Clubdom – Goddess Sheena Ryder Punishes Her Slave

Goddess Sheena has her slave on his back, naked on the floor. With her cane in hand, she proceeds to have a little “discussion” with her slave. She is toying with her prey prior to her attack. It doesn’t take very long before she can contain herself and has him restrained and ready for his beating. Goddess Sheena lays into his backside quite viciously, with a huge smile the entire time. You can see in her wicked smile how much Goddess Sheena enjoys punishing a slave, especially with a cane. Hopefully this slave learned his lesson, and next time Goddess Sheena wants her wine, she better have it.
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Clubstiletto – Extracurricular Activities – Princess Lily

This is the third clip in this series. Lily has previously blackmailed the school principal when he tried to take advantage of her as a new teacher. The relationship has now progressed and Lily has decided that she rather enjoys having the principal over and today she actually wants to dominate him. She tells him to get over the bench and she warms him up by spanking him with her hand. The poor fool is so rattled he can’t even count out the number of times she spanks him. Too bad, that means more punishment. “I am a teacher and it’s my job to teach you this lesson” she tells him. Lily looks scintillating in her all black pvc outfit and her gorgeous stilettos. Next Lily grabs a studded paddle and takes it to his ass. The principal starts to leak pre-cum from his cock and his ass is starting to get a rosy red. Now she decides to really go at him and fires off a volley of hits causing the principal to really yelp in pain. “Now it’s time for your final lesson” Lily says, “And this is going to be worth 50% of your grade.” She takes the flogger this time and starts to strike him with it, making him thank her after each hit of his ass. “Since we’re both kind of new at this, I’m going to need you to come back every day” she tells him, laughing when he pleads for no more.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 1

Our intrepid female reporter has infiltrated the World Naked Bike Ride on behalf of CFNM! She’s seeking out men who are experiencing public nudity for the first time. She’ll interview these bashful young men and give us a good look at their penises, testicles and backsides!
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DirtyTransDoll – Rubber sissy blowjob training

Fully rubberized and bound, latex doll Natalie only has to focus on one thing today: sucking our cocks. We are ready to teach this slutty feminized doll how to give a great blowjob. A skill she will need if she wants to become a perfect Transdoll.
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RubberEmpire – Rubberdoll get stuffed

The Rubberdolls backhole is stuffed in this session really hard. Both mistresses use their tight hole without any mercy.
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TeaseandThankYou – All Day Tease – Mistress Helix

Session and other work progresses in studio. Meanwhile a boy is restrained. Occasional tease visits, culminating in the most vicious ruined orgasm in the history of Helix’s expert ruined orgasms. Extended, amazing highlights of Helix at her very best.
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Puppet – Whitney Wright

Mistress Whitney has no patience for slaves who try to run away from her cock but that will never be the case again. Her fuck-boy has been restrained and suspended in the air making his hole completely accessible and vulnerable to her big dick. All he can do is accept his fate of being her cock-slut and learn to love getting his ass stretched and fucked every single day of his life.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – London’s Lips

London Lix and I are a dangerously sexy duo when we get together. There’s just such heat and tension when the two of us are in the same room that we just can’t keep our hands off of each other. So we figured, why not capitalize on our combined erotic power? Even just us making out speaks of our sexual chemistry. You can imagine I taste her lips now, only to taste her delicious pussy later. She’ll get to cup the globes of my breasts now and kiss them when the camera isn’t looking. Imagining the two of us together is enough to make any man explode in an instant.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Brooke Wants to Hear You to Beg and Plead for Her

“You know why I wore this outfit you bought me? To tease and torment your little cock. I want you to drop to your knees. And worship my feet. Kiss my ass. And drool and beg and plead for me, beg to cum for me. Go ahead. I want to hear you beg. Get creative. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take pity and let you cum for me…”
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Clubdom – Tangent’s Plans For Sissy Bitch

Goddess Tangent has more plans for her sissy bitch. On his knees, he is ready to try to please his Goddess. Goddess Tangent is wearing one of her favorite strap ons, her big red as she likes to call it. Mere seconds into this, the sissy slut is choking and gagging on her big red. Goddess Tangent has a handful of his hair, face fucking him without mercy. When she allows him to come up for air, she slaps his face, and spits right into his pathetic mouth. Goddess Tangent has him bend over, after the brutal face fucking. Now it’s time to drive up the rear. Goddess Tangent has him bent over the spanking bench, and slams his ass with her big red. She pounds away, regardless of his screams and yelps. Goddess Tangent is balls deep with her big red.
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GoddessFootDomination – Make Up Sex – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is relaxing at home when her husband arrives. He is just back from the gym and really eager to suck on his pretty wife’s feet. Brianna is highly suspicious of her husband’s habit of always returning from the gym horny. Now she is going to turn the table on her hubby and pulls out a large pink strap on. After putting it down his throat, Brianna has him get on all fours and takes it to the backdoor. Goddess Brianna always prefers to be on top and she experiments a few different positions to reach deeper inside. All the while she chides and belittles her bottoms-up husband.

When Brianna tires of this game, she has him lie on the floor and serve as her footrest while she relaxes with a cigarette. The goddess tells him to stroke himself while worshiping her shoed feet. She rubs the soles of her high heels across his tongue and pushes the stiletto heel inside his mouth. Goddess Brianna tells him exactly how to jerk himself off while she watches and teases him. When he drops a load, she dips her sole into the puddle and serves it to him to lick off the bottom of her shoe. Now the goddess is content with her make up sex.
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CumCountdown – You Ready To See My Ass Again?

I make money of you pigs in the simplest of ways. Even when I text my girlfriends I can drain your wallet simply by aiming the camera at my perfect ass and you will stroke and pay because you are a slave to my ass.
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 1

The grimy mechanics at MacLean’s garage have a very lax attitude to work. They’d rather drink tea, read the paper and eye up their female customers. But when the owner Des turns up with some earth-shattering news they have no idea that their lives are about to change forever.
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DivineBitches July 17, 2018 – Aiden Starr, Sebastian Keys

Lonely for your pain: Aiden Starr dominates partner Sebastian Keys

Aiden Starr and Sebastian Keys star in this special update of Divine Bitches. When these two long time BDSM practitioners and current partners get going, things get hot fast! Sebastian starts in an inverted ankle suspension with his hands tied behind his back. As the anticipation of being thoroughly used by this Goddess sets in, he begins to sweat. Aiden places four sets of clover clamps on his balls and another set on his nipples. She flogs his ass before getting a crop to work over his ass and thighs, turning them bright red. Sebastian screams gratitude and adoration for Aiden as she relentlessly smacks his sensitive thighs. When he can take no more from the crop, Aiden uses the zapper to shock him all over, paying special attention to his sensitive nipples. Next, Sebastian is collared and cuffed with a spider gag stretching his mouth open. As Sebastian drools all over himself, Aiden flogs his back and ass and canes his thighs. She fucks his face with her fat cock. Sebastian takes as much as he can, gagging on her cock as he stars up at her perfect cunt. Then she takes off his gag and chokes him with her hand before spitting in his mouth. Now that his mouth is all stretched and ready, she begins to stretch his other hole. She bites down on his balls, stretching them as she works open his ass on her fingers. Finally, she gives this hungry buttslut what he desires most — her big hard strap-on cock. Sebastian moans his ass opens up around Aiden’s dick. His groans increase as Aiden plows his ass before flipping him over to fuck him on his knees. Using the handle on his collar to hold him in place, she fucks the shit out of him as his collar chokes him with every powerful thrust. When his slut ass is good and open, she fucks him with her hand, filling his ass with four fingers. As she incessantly milks his prostrate, Sebastian begs to cum. Finally, Sebastian is tied down on Aiden’s bed. She edges him mercilessly as he begs to cum. But he doesn’t get to cum before her! Aiden uses his cock and sits on his face and lets this lucky slave worship her glorious pussy and ass. She cums hard all over his face as he licks her perfect asshole. Then she continues to edge him until he explodes all over her hands. Delighted, she continues to work his sensitive cock as Sebastian cries out, squirming to escape her touch. Then she gathers up all his cum, rubs it all over his disgusting face, and makes him lick her hands clean. Finally, she shocks him with the cattle prod before leaving this cumslut in his own juices.
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