits…then again, maybe her Mistress just wanted to revel in what we all get to revel in…her sweet slave under the control of Goddess Soma…Wanna know the truth about Goddess? She has personally carved designs into my own upper thigh…That’s right, this chic can handle the Ogre…She’s a pro Domme…and she’s good…I have really enjoyed watching her work here at DungeonCorp and it seems to get better everytime we shoot her…Soma never lacks a wicked idea and she likes to fuck with people’s heads…and she fucks with Madison’s head, body and soul and takes them all to the breaking point…seriously…Madison is the real deal, but we all wondered if she might not make it through the shoot without Soma lightening up…she never did…the end result is something the Goddess might refer to as horrifying beauty…it’s art really…both of these women and what they made together..
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Dungeon Corp - She Likes it Helpless - Kasy Warner
Kasy Warner

At nineteen years old, Kasey is very young and very kinky…she’s had fantasies where strange men tie her up and have their way with her, and that’s basically what I give her…She is not afraid of pain, rather very interested in feeling it in all sorts of ways…and she just doesnt seem like that type of girl…so fresh and clean…young and chipper…but I did sense a dark side to Kasey before we began…The best way to dscribe her body is fresh and hot…fantastic ass and legs along with skin that seems like it hasnt aged at all yet…Her eyes are very expressive…I thoroughly enjoy my time owning Kasey…so willing and submissive…it takes good effort to make her cum and the best results I got were with my hand…Kasey hadn’t been through much BDSM prior to this shoot, so practically everything I did to her was anxiously unknown to her…She finds the electricity to be most daunting…I bend and stretch her with no complaints as she seems to enjoy the helplessness more than the discomfort that it creates…Which was very pleasing…I’ll get her back for more soon…
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It makes no sense to have a hot piece of ass like Nikki Darling around and not use her until she is ready to fall apart. She has 3 holes that could use a work out, and her body is one of the sexiest we have ever seen. We aren’t in the habit of letting stunning pieces of ass get away without a few marks to remember us by.

The wooden apparatus that Jack Hammer uses to lock Nikki down into her bondage is pretty impressive. It has her ass up in the air so that he can whip the hell out of her. She’s screaming her lungs out into that ball gag but there is no place to go. She has a look of relief in her eyes when he stops until she realizes that he just went to go get a massive ass hook for her.

What she can’t see is the table full of canes he has waiting to take a crack at her ass. It’s extensive and varied enough that she’ll be able to tell each one of them apart when he starts going across her ass with them.
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Cum Countdown - Mischa Controls Her Piggy

Who controls piggy? Princess Mischa controls piggy! That’s right, your cock and wallet are always under her control, for her to use and manipulate at her whim. She loves to let you pay and stroke getting close to orgasm only to stay stop and deny you, over and over again. And as frustrating as it is you love it, you love her having complete control over your orgasms and will pay her for the honor time and time again.
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Dungeon Corp - Bound and Begging Slut - Jennifer White
Jennifer White

Jennifer is experienced enough to know not to cum without asking permission first…being denied that permission seems to arouse her even more…or perhaps it’s just that she needs to cum…So we make her beg…an outrageously beautiful woman tied up and begging to cum…enjoy,
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I don’t know what he wanted from me. I’m sure I never met him before. But he brought me to his dungeon, bent me over and tied me to an arm rack, belts keeping me in place. I was vulnerable to any desperate sick guy, like my new Master. I didn’t see when he came in. His touch from behind startled me. His first dip into my twat made me quiver. His cock was so big. My pussy is too small to handle such length and girth. It didn’t stop him from fucking me fast and deep. He was out of control. All I could do was hold on tight and take the pounding. He would randomly walk around to make me gag. I’ve never taken a cock like his deep down my throat. I’d gag the moment it touched my nostrils. But it was a big relief from getting fucked. He obviously noticed and brought something out for me: a fucking machine. He teased my pussy a bit before letting it go on full speed. He continued playing with my throat, bobbing my head on his hard knob.
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Goddess Foot Domination - Jamie’s Mother’s Date
Goddess Jamie

Goddess Jamie’s mother is running late for her date, so she decides to screen the guy before he goes out with her mom. After learning he has a yacht, she figures he’s probably loaded and decides to take advantage of the situation by seducing him. She starts by taking off her sexy wedge heeled sandals and rubbing her feet over his cock through his pants. In no time, his pants are down and she’s giving him an incredible foot job. As she foot milks his cock, he promises to let her on his yacht, take her to Europe, and take her shopping. After he cums all over her legs and feet, she locks him into a chastity device to ensure that he keeps his promises.
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Tease And Thank you - Leather Doll

Body worship, leather fetish, tease & denial, light punishment, mean girl, cock tease, extreme restraints, total leather hood/sensory abduction, jerky games.
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Clubstiletto - Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 1

Princess Dakota loves making her cousin clem’s life miserable. Ever since he bullied and repeatedly tormented her when she was growing up, she has always dreamed of the day when she would get revenge. Now that she can blackmail him for being a pervert, she is certainly going to get revenge today. She makes clem admit that he is nothing more than her slave now. She makes him recite all of the duties that he must perform as her slave and while she is asking him these questions and he is reciting his duties, she is brutally slapping his face over and over and over. We didn’t know how he could take such continuous face slapping but Princess Dakota was not going to let him get off easy. She loves making his life hell.

Mistress: Princess Dakota
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Disciplinary Arts - Slight Damage to the Rear End
Disciplinary Arts

Performers: John Beecroft, Molly Malone
Orientation: F/M

Strict headmistress Molly Malone accepts no bad behaviour – even from her Chair of Governors. After a foolish mistake, Sir John has a choice between the police, or a severe cold caning.
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