Mistress T - Medical Clinic Orgasm Therapy


CATEGORY: Female Domination

A medical clinic fantasy come true! A hot MILF therapist examines your penis for sexual function & orgasm control. Professional demeanor & proper terms (like penis & ejaculation)…sexual coaching, sex ed & a medical exam that will leave your knees weak. Purple latex medical gloves!
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Clubstiletto - Suck Mistress Wife's Cock Mistress Kandy
Mistress Kandy


Sure, you have a beautiful trophy wife and high-paying exec job. But behind closed doors, you’re the one getting fucked – by Mistress Kandy’s cock. Wifey wears the pants around here, doesn’t she? And you’ll come crawling on all fours to suck it and be r8ped with it.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Men Are Slaves - Drink From Us


Drinking from girls like Phoenix and Black Widow should be considered an honor. To be permitted to consume their bodily waste, their female secretions directly from their mouth means this slave must have performed particularly well this week. Because female spit is not just used for humiliation, it often serves as a reward to slaves. To an enslaved male it’s often viewed as a kiss from their female owner for a job well done.
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Femdom Empire - Strap-on Sexual Harassment Gigi Allens, Holly Heart
Holly Heart
Gigi Allens


Mr Jay has been quite a pervert at work, offering female workers “back massages” where during the massage he rubs his boner on their back. Gigi is the human resources manager, she calls Jay into her office for disciplinary action. Jay begs and pleads down on his knees to keep his job. Gigi gives Jay an ultimatum; either he is terminated for his bad behavior, or he gets a taste of his own medicine. Gigi whips out a giant black strap-on to show him just how painful “sexual harassment” is. In a female run company the women enjoy giving perverts the punishment they deserve. Gigi calls in Holly who made the harassment complaint to get in on the abuse and humiliation. The two sexy blondes enjoy destroying his ass with their giant cocks. Gigi lifts his leg up to go balls deep with a full-range thrust scissor-fuck. They teach Jay a valuable lesson on respecting women!

Featuring: Gigi Allens, Holly Heart
Categories: Blonde, Busty, Humiliation, Office Setting, Spitting, Strap-on
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Ella Kross - Worship My Feet Better or Have Your Genitals Tortured!
Ella Kross


“Get up!” I command as I slap my slave across the face while he kneels naked in front of me. I make him place his hands behind his back and proceed to tie up his cock and balls before making him get back down on the floor to kiss my feet while I tug on the string I`ve secured to his genitals. I have him worship my feet with his mouth, licking, sucking, and kissing them all over, and when I`m not impressed with the job he`s doing I give the string a yank and send a bolt of pain shooting through his delicate dick and nutsack. “Worship my feet better,” I demand as I sit on my bed and watch him mouth my toes. He`s actually doing a fairly decent job but he doesn`t need to know that. I`m such an evil bitch that I tell him he`s failing at worshiping my pretty feet and pull on the string yet again. I even make him apologize for the lousy job I`ve led him to believe he`s doing before yet again tugging on the string and sending him reeling in agony. “Do you understand that you need to try harder?” I laugh while kicking him in the balls. His pain… my pleasure!
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Femdom Empire - Handjob Ruination Goldie, Lyra Louvel


It is no surprise that men find Mistress Lyra and Miss Goldie completely irresistible to the point of not being able contain themselves. And since their slave’s raging boner keeps getting in the way of his servitude they must fully drain his balls once a week to keep him in a mindless state of submission. Of course these two sadistic Mistresses won’t make it easy and play a edging game of tease and denial while laughing at his pathetic cock ready to burst at every touch.

Featuring: Goldie, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Blonde, Handjobs
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Subby Girls - My Cute Slave Girl, Part 1


Kate loves to film her pretty pets, like adorable Nickey who is far away on the couch reading a book. Not for long though as Kate calls her over both to show her off to the camera and then to have her work on her feet.
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CfnmTV - The New Teacher Take Over 5


PART 5: For both Martin and Robert it’s deeply troubling to have their penises stroked by the commanding woman. Inexperienced Robert doesn’t know what’s happening to his young body as his penis thickens in her grip. He tries desperately to control himself but it’s all so overwhelming for him he doesn’t know if he has the strength.
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Clubstiletto - Shaming Hubby With My Boots Lady Bellatrix
Lady Bellatrix


Lady Bellatrix can suffer fools gladly if they have some practical use. Such is the case with her hubby, whom she married for his wallet and who will take any kind of abuse to keep that ring on her finger. Bellatrix informs him of her sexual escapades with real men as she teases him with her new knee high boots; bought, of course, on hubby’s dime. Hubby is forced to service the new footwear with his tongue as the Lady verbally castrates him. She even lets him smell her pussy, moist with the residue of another man’s gizz. Finally, she orders him to fetch her phone so she can rendezvous with her latest boy toy.

Mistress: Lady Bellatrix
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Humiliatrix - Deviant Psychology Major Missy Is Your Sadistic Therapist


“To complete my degree in deviant psychology, I need to do fieldwork using actual subjects. You’re gonna be my first client. I have some experiments I have been eager to try to test my theory on the fragility of the male sexual psyche. All you have to do is sign this waiver. I’ll handle you from there…”

Princess Missy, fetish manipulation, psychological exploitation, ego destruction…
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Hogtied - Aug 27, 2015 - The Pope and Ingrid Mouth


Ingrid has an amazing all natural body, loves pain, and her pussy drips when she is tied up. What more could you ask for? Nothing, so let’s get to it. She begins standing with her arms in a box tie behind her. Her nipples are perfect for tormenting, so they are the first target. The rest of her body is tormented and then she is allowed to orgasm for the first time.

Next she is tied to a wall with her legs spread. Her nipples are tied to her toes creating a nasty predicament every time she orgasms. There is heavy breath control every time she is allowed to orgasm. This scene proves what a submissive slut will do to cum.

In the final scene we have her helpless and exposed. There is bastinado, caning, pussy torment, and pussy and ass fucking to send this slut over the edge.
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Penny Pax has turned to the dark side. She wants to dominate women’s assholes to fulfill her personal perversion. She has her way with sweet young Alexa Nova’s asshole. She stretches it wide with a metal toy, Puts a face gag on her, Gives her a great Orgasmic Fisting then face fucks her while her ass juices slide down the face dildo onto Alexa’s pretty face. Great Anal Strap on, Great Anal Gapping from a pretty, young, Red head.
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Real Time Bondage - Aug 22, 2015 Abigail Dupree


Abigail Dupree, let’s play a game. We’ve got your hands locked into a fiddle, and we’re going to put a spike board right behind your feet. We’re also going to give you the most brutal whipping of your life. All you have to do to make it stop is take a single step back and stand on the board. Sure, the first few strikes don’t seem so bad, but we’re going to keep increasing the intensity until you make the decision. You only have to stay on there for a second or so and we’ll be satisfied.

Abigail said she was an obedient fuck-slave, but when we pull out an old favorite toy she becomes a mouthy little slut. All of her talk of just wanting to serve evaporates into “fuck you” and “I fucking hate you” when she realizes her pussy might have a few hundred thousand volts of electricity shooting through it. First comes anger, than bargaining, as she tries to give up her body if it means not feeling the juice.

And then things go from bad to worse. If you’ve ever wondered if water torture actually works, ask Abigail. She’s locked down on the floor, with a grate under her back and a slow drip on her forehead. It doesn’t take long for it to start to take effect. The repetitive drumming is an annoyance at first, a pain in a minute, and pure agony after 5. The great thing about extended feeds is that we have the time to do such bad things to such a pretty girl.

Tags: Ass Caning, Begging, Cage, Caning, Cattle Prod, Crying, Electric Torture, Electrical Play, Fiddle, Foot Caning, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Shackles, Wall Cage, Water
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