Infernal Restraints - Sep 11, 2015: French Twist | Freya French


Well, Freya French is going to have to tell us later which of our devious devices she considers the worst. We’ve got a lot for her to choose from, and she is going to get to sample quite a few.

The adjustable metal collar is a good contender. It locks into an iron framework that allows us to raise or lower her ass, giving us unfettered access to her ass and pussy. From here we can cane her, flog her, whip her, or just vibrate her pussy until she eventually squirts all over the rough, wooden floor.

The ass hook is pretty nice, too. A useful tool, the way it controls her movements is elegant in its simplicity. If she wants to wiggle her butt or shift her weight she can, but it will mean fucking her own ass with the cold, metal hook.

But ultimately it is Mr. Pogo that most shames the lovely Freya. Being violated by the rubber dick on a stick, being made to cum through the pain and the humiliation, being punished for the way that her pussy squirts when she cums, it’s all so degrading. The fact that it turns her on to be so harshly abused only reinforces her humiliation.

Tags: Ass Flogging, Ass Hook, Ball Gag, Black Ball Gag, Bruises, Caning, Dildo, Drool, Fingering, Flogging, Marks, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Nipple Clamps, Orgasm, Pogo, Shackles, Spanking, Weighted Nipple Clamps
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Men Are Slaves - Nikki's Domestic, Part 2


Why is Goddess Nikki whipping her domestic? Honestly it doesn’t really matter as she doesn’t need any reason for it. She frequently likes to whip her male property perhaps because she likes to watch them suffer, or perhaps because she feels men deserve pain on a daily basis as a reminder of their slave status. Whatever the reason may be this male obeys and clearly hurts for her as he struggles to take all the lashes from her whip. But as her property and personal domestic slave, he knows this is now part of his daily life.
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Goddess Foot Domination - Jade’s Boot Slut POV
Goddess Jade


Goddess Jade is looking as sexy as ever in a red mini dress and thigh high black high heeled boots. The brunette beauty wants you to put on a slave collar for her to show that she owns you, that you’re her very own little boot slut! She knows how much you love her boots and can see your cock getting hard while you admire her in them. You are going to clean her boots, licking the bottoms of them and sucking on their heels, shining them with your tongue. You are going to stroke your cock and cum for her. Follow her jerk off instructions, masturbating until you cum right on her boots! Then you are going to clean up your mess by lapping up your cum.
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Femdom Empire - Intense Stamina Training Yasmin Scott
Yasmin Scott


It’s time I make you begin my slave stamina training program since you just cant help blowing your load within the first minute of my sensual teasing. I know you can’t help cumming instantly within the presence of your Goddess but don’t worry as I am here to help. I will take you step by step and guide you on the path to bigger and better orgasms in order to achieve the stamina of a true sex slave.

Featuring: Yasmin Scott
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
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Ella Kross - Showing Off My Big, Talented Feet! (Custom Request)
Ella Kross


This video is for a fan who wants to see more of my feet, and I never disappoint! With my big bare feet in your face I threaten to destroy you by stomping you into dust with them. My feet are so big and so powerful, I could easily crush you like the pathetic bug you are. Do you like my red nail polish? I take good care of these big feet and spare no expense keeping them as gorgeous as the rest of me. Calling a slave over to me, I make him get down on the cold floor and lay on his back. With my big feet I trample him with all of my weight, walking back and forth over him as if he were a carpet. I smash his cock and balls with my huge, strong feet while he lays beneath me groaning in discomfort. I show no mercy as I trample this loser slave before making him get on all fours and repeatedly kicking his ass and balls with my powerful feet. I shove my big toe up his ass, fucking him with my foot and then delivering more painful kicks to his bare bottom and nuts. Once again making him lay on the floor I lube up his cock and massage it with my big bare feet, giving him a footjob and demanding he cum for me. These feet may be massive, but that doesn’t mean they’re not skilled! He thrusts his hips up and down, fucking my feet until he covers them with his big, warm load!
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Female Worship - Post Workout Ass Cleaning Princess Ashley


Ashley does tend to have a sweaty ass after her workout. Turns out though that not only does her man love her ass, but he loves it even more when it’s sweaty. So why not reward him by letting him orally serve her ample backside.
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Humiliatrix - Cougar Akira Cuckolds You in Sissy Humiliation Panties


“When you can’t do the job in the bedroom like a man, you get treated like what you are — a pathetic, inadequate, panty-sniffing sissy. I’ve got a new boyfriend who’s man enough to tear the lingerie off me and satisfy me. While he takes your place in my bedroom, you’re going into panties. You can cream them while he…”

Cougar Akira, cuckold emasculation, panty humiliation, fuck taunting…
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The English Mansion - Take My Spit Mistress T


Featuring: Mistress T

Mistress T is wearing her big, realistic strapon and is in the mood for some heavy spit play. She wastes no time in drooling into the slaves mouth and onto her dong, making him take it and suck the wet dildo. She intimately teases and seduces him as the spit continues to fly into his mouth and she fucks his throat. She then rubs his cock expertly as she gobs in his mouth until he shoots a big cum load which he is then ordered to lick up.
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Subby Girls - Accent Pillows


GallerySure, I suppose Miss V has some interest in the accent pillow Ela is showing her. But really what Miss V wants right now is to see Ela’s eyes looking back up at her from the kneeling position as her tongue works away between her legs.
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CfnmTV - The Office Crawler 2


PART 2: Upstart Andy is shocked that the female office workers have ganged up on him and stripped him fully naked in the girls’ toilets! He always thought women were too weak and sweet-natured to do anything back for tricking them. But he realizes too late how wrong he’s been!
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Are you a total loser for my GORGEOUS, high-arched, perfect size-6 feet? Of course you are. EVERY foot loser LOVES my gorgeous feet. But I want to hear you BEG. That’s right- I want you to get on your fucking KNEES right now in front of your computer as you watch this clip and BEG OUT LOUD to your computer screen for me to PLEASE take my shoes off so you can see my PERFECT bare feet in all their glory! LOL. Oh, and I do NOT even care if your stupid ugly hag of a wife HEARS you in the other room! LOL. In fact, I WANT her to hear you screaming MY name, literally begging just to see my FEET! Haha. OMG you are like sooo pathetic!!!

Goddess No
Categories: Foot fetish, Shoe Fetish, Humiliation, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship
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Goddess Foot Domination - Latex Legged Footjob Goddess Brianna
Goddess Brianna


Goddess Brianna is looking as sexy as ever in an orange latex bra and matching orange latex thigh high stockings as her foot slave is hog tied and naked, wearing only his slave collar. Watch as she makes him lick the bottoms of her latex covered feet before shoving her foot down his throat, making him suck on it before rubbing her feet all over his face, foot smothering him. See her fuck his face with her feet as she makes him beg for her feet on his cock. Watch her make him sniff her ass before making him suck on her feet again, getting them wet for his cock. See her give him a foot job, foot milking him until he cums on her latex covered feet.
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