Shy Friend Joins In Double BJ Lauren George, Victoria Summers
Lauren George

Lauren George, Victoria Summers

Luke has brought long term friend Lauren to meet his girlfriend Victoria and explain the webcamming that she does. As they sit chatting a punter comes online and pays to watch Victoria giving Luke a blowjob. Before she realizes what is going on, the shy Lauren comes face to face with Luke’s exposed penis and sits awkwardly as he gets a blowjob in front of her. Victoria decides to get her involved and pushes her head onto his throbbing bell-end. Luke then enjoys a double blowjob from the girls until he spunks in their faces. The girls then enjoy a spunky kiss together.

Tags: Webcam, MILF, Kissing, Facial, Blowjob, Big Cock, Amateur
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Kinky Mistresses - Four Mistresses in the Bedroom
Natalie Black

Featuring Lady Natalie Black, Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Mistress Kiana

Heaven or Hell? Thisslave has no place to hide as Lady Natalie Black, Mistress Kiana, MistressEzada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black all gang up on the slave to humiliatehim. stripping him naked they mock himbefore sitting on his face and using avibrator on his cock to make him cum.

Parts: 5
Total Duration: 27 minutes 9 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: cum, cumshot, vibrator
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Ass On Face #120, Katie
Ass On Face

This clip is from our former Ass On Face website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! These clips are pure objectification, where the lady simply uses the slaves face as her chair and completely ignores him while going about her business.
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Cum Countdown - Pray To Me, Worship Me, Pay Me Goddess Ela

You pay Goddess Ela so well and for what? For her to completely own you. So much so that today she tells you up front that she will not permit you to cum. But that won’t stop you from paying her, stroking to her, and worshiping her. You do so because you bring her so much pleasure every time you pay her like a loyal worshipper. It makes her giddy to watch your pathetic erect cock that will suffer for her.
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The Real Queendom - Mistress An Li's Makeup Chair

Mistress An Li has decided to replace her regular furniture with human furniture slaves. She has this slave stay under her makeup table all the time and only come out when she needs a place to sit while she does her makeup. The slave quickly crawls out from the table and gets in position, his face ready to bear her full weight as she plants her perfect round ass right on him. She reminds her slave to be still, that her make up is far more valuable to her than he is. After all she can easily get new furniture slaves any time she wants. The slave struggles to remain still, suffocating under her while her weight painfully pushes his head backwards, bending his neck. None of this concerns Mistress An Li though, her only concern is comfortably touching up her make up. If her chair causes her to make a mistake then she’ll simply throw it out and get a new one!

Mistress An Li, Facesitting, Smother, Human Furniture
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Slave Club It's All About The Pussy Part 3

Holly is looking for some satisfaction and she knows how to get it. She has her slave on his knees, hands tied behind his back, while she grinds his head into her eager pussy. Over and over again she abuses him verbally as she forces him to bring her closer and closer to orgasm. The slave doesn’t seem to mind, because she keeps making him stop and beg to start licking again.
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Strict Restraint - She's a Perfect Toy - India Summer
India Summer

I’ve been a huge fan of India ever since we first shot her a few years back…she is a beautiful and warm woman…outrageous eyes, outrageous body, silky hair, sweet voice, educated and intelligent…and freaky…Ive had at least a couple bookings where I have been the scheduled Dom to work with India…and when the day to shoot her comes around, Im always too busy to shoot or Im sick….in this case, it was both…So the Pope takes my place…again…We do something a bit different in this first set…most of the time, getting models into the StrictRestraint rigs isn’t too easy…but we’ve been getting a lot of requests to shoot and show that rigging process in the updates…The Pope and DP rig her into the standing stocks like two members of a pit crew…it’s all business…and as India looks on, she becomes helpless…very helpless…I enjoyed watching her as she got locked into our device…the Pope has worked with India a few times and he has her number…he knows she is multiorgasmic…he pleasures and torments the orgasms out of her body as she begins to shake…India was unable to stand up for a few minutes after that first scene…The next scene finds her laying on her back with her legs belted up in the air…the Pope enjoys his time with her toes and feet…then uses a black cock to fuck her pussy as he keeps the head of the magic wand floating on her clit….
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Sexually Broken - Jan 19, 2015 Marley Blaze | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Adult newcomer Marley Blaze loves Bondage and Rough Sex! This cute girl next door knows what she likes, and she likes it hard and rough. Luckily here at Sexually Broken, we do sex and submission like no other.

The set up is simple: we have Marley tied in a modified Western Japanese chest harness, while her hands are trapped to upper thighs. This simple but effective tie lets us control her into any fucking position we can think of. Marley is completely helpless and at our complete mercy.

What transpires next is a brutal fucking of epic proportions. Marley takes it, and she takes it hard. Brutal cock sucking with long count deep throating, and deep cervix pounding fucking. Marley’s body escapes her and we pound orgasm out of breathless orgasm from her helpless cum drunk body. A simple look in her eyes tells you everything you need to know about how far gone, yet still there, she really is. Spit covers her face as we fuck her throat without mercy until those subspace eyes look at you, but there’s nothing behind them. It that’s look that tells you “I just went beyond fucked to can’t-remember-my-name fucked”

Find out why AVN and Xbiz both nominated Sexually Broken for best Bondage and rough sex (BDSM) and best Alternative site on the net.

Tags: Big Dick, Blow job, Box Tie, Breath Play, Deep Throat, Drool, Face Fucking, Forced Oral Sex, Interracial, Rough fucking, Rough Sex, Shaved, Super Deep Throat, Three Way, Tongue Bondage, Brunette, Long Hair
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Cum Bots - Sybian Slave - Mellanie Monroe
Mellanie Monroe


You can’t keep Mellanie from chasing her orgasms…this is one woman who likes to pleasure her cunt…Cumbots is perfect for her…she gets to tease us and get herself all worked up, then we tie her down and go for it…the Pope helps an allready tied Mellanie up onto the sybian, sliding the silicon cock into her pussy…then he continues to tie her and rigs her down to the table…Mellanie is helpless to do anything as he turns the Sybian up high, and sets the dildo to spinning inside her…even a cumslut like Mellanie can get too much of a good thing, but she takes a very impressive dose of the sybian…
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Strict Restraint - Hard Transition, Part 2 - Riley Evans

Bondage set with pretty girl Riley Evans. She is alone with the deviant Meister Schmerz for the first time and she does look a bit nervous. She is reclined, her legs are spread wide, and she is gagged…Meister must be pleased with his new slave as her pussy is perfect…and he takes a moment to get to know it…with fingers, dildos and a huge vibrator…Goddess and Schmerz come together one more time as Goddess says goodbye and shoves her foot into Riley’s mouth.
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Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Kiana Backstage Photoshooting
Mistress Kiana

Featuring Mistress Kiana

Mistress Kiana in a backstage clip! The Photographer, also the Slave have a camera on a tripod and the photos are taken my a timer

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 4 minutes 56 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: ebony, fetish, goddess, kiana

Download file – 45.3 MB

Club Stiletto - Summer cuckie - Mistress Kandy

Summer has arrived and Mistress Kandy loves to make hubby (YOU) suffer as she parades around in her bikini picking up new fuck buddies at the pool. And there are plenty of hot, toned, young men for her to choose from. She has just made you clean the cum out of her pussy from the previous lover, and you didn’t do a complete job of that. She has another date coming, so get to work cuckie, make her pussy clean for the next guy! Remember, wherever he cums on her body- breasts, ass, pussy, even feet, you must suck and lick off every trace of his jizz.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Sexually Broken - Jul 28, 2014 - Marica Hase, Jack Hammer

Marica Hase only LOOKS innocent. This petite package of cuteness is actually a raging slutbag that craves bondage and cock. There in nothing more appealing then the good girls that desire hard use. Today is this tiny fucktoy’s lucky day. We are going to give her all the cock and bondage her tiny holes can possibly manage.

Tightly bound in a fuck me position on one of our custom made wooden bondage devices, both ends of Marica are completely exposed. The only thing she is wearing is a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings. Strict ropes keep her firmly in place, this sex kitten is going nowhere fast. All Marica can do is surrender to the dick and take the training in all of her tight holes. As tempting as that tender cunt is, we don’t jump right in. Marica’s puffy nipples get some attention first.

Once some suction tubes are applied to torment those giant nips, 10 inches of BBC are poured down Marica’s throathole. She sputters and gasps as her world is reduced to simply trying to survive. She sneaks air as she can, worshipping the massive manmeat like the natural born slut that she is. Her throat is so much fun we have to move on to that pussy. Marica struggles in her restraints as the cock enters her, it is so big she does not think she can take it. We prove her wrong.

The cock fills her to the brim,reshaping her tight hole. She cums hard, mewling like a baby kitten in her broken English. Today is a day Marica will not be forgetting anytime soon. Adding the vibrator on top of the cock blasts Marica into sexual subspace. She cums yet again, dazed and dickdrunk as waves of pleasure wash over her bound body. We rip one last orgasm out of her well fucked hole with our fingers, reducing her into a twitching lump of flesh. This one is all used up. Next!
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