CfnmTV - Alex`s Problem Part 2


PART 2: With women on all sides, Alex has already shown himself up by getting an erection. Now he struggles against his hormonal urges, terrified of the consequences if he lets his auntie down again. It takes every ounce of self control and he’s not sure how much longer he can hold out.
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Sex And Submission - Jul 6, 2015 - James Deen and Rose Red


We are re-posting this shoot as a mid week update. A new update will be posted Friday as usual!

Rose Red stars in this feature presentation with James Deen. This 22 year old, all American girl loves bondage, anal sex and rough sex. James goes to work on her and pushes all the right buttons in this super hot and intense fantasy role play update.
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Society SM - Such a Good Submissive - Sasha Knox
Sasha Knox

Some women just love to be dominated…it’s all they want and some of them actually learn to be submissive…and although I do like playing with bratty slaves, experiencing scenes with experienced submissives cant be beat…Sasha is all too willing to do just about anything a dominant man asks of her…but I tie her up anyway…of course, I prefer my partners to be bound…so I tie her on the dirty floor in her pretty blue dress…I whip her body up and down, then plug her ass…Then it’s into a fetal tie that leaves her ass open and exposed…I warm her up with my huge flogger…she’s the first one to really take a sincere stroke with it and I give her many…then a good taste of electrical butt and pussy plugs and I throw in a little anus caning…I spread her up and down in the hay, working her nipples, soles, pussy and ass hole…Sasha endures much on this day and she walks out with a shake and smile…you gotta love this woman!
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Sexually Broken - Jul 6, 2015 Violet Monroe | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer


It takes a special type of starlet to handle a live BaRS show. Most can not hang with what an all live, non stop, brutal and punishing Sexuallybroken show. Violet Monroe is not like most. Her pale skin, long red hair and elegant face belie the true sexual animal that lurks between. She wants, she craves, what we can dish out. She is here today to be sexually broken as only we can.

We start off with having Violet cuff herself and then zip tie her arms to a chair. That is all it takes to render her completely at our mercy. We walk right up and make full use of that restrained face pussy. The harder we fuck it , the more the drool pours out and coats the dick. The two cocks train out her mouth hole before we fling her over a custom made metal bondage device and shackle her down over it.

Once our fuck puppet is properly bound, we take her from both ends. Violet is fucked hard and rough until her glassed over eyes are bouncing in her skull. Her mouth hangs out on one side, her pussy on the other and both ends cry out for the cock. We oblige with a vengeance as Violet cums all over the dick. Ten inches of BBC shapes her to a custom fit as the puddle of drool under her widens.

Most would be finished by now, but we are only getting started. This is just the first position. We are not going to stop until Violet is dicked down into a twitching puddle of well fucked flesh. This doesn’t end until she is completely destructed by dick. Stay tuned for part two…

Tags: Big Dick, Black Cock, Black High Heels, Deep Throat, Drool, Hair Tie, Handcuffs, Interracial, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Pale Skin, Red Hair, Sloppy Blow Job On Black Cock, Small Tits, Smeared Makeup, Three Way
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Strict Restraint - An Afternoon with Payne, Part 2 - Randy Moore
Randy Moore


Although Randy was blindfolded, she knew her fate…to be bound and humiliated in front of the strangers who showed up at her afternoon rendevous with Alexander…Randy is spread and bound on the bed by all fours…Scarlett is being punished for inappropriate moments with Randy and she is bound and gagged as the headboard of the bed…Alexander takes his time fondling and kissing Randy’s body…then uses the magic wand to tease her…his tongue invades the holiest of the holys and he brings her to orgasm in front of the silent crowd…Randy is then strapped down for whipping and anal training…Alexander uses a t-handled steel plug to stretch her anus…but her day is still not over…This is part two of a three part update…
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Tied For Tickling - Digging Fingers - Tricia Oaks
Tricia Oaks


Too bad for Tricia, I’ve never been much of a tickling dom…sometimes it seems that I just don’t have that ellusive, laughter vibe…So, what Tricia gets is my version of tickling…If I happen to find a tender spot, I’m less likely to give it a tickle than a good finger digging…but first, I cut her clothes off and stretch her out…I make sure to crank up all the slack, leaving Tricia’s body rigid and helpless to my hard-groping hands…I work over her ribs and thighs…then down to her bare bound feet…I give her a pounding pink belly, then finish her off with the magic wand…
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Happy Independence Day. We are giving you a bonus update with 2 brand new EB girls and one Veteran. Izamar Gutierrez makes he debut as an anal Domme to Penny Pax and Kajira Bound. Penny and Kajira are treasure hunters searching for the lost treasure of El Dorado. Izamar is a villainous treasure hunter who will do anything to claim the treasure first, even if that means taking down the two innocent treasure hunters and stuffing their asses full of a different kind of treasure. Izamar fills these girls will anything she can find and gaps them to see if they are hiding maps to the treasure
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Real Time Bondage - Jul 4, 2015: Sweaty Pig Part 3 | London River


The great outdoors offer so many fun, recreational activities. Will we go camping today? Or maybe play a ball game? Nah. It’s the perfect weather for tormenting our pig, London River.

We’re really not that mean. We do London all kinds of favors. For instance, after letting the pig wallow in the mud for a bit, we do her the favor of hanging her out to dry. It’s an intense crucifixion, but we even put the cross in the shade for her. After all, she was complaining of the heat when we were inside, and we wouldn’t want her getting too warm before the grand finale.

Nothing goes along with a summer party quite so well as a pig roast. We get this vile swine loaded up on our customized spit and start her rotating over an open flame. If she thought it was as hot as hell inside of the barn, she’s really regretting coming out for some fresh air now. The cross and the mud pit both seem so inviting now that she is trapped in metal bondage, just a few inches above an open flame.

Tags: Cage, Chains, Crucifixion, Fire, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Shackles, Toe Torture
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Cum Bots - Playtime - Emily Addison
Emily Addison


Emily always makes an impact when she appears for us. This time being no exception… Her amazing body mesmorizes us when she disrobes… She titilates our senses when she handles the magic wand and teases us by playing with her pussy… We tie her down. We spread her legs… We watch her beautiful tits heave as she takes her machine fucking… Emily leaves us breathless as she cums… What a vision!
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Casting Couch - Russo Twin #2- Taylor Russo with John Paul and Ogre
Taylor Russo


How often do you meet very hot, very sexual and fun loving nympho twins? It really is a wondrous thing…First there was Tati…the BDSM natural…Twin number two, Taylor isnt quite so natural about it…but, at the very least, she is very sincere in her anxieties and reactions…in fact, you may never see a more sincere shoot with a model who knows absolutely nothing about the headspace of submission…then again, Taylor is incredibly submissive…she is an open door…you can see right in…and it’s quite messy and confused…but makes for a greatly entertaining Casting Couch update..John Paul and I both poke and prod at her and I find that fucking with her head is the most fun…He makes sure to test Taylor’s pleasure response and she cums all over the place…literally…squirting…Tati, fresh out of bed, visits Taylor’s shoot at the end…both of the sisters seem humiliated as Tati sees Taylor all trussed up, with a swollen cunt, sitting in a puddle of her own liquid whoreness…we will have to get these two tied up together soon…it’s only a matter of time…
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Subby Girls - That's The Way To Be Greeted Princess Ashley, Princess Holly


On her knees with her mouth on her pussy, that’s how Ashley loves to be greeted by her slave girl Holly. Because it’s so pleasing to have ones pussy licked the minute they walk through the door. And it certainly helps that Holly excels at licking between Ashley’s thighs.
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Femdom Sex - Forced Cum 69


TV-Sklave Jonas darf als Belohnung auf die Stiefel von Bizarrlady Jessica wichsen. Nachdem er auf ihre Stiefel gespritzt hat, befiehlt ihm die göttliche Kaiserin sein eigenes Sperma von ihren Stiefeln ab zu lecken.
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The English Mansion - Teasing The Prisoner Mistress Vixen


Featuring Mistress Vixen

Mistress Vixen delights in teasing the prisoner, he is locked up in the cell, in manacles and asleep on the mattress. She wakes him up and orders him to his knees, she then attaches biting nipple clamps so he cannot move from the cold steel bars. She slowly undresses, driving him wild, as she verbally humiliates and teases him until it becomes too much.
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Sock Slaves - Mistress Cameron Flaze Sock
Mistress Cameron


Mistress Cameron is served by her slave girl a drink after a long day of shopping and lazes on the couch to enjoy having her sweaty socks worshipped.
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Ella Kross - Jerk-Off to My Ass Game featuring Anna Myst!
Ella Kross


Sitting outside with the gorgeous Anna Myst, we announce that we`re going to be playing a little game with you today. You`re going to jerk-off off to my sexy ass, but the moment I turn around you have to stop. That`s right; you`re going to stroke your cock while I show off my gorgeous ass but you better stop when I turn and face you or you`ll be punished! with the rules layed out, Anna instructs you to begin touching yourself while I stand and flaunt my nice, round bottom in your face. Towering over you I tease you with my sexy ass while you stroke your hard cock before abruptly turning to face you which means you better stop touching yourself! Over and over again we play our cruel game, having you jerk your hard cock only to have you stop which makes it impossible for you to cum. Will we ever let you blow your big load? Watch and find out, loser!
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