Subby Girls - Pretty With My Feet In Your Mouth Goddess Austin, Goddess Katrina


Katrina just about always looks cute and adorable. But somehow she looks even prettier with Austin’s feet in her mouth. Just watching her kiss and adore her feet while Austin lies back comfortably with her book, it’s just the perfect visual power balance between them.
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Ella Kross - Tiny Man`s JOI
Ella Kross


The very earth rumbles and shakes for the tiny, pathetic man as I walk down the stairs towards him. Every step I take shakes his puny world, and I begin encouraging him to stroke his tiny cock to my gigantic, wiggling toe s. I am going to crush him between them but first I want him to have the best orgasm of his life. Get ready to stroke to my amazing, immense wiggling toes!
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Foot Fetish Petite - Study Night Worship Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson


Goddess Alyssa is studying for class, but is having trouble concentrating from all of the stress in tension. Do you know what would help her relax and concentrate on her studies? Some nice, relaxing foot worshiping. She absolutely loves the way you rub her feet, and loves the way you taste them even more. Will you please her by sliding your tongue between each and every one of her tiny little toes, sucking and nibbling on them for her just as she likes? She especially loves it when you suck on her big toes. Suck them real good and give this brunette beauty what she craves by worshiping her beautiful little size five feet just as they deserve.
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Mistress T - Boot Worship Brainwash
Mistress T


CATEGORY: Female Domination

This clip contains surprises that I won’t spoil for you. I’ll just say that if you’re into ‘boots’ and/or ‘Entrancement/mind control/financial domination’ you will love this clip. I strongly recommend you download it. In fact, I order you to.
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Sock Slaves - Mistress Cameron
Mistress Cameron


Mistress Cameron sits on a stool and reads a magazine while keeping her slave busy underneath worshipping on her socks.
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CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6


ROUND 5: Richard, Obinna & Lukas – The three men have barely had time to recover from the “Pony Racing” before they are led back into the gaze of the cameras. Their triumphs and failures as well as their embarrassing nudity are broadcast live to the viewers at home. They now have to focus on keeping the weighted buckets above a certain level and ignore the wandering hands of the women. They are all determined, but for some the stimulation from being surrounded and groped by the confident ladies will prove to be too much to bear.

ROUND 6: Edward, Tony & Nathan – The rivalry between the contestants is palpable. Having come this far none of them wants to risk dropping out of the contest. But the women delight in making things hard for them. They know just how to stimulate a naked man and distract him from the task in hand. With their arms straining to keep the heavy buckets up, it takes intense concentration to try and ignore as their nipples are tweaked and genitals are fondled.
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Humiliatrix - Dominatrix Sydney Lee Whips the Pantyhose off Your Sissy Ass


“You are a failure as a man and a failure as my sissy maid — and I am going to punish and humilate you for both. You’re going to pull my bull’s dirty condom over your worthless little cock and pull my dirty pantyhose over your sissy ass so I can whip you red and raw — until I shred the pantyhose off you…”

Domina Sydney Lee, pantyhose humiliation, dirty condom punishment, whipping…
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Men Are Slaves - Sure, Cum Goddess Adrianna


Sure, this slave can cum. Why not, Adrianna is feeling kind today and this slave has been waiting all week for orgasm privilege. So why not, she will let him cum. She will ruin his orgasm mind you by pulling his hand away as he cums, but at least she does let him have an orgasm, even if it’s a ruined one.
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Femdom Sex - Dominant Handjob 2


Die Händen am Rücken gefesselt muss Bobby gerade an der Wand stehen. Seine Herrin Alida hängt Klammern mit einer Kette an seine Brustwarzen, um ihm unter dem süßen Schmerz der Qual leiden zu sehen. In ihrem atemberaubend geilen sexy Outfit, mit weißem Lackrock, weißen halterlosen Strümpfen und offenen High Heels steht die türkische Mistress vor ihm und beginnt seinen Schwanz zu wichsen. Zwischendurch quält sie immer mal wieder seine Brustwarzen, zieht daran mit den Zähnen. Und sein Schwanz wird in ihrer wichsenden Hand immer praller, die Eichel schwillt schon rot an, doch Bobby darf nicht spritzen.
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Infernal Restraints - Jun 26, 2015: Fetish Pup | Delirious Hunter


Delirous Hunter thought she was into fetishes. She showed up on OT’s door step wearing some fancy leather collar and sporting an outfit that screams “FUCK ME!” The only problem is that she never found out what OT was into. He’s got fetishes, too. They don’t involve just holding her down and sticking his dick in, though. Where’s the fun in that?

Instead OT is going to enjoy Delirous in other ways. She’ll be screaming for mercy, swearing that she isn’t into it, but a quick check between her legs says otherwise. The pussy never lies. Delirious is wet, ready to receive, and it doesn’t matter what words come out of her mouth, though. OT just has one thing he wants to hear. He’ll stop with the whipping and caning when she agrees to stay with him as his slave. She doesn’t take very much convincing.

Her time with OT isn’t her favorite. She’s locked in a cage but he makes sure to take care of all of her needs. She may think that the time spent in metal bondage is the worst, but she is in for a few surprises when he finally lets her out. Her muscles are sore and stiff from her long time locked away. He’s going to help her stretch, with a little help from the rack.

Tags: Bruises, Cut Clothing, Cut Panties, Finger Bondage, Marks, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Metal Gag, Toe Bondage, Whip
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Kink University - Jun 25, 2015 -  Darling and Danarama


Figging (using freshly peeled ginger as a buttplug or dildo) creates an intense burning sensation in the ass, cunt, urethra or any mucus membrane it contacts. Discover how to use this 100% natural heat to spice up your Dominance and submission. Danarama shows how to choose, peel, carve, and insert ginger. Its heat is safer and more predictable than artificial heating and cooling gels, and Darling shows how it can be way more stimulating, imaginative, and orgasmic, as she uses the ginger to fuck herself in the pussy and ass. It’s figging double-penetration!
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Sexual Disgrace - Jun 25, 2015 - Jasmine Caro


We are honored and quite excited to share this exclusive domination clip with hot rope bondgae. Jasmine Caro, hot porn slut with infamous perky breasts and a true beauty Queen, has come to our dungeon for another Sexual Disgrace rope bondage experience. Her new Master has the perfect approach to test her immediately: the sybian fucking machine with her hands tied above her head. He has a present for her: a tiara. He flips on the machine and introduces her to his huge throbbing cock. Well, more like her throat. Deep down her throat. Fucking her throat, actually. It gets sloppy, spit pouring out of her mouth. It only helps him get his dick in deeper. He intensifies the vibration, distracting Jasmine from gagging. He smacks her face hard when she tries to take a break for air. He ramps up the sybian and bobs her head on his dick for a proper bj before retying her wrists and ankles together high in the air. He wants total access to her bubbly ass and tight pussy. He inspects his sex slave’s pussy and asshole, spanking her a bit. She can’t go far and she won’t fall. She has to endure this rough fuck. He penetrates her deep, opening her up wide. She can barely handle it. He pounds her in, pulling her ass with ease onto his pole. Jasmine can’t stop screaming, cumming over and over.
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Goddess Foot Domination - Roommate Locked and Serving Goddess Jamie
Goddess Jamie


Goddess Jamie’s roommate has been borrowing her car all the time lately and she is sick and tired of it. So sick and tired of it, in fact, that she has been keeping him locked up in a chastity with a steel cage around his cock that only she has the key to. If he wants to keep living in her house and borrowing her car then he is going to have to serve her by worshiping her pretty feet. Watch as she makes him lay on the ground before her and taste her feet by shoving each foot in his mouth, making him lick them clean. See her foot smother his face, humiliating him as he worships her feet.
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CfnmTV - The CFNM Parlour


PART 1: Inexperienced young Edward Pritchard has always wanted to know what it feels like to be completely naked and at the mercy of fully clothed women. He’s saved up all his money and with some trepidation has booked some time at the CFNM Parlour. Unsure what to expect he arrives at the address he’s been given, nervous and excited at the same time.
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