Goddess Holly’s Amazing Ride

Duration: 00:09:13
File size: 337 Mb
Format: mp4

Introducing Goddess Holly. She is beautiful, tall and weighs 140 lbs. (63 KG). She told us she really gets aroused from human pony riding and she wasn’t kidding. She is very strict and controlling with extremely hard rein control. In fact she pulled the reins so hard she broke the bit at one point. But what really sets her apart is how much pleasure she gets from riding. When she said she gets aroused, she wasn’t kidding. She loves rubbing herself on the pony’s back and making him work hard for her. She kicks him hard and makes him move to her satisfaction. She does all-fours riding, donkey lifts, and all-fours neck riding to get what she needs to have a very powerful orgasm on her pony’s back. Goddess Holly is ultra sexy and a very serious equestrian. You will love watching her in action.
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Making a Whore 1

Duration: 00:04:36
File size: 85 Mb
Format: wmv

Ms. Steal was approached by a new slave who begged Her to turn him into a full blown whore. “”Of course I will,”” She remarked with enthusiasm. “”Every man should experience being a total whore,”” She states. The slave is confined in the cage as Ms. Steal begins his training.

She forces him to clean Her boots with his tongue because he has to learn humility. She twists his nipples until he moans because eventually he will be expected to moan like a whore. This series is the beginning of an incredible transformation of a male slave into a full blown whore for Ms. Steal.

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal
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I Crave It

Duration: 00:06:37
File size: 472 Mb
Format: mp4

This slave craves Princess Jessie’s feet, so he is always thrilled when he is summoned to massage them. Jessie is still a bit groggy from having just woken up, but after having her slave fetch her phone she then immediately puts him to work tending to her feet. Starting the day with happy feet always puts her in a good mood, and randomly shocking his cock is just the icing on the cake. He craves the pain though, and is happy to suffer for her if it means getting to enjoy her feet.
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3 Ladies and Strong Legs

Duration: 00:19:13
File size: 247 Mb
Format: mp4

Featuring Herrin Black Diamond, Mistress Ava Black

See how this 3 ladies, Mistress Ava black, Herrin Diamoond and another friend will use the slaves with her beautiful, sexy legs. How strong they can make leg scissors and have fun with this german slave?
Parts: 3
Total Duration: 19 minutes 13 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: ava, diamoond, footfetisch, legs, scissors
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Corrupt Professor

Duration: 00:09:07
File size: 340 Mb
Format: wmv

Daisy is having trouble in her professor’s courses and has heard that he has doctored grades for some of the college’s athletes so she decides to see if they can work something out to bring her D up to an A. She teases him by showing off her long, sexy legs and hot wedge heels while she sits on his desk. He quickly takes her heels off and starts worshiping her feet by kissing, licking, and sucking on her toes as he runs his hand up and down her smooth leg. Soon, his pants come off and she gives him a footjob, milking his cock with her bare feet while he feels her perky tits. She then threatens to tell the dean if he doesn’t doctor her grade.
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Your Intern Jasmine Takes Total Control

Duration: 00:03:46
File size: 108 Mb
Format: wmv

Does it humiliate you that your college intern Jasmine towers over you in her high heels? Amazon Jaz knows you are a wuss of a boss and now she’s decided to take control of you. Because she caught you drooling over her massive boobs, Jasmine sends you to your knees and makes you suck a binky. Then Jasmine commands you to spill all your worship snot as she verbally emasculates you.
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You Smell Like Pussy

Duration: 00:05:39
File size: 636 Mb
Format: mp4

Carmen’s face smells like pussy. But that’s to be expected since she spends a large portion of her little kitten life with her face in Ash’s crotch. Ash makes her earn it though by making her say how much she craves her pussy and like a good pet Carmen obeys. It’s hard to resist Carmen for long though as she looks so adorable kneeling down there, so before she knows it her face is buried in crotch. She is nothing but a toy to Ash, a toy whose mouth she makes full use of on a regular basis.
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Stripped, Spread and Watched – Adriana Chechik

Duration: 00:11:43
File size: 88 Mb
Format: mp4

Adriana Chechik has a perfect body, perky tits and a bad attitude when Ogre straps her to a tree outside with one leg up. He tears her clothes from her body and covers her pretty, pouty lips in duct tape..He then ties her spread eagle, fully exposed on the from lawn of the dungeon and watches her squirm from remote aerial video. Helpless to stop it, feisty Adriana submits to the dick stick combo, and the Hitachi brings her to a whimpering orgasm. When Ogre returns, he kicks the vibrator on her tender clit a few times before finally releasing her…
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Apr 16, 2014 – Chanell Heart, Jack Hammer

Duration: 00:47:42
File size: 2401 Mb
Format: mp4

Chanell Heart is an ebony beauty that loves bondage and discipline. Something about being bound, gagged, and beaten is just such a turn on for her. Take one look at her body and tell me you wouldn’t take advantage.

She gets dragged into the room in a bag. That’s how we take delivery of our cunts around here these days. Jack Hammer is going to have some fun with this one. Rope keeps her legs curled up behind her but a spreader bar keeps them far enough apart that she can’t protect her ass or pussy from his attacks. The way her arms are tucked behind her she can rub the soar spots, but it won’t do her much good. If they’re in the way when Jack will just bring the cane down on them, too.

Rope isn’t just for lying down. The standing tie that Jack has her in now has Chanell on her toes while he flogs her, paddles her, and canes the living shit out of her. She is dancing around and screaming through her ring gag trying to get away but there isn’t very much wiggle room with this much bondage. It gets even harder to move when he pulls one of her legs up and starts vibrating her pussy.

It is probably the hardest, and most intense, orgasm that Chanell will ever experience. It is so tough to cum standing on one leg. It’s nearly impossible when Jack is paddling your ass with all his might. But every second longer it takes for her to get off makes it so much better when the moment finally comes. By the time she has her release it is a body rocking, soul shaking cum like she has never had before.
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Apr 16, 2014 – Gaia, Matt Williams

Duration: 00:13:53
File size: 697 Mb
Format: mp4

Gaia really really loves to deep throat. It is what she was put on this planet to do. She worships it as if the cock was the very air she breathes. This compact little Asian simply can’t get enough of the dick and here at Sexuallybroken we truly appreciate that level of dedication. And we reward that kind of dedication by stuffing their faceholes full of cock until their eyes glaze over and they start gasping.

Restrained with zipties on an unforgiving metal bed frame with her head hanging over the edge, Gaia’s throathole is wide open and exposed. Even the most experienced of cocksluts will get a proper throat reshaping when bound in this position. A vibrator is locked in place to measure her ability to multi-task. How well can this experienced Asian cock addict focus on her task while the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her bound body? A dusting of oil to properly shine up Gaia’s booming curves are the final touch.

We simply walk right up and own Gaia’s throat. There is not a thing she can do about it. The rock hard cock pounds her tonsils. To her credit, she takes it balls deep. It is like a magician making a rabbit disappear into a top hat. If the top hat was a throat. While the dick plows her facepussy, the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her restrained pussy. Gaia is so dedicated to her craft she has Porn tattooed right above her cunt. We entertain ourselves by resting our balls on her forehead as she gives us the big eyes.

The cock starts to break her down. She is dizzy and glassy eyed, her throat reduced to a cock sheath. The multiple orgasms and the strict bondage blast her into subspace. Her face and hair are destroyed, slick with her own throat lube. When we have repounded out the shape of her throat to be custom fitted to the shape of our dick, we walk away, leaving her well-used head dangling off the side of our fuckbed.
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Housekeepers Ultimatum

Duration: 00:07:55
File size: 295 Mb
Format: wmv

When Goddess Kimmy Lee is housekeeping, she finds a pair of panties in her boss’s bed that don’t belong to his wife and sees it as an opportunity. She threatens to tell his wife, but when he says he’ll do anything she decides to start by making him worship her feet. After he removes her sexy stiletto pumps, she makes him lie on the floor as she rubs her sweaty toes, heels, and arches over his face, smothering him with her feet. She shoves each manicured toe in his mouth, making him lick her dirty feet clean after a hard day’s work. As she makes him submit to foot domination, she also demands a big raise and a paid vacation.
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Wife Learns Husband has Foot Fetish

Duration: 00:10:08
File size: 381 Mb
Format: wmv

When Goddess Kimmy Lee takes off her sexy wedge heels and rubs lotion on her long legs and beautiful feet, her husband can’t help but to watch. When she goes to get a drink, she catches him sniffing her shoes while he jerks his cock and laughs, humiliating him. He admits that he has a foot fetish and that he loves the smell of her feet. She teases him by rubbing her soft soles up and down his chest and over his cock. After he kisses, licks, and sniffs her beautiful feet and perfectly manicured toes, she decides to indulge him with a footjob and jacks his cock between her sexy, wrinkly arches. As she foot milks him, he cums all over her gorgeous feet.
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Most Erotic Neck Ride 2

Duration: 00:09:06
File size: 196 Mb
Format: wmv

Mistress delivers another one of her most erotic neck ride videos after receiving such a tremendous response to the first one. Perched high on the neck of her human pony, with all her weight on his neck, she enjoys receiving tremendous pleasure from his movements and her grinding on the back of his neck.

She makes him bounce and she uses his neck until she has a terrific orgasm. If you liked the original “”Most Erotic Neck Ride Ever,”” you will LOVE this clip.
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Miss Kendra Snaps You into a Chastity Cage

Duration: 00:08:48
File size: 252 Mb
Format: mp4

Miss Kendra has discovered the pair of punishment panties she put on you – crumpled, hidden and slimed with sissy goo. Miss Kendra pinches your ear and escorts you into her bedroom for an angry scolding. You just won yourself two weeks in a pink chastity cage … beneath a pair of frilly, lacy panties. Yellow panties. For cowards like you. The better to embarrass and emasculate you with.
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