Cum Countdown - Pay Slut


Start paying, pay slut. Because to girls like Jezebel and Hazel you aren’t a man, you are a slave who must pay for any scrap of attention they throw your way. Even if it’s all ridicule and humiliation at what a loser you are, you will still pay. That’s because pay sluts always have to pay for permission to cum.
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Subby Girls - I'm Taking You Now


Looks like there has been a change of plan. While Leya and Lily were supposed to head out, instead it seems like Leya will just use Lily on the stairs. One can never be sure what Leya is thinking at any given time but clearly something snapped and she needs to grope and kiss Lily right now. Given that Lily is her property means that this is a simple task, just drag her to the stairway and take her right there.
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Tease And Thank you - Too Much Bondage


Segufix, rope, vetrap, leather cuffs, leather cock harness, zip ties, head holster, bondage wrap, tape, anal plug, vibrator, immobilized hands, ball gag, double blindfold, mesh stationary device, PVC catsuit (on her), cock tease.
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Kinky Mistresses - Lucia Exentric Sexy Ccbt on The Rubber Bed
Kinky Mistresses


Featuring Mistress

Lucia Exentric loves to torture her slaves, as this luckyvictim knows all too well. His cock,nipples and ass are stretched by her before she stuffs the steel poles into hiscock for her entertainment. The maskedslave is unable to do anything more than groan with pleasure.

Parts: 3
Total Duration: 17 minutes 10 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: cbt, cock, sounds
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Humiliatrix - Cruel Cheerleader Missy Humiliates You to the Brink of Destruction


“I know all your most crippling weaknesses. I know how to tease and manipulate you to get anything I want. And you know what I want? I want to see just how far I can break you. I’m gonna bring you to the brink of insanity. To see if I can make you do the filthiest, most humiliating things I can imagine….”
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Didn’t expect this pair of all-stars to share the spotlight so politely. Nothing comes between new pals like cash money.
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Perfect Slave - Can't Move Her Hips - Emily Addison
Perfect Slave


By now, you all must know Emily from other DungeonCorp updates…she’s a hottie, and a charmer and a flirty, teasey, wild child…we love working with her…she knows how to behave on a BDSM shoot, although some people have noted some annoyance in her habit of looking into the camera…I get it…but sometimes, I dig it…Looking into Emi’s eyes is a trial…that type of sexual energy is hard to stare down…not for me, but i’m a monster…I like it when she flirts with the camera even if she throws an inappropriate glance…the thing is, Emily is not a submissive…she is a power brat…we could whip her all day and she would never change…at least, I hope not…ok, she probably would…but that’s not her thing…she wants to be objectified…she wants you to look at her hot, helpless body and masturbate…that much I do know…and that’s a pretty good fucking attitude…and I dont think it ruins the realism of her scenes…like this one, for instance…The Pope rigs her legs spread and hanging from four points…Emily just doesnt have much leverage to move her hips…side to side or up and down…which means we have her little pussy just where we want it…helpless and perched against the magic wand…She reds out a couple times from massive pussy overload after orgasms, but she finds the will to go on…our little blonde trooper..
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Society SM - In the Screaming O Zone - Cheyenne Jewel
Society SM


We met Cheyenne about a month ago when we booked her for a FuckingDungeon gig…at that time, the Pope definitely got the idea that Cheyenne was ready for more…SocietySM is really where we feature our most rigorous scenes, so it does represent the cream of our crop…it’s a rope slut sorority of sorts and Cheyenne fits in well and takes her hazing like a champ…the Pope keeps the ties simple, yet restrictive and tight…pussy hook predicaments…bent over, ass up…a flying hogtie that Cheyenne probably could have slept in, until he ties her hair back in a neck bender…and a final spread eagle…the Pope takes his time with Cheyenne and the mood of the shoot becomes mellow and serious…I have to say, Cheyenne looks like a lot of fun to play with…she boldly lets you take her where she has not gone before…In the hogtie suspension scene, the Pope breaks out a mini cattle prod…he blindfolds her and works the prod up and down her body…a fantastic scene that the Pope ends with a dildo jammed into her pussy with the magic wand on her clit…when Cheyenne cums you get the feeling that something is truly being unleashed…almost like a siezure…and you’re glad she’s restrained well…The Pope pulls off some advanced impact play during the bent over scene which turns out to be great foreplay for the next round of screaming Os…I especially enjoyed the Dragon’s tail…watching it snap through the air at her perfect, helpless ass-target…hearing it slap and seeing her body cramp from the quick sting…then snapping on the soles of the feet…that aint easy…but very effective and a bit more wicked than a caning…in my mind, anyway…in the end, the best part of the shoot is watching Cheyenne’s hot little body bound in ropes…she’s a natural squirmer, but she doesn’t get there easily…the Pope wins her over early and keeps the preasure on until the end…
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Strict Restraint - Just Getting Warmed up - Lea Lexis with Mistress Melissa
Strict Restraint


This week we feature another new Domme to DungeonCorp, Mistress Melissa…Melissa has a perverted resume’ that takes her all the way back to her formative years…a natural, like myself…someone who has fantasized about power from their very earliest fantasies…And, since Melissa has had fantasies of power, she has confronted and explored them…a real trooper, a true searcher…that’s the lifestyle…Melissa lives it…it’s great to watch Lea’s face as Melissa describes her experience with BDSM…some real nervous energy to say the least…but excited energy for sure…Lea likes it real…she went on about how much she hates it when she can top from the bottom, using her emotions to manipulate the top…Of course she has a safeword…and I dont know if she used it…but I do know that thier session together was real…and consensual…that’s what you get when you get two serious players together…Another way that Melissa reminds me of me is that she doesnt really care about making a slave cum or not…she cares more that the slave did not obey her, whatever her order may have been…Melissa doesnt seem to judge her job as a Domme on whether or not she pleasures her subject, but whether she had control or not…her answer to not cumming on command is to be punished…I like that…a lot…of course, Im speaking for Melissa here and have no idea of her thoughts on the matter…but she did what I would do…truly…making models cum is not my gig…our purpose at DungeonCorp is to put them through an experience of submission…orgasms may or may not be a part of that…here’s the vibrator…NO? Ok, here come some clamps…After only two scenes, Lea’s limber body has been put to the test…a
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Men Are Slaves - Teaching My Girlfriends 3, Part 8


Ok I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this! After heavily torturing the slave with their whips I would have expected the girl’s lust for pain and suffering to have been quenched, but apparently I was wrong. That’s because the girls want to hurt him even more, this time with their heels. Man I thought the pain from the whips was bad, but holy smokes this looks far more painful as the girls ruthlessly dig their heels into the slave’s nipples without a care in the world. In fact they laugh as he screams, finding his suffering both entertaining and amusing. Karmen even digs her heels into both of his nipples at the same time just to make his life even more of a living hell, followed by Marie and Tysen joining in as they all stab his nipples with their shoes. Oh boy, it’s going to take some time for Marie’s pet to heal from this ordeal but one thing is clear, these students of femdom have no problem hurting men and enjoying it every minute of it.
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Adore Her Feet - Worship Goddess Belle


Belle loves to be worshipped. To be praised, adored, and to see the reaction her mere presence has on her slaves where they begin to stutter and can’t think straight anymore when they see her. She lives for that and will reward good behaving slaves by permitting them to adore her. She knows this slave has a weakness for seeing her nude body in stockings so naturally she torments him by both denying him and letting him adore her in three different pairs. Then right as he has reached a fever pitch of worship she stops and puts him in the closet. Now she can lie comfortably on the bed and listen to him begging and pleading for more access to her body. She loves that, to hear him groveling behind the closet door. He will beg for hours, meanwhile Belle will listen to his adorations and then snooze, leaving him to beg through the night.
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Hardtied - Jul 23, 2014 - Liv Aguilera, Jack Hammer


Liv Aguilera came to town specifically to play with Jack Hammer. He’s a bondage master with miles of rope that he’s just waiting to wrap around her tight little body. She’s got these nice round tits that are perfect to pinch and pull on. A couple of heavy weights pull her nipples toward the floor and there isn’t a thing she can do about it. As Jack canes her thighs and ass she can’t even express how much it hurts. Any begging or screaming she might try is muffled by the black ball gag crammed into her mouth.

Things don’t stay so simple. Jack is taking Liv for a full BDSM overload. Every part of her is going to get some rough treatment. Her tits will get pumped, her clit vibrated, her arms pulled roughly behind her back, and her mouth stuffed full of panties that are wet from her excitement. And that’s without the brutal caning that he has in store for her.

The best is yet to cum. He’s got a toy more powerful than anything she has ever experienced waiting in the wings. The Sybian is a ride-on-vibrator, the absolute pinnacle of technology. It’s going to tear Category 5 forced orgasms out from Liv’s aching, sore pussy. She is already on her knees but she can barely hold herself up as the ecstasy overcomes her and leaves her a cum-drunk shell of her former self.
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Society SM - She Demands More - Emily Addison


Emily is back at DungeonCorp for her first SocietySM gig…I think the Pope was waiting for this moment for a few weeks…who can blame him? She is a dreamgirl who likes to live the nightmare…how do I know? All the models have a safeword and they are encouraged to use it in times of discomfort…of any sort…rule number 1 of BDSM play…and it must be followed…rule number 2? for us, it’s stop the model and ask if she is allright, even is she hasnt said a safe word, if she appears to be in discomfort…Well, Emily enjoys the challenge..she is a strong woman…strong enough to let us break her down and go on with the shoot…she isn’t afraid of facing the emotions she goes through while bound…lots of models are…it’s all in the head, even pain…Emily never called a safeword during this shoot…and at the end, you can see her exhaustion…what a fabulous morsel of a woman, under the influence of subspace…I dont think she could have walked a straight line…the Pope, on the other hand was like satan incarnate…models like Emily demand a more skilled Dom…he rose to the occasion and then some…
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Strict Restraint - Nik Versus Angel - Angel Cummings
Strict Restraint


In the first half of Angel’s shoot, we had her work with our newest dom, DP…now she gets to meet Sir Nik….and it’s balls out from the very beginning of thier time together…making Angel react isnt easy…a scream is never heard…until this shoot…Sir Nik establishes a rapport with Angel early on and they rap for most of the shoot…Angel’s personality as a pain slut and a fucking brat reallly come out in this shoot…and Sir Nik stands his ground through button-pushing, manipulation and lots of pathetic begging…I dont blame Angel for begging…what makes it pathetic is that she had a safe word and never used it…thusly, she loved the discomfort, she loved the domination and she loved begging and trying to sway Nik’s dom determination…it’s a war of minds, even when one person is bound….Sir Nik won…and that’s the way Angel likes it…let me tell ya, it wasn’t an easy battle because she refuses to make it an easy battle…bless her heart…this shoot is deeply psychological…keep in mind that Nik and Angel were strangers until they met shortly before thier scenes…just enough time to negotiate limits and interests…they truly get to know each other during this shoot…you’ll see lots of implements and lots of sincere moments in this half hour war of the wills…a fantastic update…
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Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Mila Mila’s Boot Sweat Slave POV Goddess Mila
Goddess Foot Domination


Goddess Mila looks sexy as ever in her fishnet top and thigh high black stiletto boots, but she’s tired after a long day of beating her slave. Her feet hurt and are sweaty, and they could use some tending to. When she notices you cowering in your cage, pathetic as ever, she decides it’s going to be your job to take care of her boot sweat. You are going to lick her sweaty, filthy toes clean, and they’re extra dirty because her feet have been all over her other slave’s cock all day. You are going to lap up the taste of his cock from her feet and enjoy every salty drop of sweat that clings to her bare soles, and you’re going to like it.
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