Adore Her Feet - Here Piggy
Adore Her Feet

Where’s piggy? Piggy knows he needs to run to the door to greet his master Marie when she comes home. After all Marie has been walking around in her running shoes and they will probably need a good cleaning with male tongue. After a short delay piggy appears, now he can greet Marie property and begin to lick her shoes clean like a good groveling pet.
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Club Stiletto - Walking on the Dawg Mistress Bijou Steal, Goddess Therapy
Mistress Bijou Steal

Mistress Bijou and Goddess Therapy were out walking their human dawg at the beach. They brought him into the dungeon and Goddess Therapy stated, “”Now that we’ve walked the dawg… it’s time to WALK ON the dawg.””

The Mistresses ordered their human dawg onto his back and proceed to trample him mercilessly. The slave is in agony right from the beginning and it doesn’t get any better for him. The Mistresses take turns standing on his face with full weight in their heels and really enjoy digging and grinding their heels into his various body parts. Terrific trample video!

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal, Goddess Therapy
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Dungeon Corp - The Survivor Slave - Abby Rains
Abby Rains

I missed working with Abby on her first visit to SocietySM as I had fallen ill, but I did not forget her…I waited for the weeks to pass so I could book her again…to have my way…I was immediately charmed by her incredibly sexy curves…but her demeanor is what makes Abby so attractive to me…she’s like a submissive little soldier, happy to endure whatever comes her way, because she knows it empowers her…she is unafraid and beautiful within it…So I set out with contempt to test her…surely she can’t be as strong as she seems…I tie, hang and bend her in cruel concoctions of distress with intent to break her…her breasts, nipples, pussy, all tested, very harshly…her body takes every preasure….I revel in her screams and moans with never a word of red…Abby does well to keep herself safe…either that or she just loves being objectified and used…Her many orgasms give good clues…I say, she sincerely loves it…without the slightest pretense, Abby is a survivor slave…that which does not kill her, makes her cum…
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TopGrl - Feb 23, 2015: Mrs. Wellington's Big Day | Emma | Rain DeGrey

Mrs. Wellington’s husband is never home these days and she is very very bored. Her secret desires of pain and punishment and brutal fucking are not being met. What is a bored housewife to do? Call Rain DeGrey. Rain will come over and give lonely Mrs. Wellington exactly the sort of treatment her hungry cunt so deeply desires.

Bound in her basement, Mrs. Wellington eagerly awaits her punishment. Her husband is out of town and it is time for her to have some fun. Rain descends upon her tender flesh in a flurry of chains, rough fucking and water bondage as Mrs. Wellington is ridden hard and put away wet. There is no mercy asked and no mercy given.

By the time Rain is done with her, Mrs. Wellington is a limp, bruised and gasping puddle of well-fucked flesh twitching on the floor. She cannot even get her eyes uncrossed. This painslut got exactly what she craves. As soon as those bruises heal and her husband is out of town again, Mrs. Wellington will no doubt be calling up Rain for another round…

Tags: Anal Fingering, Calf Caning, Caning, Fingering, Lesbian, Metal Bondage, Pussy Fondling, Water, Zipper Clip, Big Breasts, Blonde, Busty, Lesbian Bondage, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Strap On Sex
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Real Time Bondage - Feb 28, 2015: Tough Love Part 1 | Nikki Darling | Abigail Dupree

Nikki Darling is a laugher. You know the type, the girls who feel a little bit of pain but rather than screaming out or crying when she is hit she gives a little giggle, or even starts cracking up. Well, that’s fine by us, it just means we get to go a little harder on her when we are having our fun. One whip may get her smiling, but four at a time is more than anyone can snicker at.

We’ll get our screams from her if it’s the last thing we do. Live feeds are called the toughest challenge in BDSM for a reason. We have our whole crew on hand and dozens of sadistic suggestions from our membership to bring this bondage slut to her knees. This is just part one and we’re just warming up.

Tags: Ass Flogging, Ass Whipping, Breast Flogging, Breast Whipping, Flogging, Head Bondage, Nose Hook, Pussy Flogging, Single Tail, Whip
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Sexually Broken - Feb 27, 2015 Chanell Heart | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Chanell Heart is the real deal. Her attitude matches her body and she throws herself in everything she does with an undeniable enthusiasm. Even when it gets rough, long after most would tap about, Chanell is still giving it her all. And today will be rough. Just because we like her doesn’t mean that we are going to go easy on her.

A long wooden pole keeps her arms spread wide and a leather hood is over her face. Chanell is lead out and chained up to the ceiling before we hike her up to her tiptoes to dance around for us and shake that ample ass. Enough warm up. We bend her over at the waist and chain her neck down to the floor. Time for the main course.

The hood over her head is disorienting, and we fuck that tight cunt for a while as Chanell languishes in darkness before ripping it off so we can see those big eyes. Now both ends are available for fucking and we make full use of that fact. Back and forth the cocks plunge home to the hilt as Chanell moans and cums appreciatively all over the dick.

We are not done yet. It is time for the grand finale. Chanell is yanked up into a brutal suspension and as she dangles in the air we simply walk right up and make full use of that hanging pussy. There is nowhere she can go as we fuck her like a piñata if the dick was a stick. Poor Chanell suffers with every stroke. Too bad for we we love to see this beauty suffer…

Tags: Belt Bondage, Bent Over Tie, Big Butt, Big Dick, Black Cock, Black Hair, Blow job, Brown Eyes, Chains, Cock Sucking, Deep Throat, Drool, Ebony Bondage, Hood, Rough fucking, Sloppy Blow Job On Black Cock, Sucking, Suspension, Toe Standing, Wooden Pole
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Hardtied - Feb 25, 2015 - Abella Danger, Jack Hammer

Girls like Abella Danger come to Jack Hammer and ask to be tied up. She probably thought she’d get some rope around her wrists and ankles, holding her body spread eagle. She may have even anticipated the breast harness he puts on her. What she probably didn’t see coming was an intense, vibrating orgasm while she struggles in a partial suspension.

Then there is the real suspension. She’d be gasping for air from cumming or maybe the awe of being off the ground, but the rope around her neck may have more to do with her labored breathing. She thought she was just going to be strapped to a pole, but as he pulled her legs up behind her the precarious nature of her situation really started to sink in.

Tags: Ass Caning, Breast Bondage, Caning, Dildo, Fingering, Forced Orgasm, Hitachi, Orgasm, Pogo, Pussy Fondling, Rope Bondage, Rope Gag, Single Tail, Whip
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Dungeon Corp - Stripped, Spread and Vibed - Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter

Dillon is thoroughly roped to a steel grate on the wall…she does her best to pull at her binds, but there is no give…I slide the magic wand between her legs and sit back to watch Dillon squirm and moan…she cums quickly, but the second orgasm gives her much grief…Dillon will learn to take pleasure as long as it is given…
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Femdom Insider - The First Feet Pleasures Mistress Nataly

Mistress Nataly is a sexy FootMistress who always gets what she wants. She knows that there is nothing better than relax on the sofa while her slave makes a full feet cleaning service.
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Cum Bots - Animal Fuck Sounds - Slave Prinzess
Slave Prinzess

Wow…Prinzess won me over today…add her to the list of women I want to put on SocietySM or StrictRestraint for my own perverted reasons… I dont know if she’ll want to deal with a shoot like that, but we definitely want to have her back again…she has the type of smile you’d like to see around your cock…the same goes for her pussy….Prinzess is a rare find…FYI, she makes chipmonk sounds when she gets fucked…
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Perfect Slave - The Real Thing - Elle Michaels
Elle Michaels

I love shoots that inspire me to ask questions about the most sincere expressions of BDSM…shooting this model, Elle, was something of a rare occasion for us…she is just totally naive about perversions and perverts…this is the type of model we all worry a bit about…what the hell is she doing in porn anyway?…and how did she show up at our door to shoot SocietySM with the Pope, when looking at the front page of our site inspired her to tears?…Being a lowly pornographer, it is not my place to quibble about such things…I chalked it all up to having a sense of adventure or needing money really bad…the Pope and I have put the brakes on many a shoot for many different reasons, but we do find a point of pride in taking the most rope-shy gal and giving her a good bondage experience…sometimes it ends up so-so, sometimes it ends up great and the model really finds her inner bondage freak…In this case, we got Elle tied up and naked, spread eagle and standing…she’s not much of a damsel actress, but after enough time, the vibrator does it’s job…and what we get is Elle, totally confused about what’s going on…almost like she didn’t know a huge vibrator could make her cum…in fact, in less than 20 seconds, it makes her cum so hard, she calls her safeword…we get her back on track and she becomes a real damsel when she realizes that the cumming isn’t going to stop and she gives a sincere yank to her wrist ropes and figures out what she was hoping wasnt so…she was helpless…the realization is priceless! It isn’t long before she’s cumming again…two more times to be exact….she did a great job…she totally became something that we can’t teach others to feel…humiliated…and she allowed it all to happen through sincere apprehension…This is the only scene we shot with Elle that day…I doubt we’ll see her around again, but I’m very happy that she gave it a shot…lots of chics cannot cum from fear but I’m pretty sure Elle did…something she can be proud of.
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Sexually Broken - Aug 25, 2014 - Tinslee Reagan, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

In keeping with the Sexuallybroken tradition of providing both experienced porn whores and fresh faced newbies, we are happy to present someone who is getting their first taste of proper bondage. At 4’11 and only 21 years old, Tinslee Reagan is a compact little package. What she may lack in experience, she more then makes up for in enthusiasm and a willingness to worship the dick.

This is our Meet and Greet, where we test our new meat and see just how far we can push them. All it takes to render this little fucktoy completely exposed and ready for use is 2 short pieces of rope. A quick binding of her elbows and wrists and it is time for the action to start. We expose those perfect perky breasts and throughly examine that flawless bubblebutt. Even in extremely high heels, Tinslee is still a tiny little thing, and we like what we see. We like it a lot. Time to show this starlet exactly what we do with someone we like.

Dropping her down to her knees, the throat training begins. One after another, the cocks walk up and make full use of her throat pussy. You can see the realization on Tinslee’s face as she adjusts to her new purpose in life. Rock hard huge cock wedged deeply into her windpipe is her entire reality. She chokes and gasps on the dick, doing her best to survive her training. We are nothing if not nice, and throw a little vibrator her way. Tinslee cums gratefully as she rides the vibrator with a dick in her throat.

When cock meets makeup, cock always wins. By the time we are done with her, Tinslee’s hair and makeup are destroyed. Her eyes are glassy and faraway and she is covered in drool. This newbie has handled our Meet and Greet with flying colors. We crank our fucktoy up into a strict strappado and leave her there to languish. When we want another round, we will be back…
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Top Grl - Aug 22, 2014: Breaking Pointe, Part Two

Although Odette has only begun to adjust to Madam Graves’ and Madam Blac’s unique ballet training technique, she quickly took to Betty’s voluminous breasts. In them, little Odette has found some comfort.
The rigorous training continues in Odette studying the art of maintaining grace while experiencing increasing amounts of pressure.
Odette is first tied into a classic ballet stance. Her will is tested when instructed to maintain a pretty face while enduring both the flogger and the whip. Its a struggle to maintain a smile.
In order to teach Odette the signature five ballet positions, Madam Graves believes they should be learned from the inside out. Elise thinks today’s lesson is best taught in a literal, trampling sort of way.
But Odette simply isn’t getting it.
She is missing the heart and soul of it all. Dancing bears one’s soul.

Where Odette insists that she practice for her upcoming audition, Madam Graves, however, sees the larger issue. Odette must participate in a truly soulful dance. Madam Blac provides this opportunity. Elise tapes Odette’s face directly between Betty’s two giant tits. The closer Odette is to Betty’s heart, Elise concludes, the better able she is to experience Betty’s love for ballet.
This shared love for ballet between Madam Blac and Odette transcends all things and their relationship quickly turns smothering. Betty seems to be content, but its difficult to discern how Odette feels about it.

Even after Elise discovers this new relationship dynamic, she manages to help guide little Odette down her own path of life.
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Perfect Slave - Suspending Madison - Madison Scott
Madison Scott

Madison Scott may be a precious little flower, but there’s lots of fight in her…This update features a progressive set…Madison starts out dressed in fetish garb…she gags herself and the Pope takes over…he adds rope and removes clothes until Madison is fully naked, minus boots and fully suspended…in a back breaking position none the less…the Pope does another fine job rigging the vibrator to her pussy and it stays in place nicely as Madison struggles with zest…then again, she wasnt struggling to get away…it seemed she was struggling to get that vibrator right on her clit…such a cum fanatic she is…
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