The Training Of O - Jun 26, 2015 - Jodi Taylor and Seth Gamble


Training of O delivers the hottest girls in the business getting fucked in heavy bondage. Jodi Taylor is a beautiful girl next door face with an ass that just won’t quit. Jodi is tied and fucked in the ass in several positions that show off her best assets. She loves the big ball gag stuffing her pretty mouth. Big beautiful nipples top her perfect all natural tits, and when the clips go on her tender nipples it drives her crazy. This update is full of hard anal, pussy pounding, ass jiggling bondage sex.
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Sexually Broken - Jun 26, 2015 Rain DeGrey | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer


Rain DeGrey is legendary for her love of the rough stuff. The harder you go the wetter she gets. This busty blonde isn’t happy until you are dishing it out full blast. Lucky for this sensation slut, full blast is Sexuallybroken’s speciality. Let’s throw some deepthroat and a fucking machine at that incredibly responsive pussy and see how long it takes for Rain to lose her mind.

Blindfolded and gagged, Rain is belted down to posts that keep her arms and legs spread wide. The wide open access allows us to stuff a fucking machine deep into that shaved pussy. Her huge bound breasts look ready to pop as they jut out and we quickly replace that black ballgag with black cock. running a train on her mouth.

Multitasking an endless deepthroat train on your blindfolded face pussy as a fucking machine rips orgasm after orgasm out of your cunt is no easy feat, particularly when one’s pussy is as hair trigger as Rain’s is. She quickly dissolves into a babbling lump of drooling flesh in bondage. No sight, no movement, just endless orgasms as the cocks reshape her mouth to a custom fit.

The drool pours out, the dicks pour in and the fucking machine pulls out orgasm after orgasm. Our busty fuck toy is is her happy place. Enjoy this one Rain, you will be here for a while. Suffer for us a little more, we know you have it in you…

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Tied For Tickling - No Sympathy - Emily Addison
Emily Addison
Tied For Tickling


Emily is just hot…one of the hottest models around…We strip her down and cuff her hands above her head, leaving her on her tip toes…John Paul enjoys running his fingers around her perfect body but Emily is much less fond of it…but how can you tell through all that giggling? There is no sympathy for the tickled…
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Sex And Submission - Jun 26, 2015 - Seth Gamble and Alina West


When a spoiled beauty is taken from her loan shark gangster father and held for ransom, she learns the value of being humble. Humbled be Seth Gamble’s hard cock being rammed down her slutty throat. Alina West defiant and aggressive is bound tight and fucked hard until Seth notices that thugs have arrived at his apartment to look for Alina. He takes her to the basement and pounds her asshole until she submits to his dominant hard fucking.
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Tease and Thank You - Cockroped!


This is 12 feet of nylon rope. Doesn’t sound like that much, except I’m using every inch of it on my poooor client’s penis. Spoiler alert: The bondage is a bit tighter, a little meaner than I usually do, he can’t even get hard, his dick is so restrained. Time to break out the satin gloves.
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Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Susi The Rubber Doll And The Bisexual Slave
Mistress Susi


Featuring Mistress Susi

Mistress Susi always enjoys seeing slaves suck cock as shechallenges the rubber doll to make her slave cum. The doll sucks that cock underher commandtill the slave fills the condom. Mistress Susi finally allows the slave to play with the doll as it is asclose as he will ever get to a real woman.

Parts: 2
Total Duration: 12 minutes 4 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: bisex, bisexual, fetish. femdom, gummi, mistress, rubber, ruberdoll, susi
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Men Are Slaves - Meet My House Pet Princess Katie


For this clip we’re going way back! It’s a very old clip from years ago that we somehow never posted, one where Mischa is doing the recording as she shows Katie her new house pet. Together the girls laugh at this bitch and how stupid he looks in his French maid outfit, and how pathetic he is for getting harder the more they ridicule him.
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Cum Countdown - I Expect A Clean House Princess Kassie


How can you expect to be granted an orgasm if you don’t keep her house clean? That’s half the reason Kassie keeps you as a pet, both as labor slave and a pig to humiliate. That’s the only reason she permits you to adore and worship her, because you provide her free services and money. Not having her house clean definitely reduces the chances of her permitting you climax today that’s for sure.
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Subby Girls - Pretty With My Feet In Your Mouth Goddess Austin, Goddess Katrina


Katrina just about always looks cute and adorable. But somehow she looks even prettier with Austin’s feet in her mouth. Just watching her kiss and adore her feet while Austin lies back comfortably with her book, it’s just the perfect visual power balance between them.
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Ella Kross - Tiny Man`s JOI
Ella Kross


The very earth rumbles and shakes for the tiny, pathetic man as I walk down the stairs towards him. Every step I take shakes his puny world, and I begin encouraging him to stroke his tiny cock to my gigantic, wiggling toe s. I am going to crush him between them but first I want him to have the best orgasm of his life. Get ready to stroke to my amazing, immense wiggling toes!
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Foot Fetish Petite - Study Night Worship Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson


Goddess Alyssa is studying for class, but is having trouble concentrating from all of the stress in tension. Do you know what would help her relax and concentrate on her studies? Some nice, relaxing foot worshiping. She absolutely loves the way you rub her feet, and loves the way you taste them even more. Will you please her by sliding your tongue between each and every one of her tiny little toes, sucking and nibbling on them for her just as she likes? She especially loves it when you suck on her big toes. Suck them real good and give this brunette beauty what she craves by worshiping her beautiful little size five feet just as they deserve.
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Mistress T - Boot Worship Brainwash
Mistress T


CATEGORY: Female Domination

This clip contains surprises that I won’t spoil for you. I’ll just say that if you’re into ‘boots’ and/or ‘Entrancement/mind control/financial domination’ you will love this clip. I strongly recommend you download it. In fact, I order you to.
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Sock Slaves - Mistress Cameron
Mistress Cameron


Mistress Cameron sits on a stool and reads a magazine while keeping her slave busy underneath worshipping on her socks.
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CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6


ROUND 5: Richard, Obinna & Lukas – The three men have barely had time to recover from the “Pony Racing” before they are led back into the gaze of the cameras. Their triumphs and failures as well as their embarrassing nudity are broadcast live to the viewers at home. They now have to focus on keeping the weighted buckets above a certain level and ignore the wandering hands of the women. They are all determined, but for some the stimulation from being surrounded and groped by the confident ladies will prove to be too much to bear.

ROUND 6: Edward, Tony & Nathan – The rivalry between the contestants is palpable. Having come this far none of them wants to risk dropping out of the contest. But the women delight in making things hard for them. They know just how to stimulate a naked man and distract him from the task in hand. With their arms straining to keep the heavy buckets up, it takes intense concentration to try and ignore as their nipples are tweaked and genitals are fondled.
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