Men Are Slaves - Earn Your Money Back Goddess Jessica


Goddess Jessica isn’t completely heartless. Yeah she just took a whole bunch of this slave’s money, but she will give him a chance to earn it all back. Isn’t that generous of her? Well not really since she is mostly using it as a gratuitous excuse to whip him when she really has no intention of giving him any of his money back.
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Cum Countdown - Horny All The Time Goddess Belle


You really are horny all the time aren’t you? I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising since your orgasms are rationed by pretty girls. Girls like Belle who loves to tease and torment you with her beautiful body while you stroke and hope to be granted permission to cum.
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Cum Countdown - Get Out Of My Bathroom Princess Alex


Why exactly are you in Princess Alex’s bathroom? Jerking off while you wait for her to pee? What a weirdo. At least you are a paying weird, handing over money for your orgasm privilege. So go ahead and stroke until she decides if you get to cum or not.
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Men Are Slaves - Female Owned And Operated, Part 2 Miss Daisy


Now it’s time for a delicious meal for this slave. To make it delicious Miss Daisy and Lady Edyn will pre chew the food for him and spit it out on the floor so he can eat it up like a pig. It’s the perfect way to destroy male ego, by humiliating him and treating him like nothing more than a dirty animal.
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Ella Kross - Abusing My Sister`s Cheating Boyfriend!
Ella Kross


When I catch my sister`s boyfriend in my back yard flirting with a girl onthe phone, he quickly ends the call and attempts to lie about it. He`sclearly guilty, and I prove it by taking his phone and calling the girlback. He begs me not to tell my sister and even offers to pay me for mysilence. I`m going to torture this loser for cheating on my sister, and Ibegin the torment by repeatedly punching him in the stomach. I make himget naked and laugh as I continue hitting him. I kick things up a notch bygrabbing my studded leather paddle and use it to beat his bare ass! By thetime I`m done with him he won`t be able to sit down for weeks. Just lookat how red and swollen his ass is! No more cheating for this dirty jerk.
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CfnmTV - American Football 4


PART 4: Having tied up, blindfolded and spanked Carl’s arse he’s just about ready to be the unwitting guinea pig in Tara’s experiment. All they have to do is sneak him past the other jocks in the changing room. And find another subject to accompany him…
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Kinky Mistresses - Talking About Slaves Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black
Goddess Cleo
Mistress Ava Black


Featuring Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black

Goddess Cleo and Mistress Ava Black enjoy catching up over adrink. After sharing some illicitdetails their focus turns to the slave attending to his chores as their demeanand belittle his pathetic existence.

Parts: 2
Total Duration: 13 minutes 24 seconds
Tags: ava, bdsm, cleo, domina, femdom, fetish, goddess, mistress, slave, submissive
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Femdom Empire - Nothing Butt Ass Rachel Rox
Rachel Rox
Femdom Empire


Mistress Rachel keeps her slut-boy bound, helpless and waiting to endure every inch of her big, pink strapon cock. She thrusts her hips back and forth inching it deeper and deeper until he is whimpering like a bitch in heat begging for more!

Featuring: Rachel Rox
Categories: Anal Play, Strap-on
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Clubstiletto - Big Juicy Farts Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose


Miss Olivia Rose and Mistress Kandy love humiliating their worthless slaves in any fashion they can, and the ladies really prove it in this clip. Both girls unleash mega farts in this guy’s face, and he can’t help thanking them for it as they giggle away. We have a variety of farts here, some long-winded, some short, but all incredibly noxious! As Miss Olivia remarks, slaves will do anything!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy, Miss Olivia-Rose
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Goddess Foot Domination - Bound and Locked Cheating Boyfriend Goddess Jane
Goddess Jane


When Goddess Jane’s boyfriend comes in wearing a special outfit for the kinky party they’re about to go to, she strips him down right there before binding his arms to his chest with bondage tape. Watch as she teases him with one foot as he licks and sucks on her other foot, sliding his tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches. The tables turn, however, when she calls him out for cheating on her, worshiping another woman’s feet. She decides to lock him up in chastity, preventing him from getting his kink on elsewhere while she goes off to the party without him. Watch her tease him with another man’s cum after she returns from the party before treating him to a steamy footjob.
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Pure CFNM - Male Sale Carmel Anderson, Julia De Lucia, Taylor Shay
Taylor Shay
Julia De Lucia


Stunning blonde Taylor trades in men. Today she has two rich women looking to buy a new stud to fuck them while their husbands are out working. They eye up the two naked male specimens commenting on their physiques and penis sizes. One of the guys is called “Quickie Heaven” and the girls can’t work out why. But when they start touching his dick it soon shoots spurt after spurt high into the air without any warning! They decide to buy the longer lasting stud but insist on jerking him off until he too shoots his load!

Carmel Anderson, Julia De Lucia, Taylor Shay
Tags: Big Cumshot, Comparison, Cum On Clothes, Handjob, Multiple Cumshots
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The English Mansion - Double Deep Strapons Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Nikki


Featuring: Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Nikki

The slave is in for a hard spritoast fucking, with two big strapons that are skilfully handled by Mistress Nikki and Mistress Ava Black. His mouth is fucked and tested first before being spread and rammed from both ends, much to their delight and amusement.
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Men Are Slaves - Female Owned And Operated, Part 3 Lady Edyn


With their male toy suitably tortured and humiliated, the girls will now generously reward him with feet by letting him suck on them and enjoy the pleasure of the girls standing on him. To this male pet it’s worth any amount of torment and humiliation to earn access to perfect feet of Miss Daisy and Lady Edyn.
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Hardtied - Dec 16, 2015: Aria Bound | Aria Alexander | Jack Hammer


Aria Alexander needs to earn her space in Jack Hammer’s stable. He has girls throwing themselves at his feet, looking to experience the kind of sexual domination that he has become so famous for and Aria is here for her audition for the role of his newest pet. She certainly looks the part, a sexy young woman that is begging for a strong man to take control of her and put her in her place. She has a body that turns heads whenever she is walking down the street. In the dungeon, though, there is no audience to be enthralled by her looks, just Jack, here to put her through the wringer and see how she handles it.

Jack is known for his standards when it comes to the company he keeps. A girl can’t just be a passive set of holes for him to stick his dick in. It’s not enough to just be able to suck and fuck like some school girl. Aria is going to have to prove that she is ready to suffer, scream, and cum on demand if she is going to impress Jack enough to keep her around past this little interview. Whips, canes, and more than a little rough rope bondage build her up and the magic wand vibrator, along with Mr. Pogo, push her over the top and give her the most mind blowing orgasms of her life.

Tags: Box Tie, Breast Bondage, Breast Groping, Caning, Clam Tie, Dildo, Foot Caning, Hitachi, OTK, Over The Knee, Pogo, Rope Bondage, Single Tail, Spanking, Tape Gag, Vibrator, Whip
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Mighty Girl - Miracle Girl Gets Caught - Celeste Star
Celeste Star
Mighty Girl


MiracleGirl is on a heart-felt mission…to steal documents from drug company developers in order to offer those drugs to the sick and dying, poor of the world, free of charge…She finds her way into an upper floor office and continues her search…her mission ends badly after she is nabbed, stripped and bolted to a table by a republican…left with a vibrator tied to her clit, MiracleGirl watches as the ceiling begins to lower down upon her…Will this be the end, or will MiracleGirl live to cum another day?
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