The English Mansion - Tiffany Play Doll Domina


Featuring: Domina Alexandra Snow, Tiffany Real Doll

Domina Snow is sent the mindless doll Tiffany for some playtime by Lady Nina. She is delighted at the cute present and wastes no time in adjusting it to her needs, adding extra makeup and nail varnish. She then decides to spank Tiffany for getting lipstick on her Louboutins, enjoying the rosy reddening of her rosy cheeks. Tiffany is then teased and her hard she cock is revealed, Alexandra delights in edging it over and over until she allows a cruel ruined orgasm and playtime ends.
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Goddess Foot Domination - Heated About Controlling Men Goddess Valerie
Goddess Valerie


Goddess Valerie just got a new temp job and has every intention of taking advantage of her new boss by making him worship her feet, just like she makes you. Listen as she tells you how much she loves controlling men while you worship her beautiful bare feet, kissing, licking, and sucking on her feet just as she likes. Suck her toes and lick her soles from heel to toe, tasting her feet just as she commands. Watch her wiggle her feet teasingly in your face, making your cock hard. See her rub her pussy through her panties while you worship her feet just as she deserves. Don’t stop licking her feet until she tells you to, or face the consequences.
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Helpless Teens - Nov 20, 2015 - Ashley Adams


“This new generation of teens is even more clueless than the last three. Take Ashley here. Hotter than hell, yet this teenage sexpot finds herself stranded in some godforsaken wasteland, dressed to the nines in a sexy, tight black dress, and sitting on the side of a dirt road sweating her tits off. And what magnificent tits Ashley has! Beautifully shaped, all natural and capped with a set of perky, pink nipples that look like candy. Ashley ain`t going to last long out here, but luckily, Bruno is out scavenging in the van and spots her. He offers her a ride, but insists she strip down to cool off. Ashley hesitates because she`s not wearing panties, dirty slut. When Bruno asks her to open her legs so he can stare at her luscious, meaty pussy, she really gets nervous. She should. We all know what Bruno does to little teases. He turns them into sex slaves through sexual humiliation and rough sex. That`s just what he does to slut Ashley, slapping her face, tying her hands with rope and forcing her to fingerbang herself. Next, he makes her give him a deepthroat blowjob before he tapes her mouth shut, and pounds her out like a chicken cutlet doggie style, missionary and cowgirl. He even fingers her asshole while fucking her doggie style to complete her submission. Great outdoor extreme teen sex only available on Helpless Teens. ”
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Ultimate Surrender - Nov 27, 2015 - Juliette March and Alexa Nova


The Pain Pixie brings the pain to welcome our newest feather weight, Alexa Nova. Alexa is tough and flexible. She get bent into crazy positions and withholds brutal submission attempts. Loser is fucked in uncomfortable fashion with her wholes left gapping wide. She is broken is properly as a loser on ultimate surrender and then she is left naked and curled up like a pussy on the mats with a cock stuck in her ass.
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Device Bondage - Nov 27, 2015 - Cherry Torn and The Pope


Cherry Torn is the filthiest masochist around. She plays the top role other places, but today we get to see her in all of her masochistic submissive glory. Her neck is secured to the floor with a steel hinged collar; control the head and you control the body. I’t minimal but effective in making her helpless. It doesn’t take long before we see the real slut in Cherry emerge as she is destroyed in the first scene.

The next scene stays on track with the brutality. There is no down time for this slut, especially since she gets off so hard to being treated like a dirty slut and tormented. It’s animalistic watching the slut come out as she is beaten and punished. The harder the torment the wetter her pussy becomes.

In the final scene we put her in a nasty back bend with one leg up making her pussy available and ready fro fucking. Her body shows al the signs of what kind of torment she has had to endure. The day is almost over slut, you’re so close, don’t give up now.
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Whipped Ass - Nov 27, 2015 - Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Virginia Tunnels


Maitresse Madeline Marlowe acquires hot new play thing Virgina Tunnels. Reluctant to submit to her lesbian desires, Virginia endures a flogging, whipping, spanking, bondage, and hard anal strap-on fucking. Madeline ties Virginia to the ceiling and fucks her with a dick on a stick. She then positions her mouth under her slut to catch the flood of orgasmic pussy juice that squirts out of Virginia’s cunt!
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Infernal Restraints - Nov 27, 2015: Over the Edge | Sasha Heart | Matt Williams


Sasha Heart’s experience in BDSM is limited to the kind of fuzzy cuff fantasies that people indulge in when they don’t know how intense real bondage can be. She is just learning that there is a wide world of new experiences waiting for her out there, but she isn’t shy about her interest in them. Sasha is hot. Hot enough to have men fawning over her her entire life. She is tired of the worshipful attention that they shower her with. She knows, deep down inside, that she is just a worthless piece of meat to be played with. This is her opportunity to really feel it.

She didn’t expect it to be so easy to cum. She thought she would really have to try to get into it, but instead she finds herself instantly wet when Matt starts locking her down in cuffs. He calls her names like “slut” and “cunt” and she doesn’t just hear them, she feels them in her soul. When he starts attaching clothes pins to her she arches her body up to meet them, and when she gets close to cumming she begs him to tear them away. She can’t control herself anymore. Sasha came looking for the feeling she had heard described as cum-drunk, and now that she has had it she knows she will always be a slave to any man that can give it to her again.

Tags: Ass Caning, Breast Caning, Caning, Chains, Clothespins, Dildo, Electrical Tape Blindfold, Electrical Tape Gag, Handcuff Hogtie, Handcuffs, Hitachi, Orgasm, Pogo, Sybian, Weighted Nipple Clamps, Zipper Clip
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Humiliatrix - Missy Rejects You and Taunts You to Ask One of Her Toes for a Date

“Are you seriously asking me out? There’s no way I’d hook up with a pathetic little boner boy foot wimp like you. But since you’re so turned on my cute little toes, why don’t you ask one of them out for a date? Do it. Who knows. Maybe she’ll let you kiss her. Maybe she’ll even tickle your little cock and let you cum…”

Princess Missy, loser rejection, bikini bitch, foot worship, toe taunting…
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Cum In His Own Mouth Aubrey Addams, Lily Labeau, Proxy Paige
Proxy Paige


Steve has pulled sexy blonde Paige at the local bar and gone back to her place for sex. When she starts giving him a blowjob he gets a bit rough with her and starts face fucking her so hard she cries out for help. Her two friends Aubrey and Lily come running to help her and can’t believe what an asshole Steve has been to her. The girls decide to give him some of his own medicine and pounce on him and strip him naked. He thinks he is going to fuck all three of them but soon realizes he is in trouble when they flip him over and start shoving dildos and strapons up his ass despite his protests! The girls take turns to fuck him up the ass and face fuck him so he knows what it’s like and decide the ultimate punishment will be to make him spunk in his own mouth – so they turn him upside down and wank and suck his cock until he can’t control himself and cums all over his own face and in his own mouth!

Aubrey Addams, Lily Labeau, Proxy Paige
Tags: Dildo, Female Nudity, Group, Handjob, Strapon
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The English Mansion - Girls in Heat Lady Nina Birch, Miss Vivienne, Amour, Switch Zara


Featuring Lady Nina Birch, Miss Vivienne lAmour & Switch Zara

Zara, Vivienne and Nina are relaxing by their holiday swimming pool when they notice the pool cleaner sneaking glances at the bikini clad figures. They waste no time in reversing the table and start making lewd comments towards him, making him feel self conscious, they tell him to bend over the pool to retrieve the floating leaves and as he does they catcall him. The guests then advise him, if he doesn’t do as told they will notify hotel management that he has been harassing them and he will lose his job! Poolboy is soon following there commands and wishes as he gives them a strip show and humiliates himself in front of them. The ladies then start groping his cock and ass before making his virgin cock cum and throwing him in the pool to clean up.
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The English Mansion - Bad Maid Service Mistress Sidonia


Featuring Mistress Sidonia

When Mistress Sidonia discovers her maid is lazing about in the dungeon reading porn, rather than completing her cleaning task, she is furious and instantly disciplines her, threatening further punishment with the cane unless she gets to work. Mistress locks the maid’s cock in chastity and watched her on the webcam to supervise. She then moves on to clean the kitchen and bathroom, giving a special show as Sidonia commands and watches. When everything is cleaned satisfactory, maid comes to the hot tub, where she I rewarded with foot worship and being allowed to cum as Mistress defiles her body.
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This Could Be You Michael G


This could be you… Michael G. from Germany. This is an actual emial I got from him, “My name is Michael G. I am a 30 year old loser from Germany. I would like to be humiliated and exposed because I am a pathetic loser who has no real friends and was always rejected by good looking girls in the past. Not only because I have a small dick, but also because I have no self confidence and don’t know how to start a conversation with women. Thats why beautiful and smart girls like you don’t give any attention to losers like me or even laugh behind my back about me. They feel in seconds if somebody is a loser or a real man, that’s how natural selection works! I will never have sex with somebody like you in my whole life, no matter how hard I try. The only thing I can do is jerk off to your videos. I have no real friends for the same reason and will be lonely for the rest of my life. I have a girlfriend but we didn’t have sex for about 8 months already. I am pretty sure that she is cheating on me at work. So that’s why I am a pathetic loser and everybody out there needs to know it! “Do you know the saddest part about this? Some men only want to feel pathetic when they are horny and feeling subby. They actually PRETEND to be pathetic like Michael, pretend to have a tiny cock, but the difference is that after they cum they can go back to being a normal male! hahaha

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Shane Diesel Is Your God


You watched so many of my BBC videos that you became obsessed with a particularly well hung stud. You’ve been scouring the net, pouring over images of Shane Diesel’s veiny, glorious, monster cock. You are amazed at its sheer size and tremendous girth! Your tiny white tiny isn’t even 1/3 of that freak of a cock! There is no denying that he’s your new fetish, your Master. Stroke while you admire him, while I encourage you. If you’re a TRUE fan, you’ll follow him on twitter to make sure you NEVER miss a dick pic. If you’re a TRUE fan you’ll even join his members website! It’s time for your to obey your Goddess and Master…

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Clubstiletto - Target Practice Mistress Bijou Steal


Mistress Bijou has an upcoming session with a wealthy guy who is a ball busting fanatic, but he’s super fussy, as these rich guys tend to be. In order to get ready for Mr Big, Bijou decides to practice on one of her slaves. This loser treated her to a new pair of leather boots, which she is more than happy to wear to make him suffer. Of course, the slave is not allowed to get any pre-cum on them, no matter how excited he gets. Unfortunately, he did end up leaving a pubic hair on Bijou’s new boots, so he has to get her another pair!

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal
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