Infernal Restraints – Feb 6, 2015: Play with Me | Delirious Hunter

Infernal Restraints Feb 6, 2015: Play with Me | Delirious Hunter

Leaving a girl alone in the middle of a room hardly seems like torture, but for Delirious Hunter it is as bad as anything we could come up with to do to her. For one it gives her time to think about what is coming, leaving her both terrified and more than a little wet. Second, Delirious is a girl who loves attention, torment and bondage. Leaving her alone for a second reminds her who is in charge here.

Delirous is great. She’s hot, willing, ready. But she could be better. For instance, her outfit is sexy as hell, but it gets so much better when O.T. starts tearing it off. Her body is amazing, but it looks so much nicer when it has a few bruises for the rough corporal punishment. Her attitude is fine, but when she is pushed into subspace she goes from a woman who wants to feel the hard bondage and discipline, to a plaything that NEEDS to feel it.

Tags: Metal Bondage, Pussy Fondling, Rope Bondage, Shackles, Stockings, Stocks
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Sexually Broken – Feb 6, 2015 Violet Monroe | Jack Hammer | Owen Gray

Sexually Broken - Feb 6, 2015 Violet Monroe | Jack Hammer | Owen Gray

Everyone dungeon should have one. A bound and gagged pet just waiting to have all of her holes stuffed full of hard cock. Today our pet does by the name of Violet Monroe with long red hair, creamy skin and big blue eyes that beg for the type of rough handling that Sexuallybroken specializes in. She waits for us where she belongs. On her knees.

We start out with a vibrator directly on that tender pussy and a hand on her throat. The breath play and pleasure make our pet moan and we reward her with a hard cock directly up her tender cunt. Violet gurgles through her big black ball gag and the sound is no delightful we remove the gag to better hear her cum.

Violet is rag doll fucked all over every inch of the mattress, flipped into every position and angle our dick so desires. Brutal epic messy deepthroat and a total retraining of her pussy by huge cock blasts her into sexual subspace. Our pet is starting to grasp the true meaning of sexuallybroken. This is her purpose in life. To be a bag of holes for our use.

When we are done playing, we shove our pet back into her cage for safe keeping. A tied up neck rope assures that she will not be wiggling around much. She will wait until the next time we feel like giving her another training session…

Tags: Big Dick, Black Ball Gag, Blow job, Blue Eyes, Box Tie, Breast Bondage, Cage, Choking, Deep Throat, Drool, Face Fucking, Forced Oral Sex, Knee Socks, Long Hair, Pale Skin, Redhead, Rough fucking, Rough Sex, Small Tits, Vibrator
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Dungeon Corp – Happy to Suffer – Renee Roulette

Dungeon Corp Happy to Suffer - Renee Roulette
Renee Roulette

Upon meeting Renee, I was convinced that she was very breakable…this is a little woman…but as we talked, it became more apparent that she was very excited to test herself…that excitement is usually a will to endure, just waiting to endure…I tell her that her only salvation is the safe word…other than that word, she is alone with a creepy madman, bent on seeing her fall to pieces…she giggled…and I prepared myself to treat this luscious little flower of a woman with a perverted regard for control…I like to get them all roped up…tightly tied on the ground…gagged…I tell them to try to get away…they realize very quickly that those ropes arent budging…By the time I tell Renee how her life is going to go for the next four hours and pull her panties down, she is warm and wet…In the next scene, I spread her out…she is completely helpless to my clamps and whips, perched on her knees…and very vulnerable to the vibrator I place on her clit…she rubs her pussy on the wand as I whip her…after her first orgasm, I hold the vibrator against her with impunity and Renee cums harder…She twice forget to announce her orgasms, so I felt inclined to punish her…bent over with clover clamps used to stretch her labia, I use a TENS unit to shock her ass…and another chance to cum…she does it right…In the final scene, I lay her back and spread her out…I toy with her pussy as I prepare her for orgasm overload…Renee cums over and over as I add more and more sensation to her helpless pussy..
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Feb 02, 2015 – Abella Danger, Maestro, Jack Hammer

Feb 02, 2015 Abella Danger, Maestro, Jack Hammer

Abella Danger is a curly haired flexible little slut with an eager throat and a perfect shaved cunt. While she is a relative newbie, she brings an enthusiasm to the table that rivals the most experienced cock suckers out there. Today she gets the full Sexuallybroken experience. Bondage, orgasms and brutal punishing deepthroat on hard cock.

With her tender thighs cranked wide open in the splits and a vibrator bolted down directly onto that perfect pussy, Abella’s mouth is wide open and ready for business. We make full use of that fact and introduce hard cock directly into the back of her face pussy as she sputters and drools.

It is an overload of dick. The cock is relentless and never lefts up. We overload our starlet into dazed dick drunk subspace. She can not even get her eyes uncrossed. The nipple clamps keep her firmly in place, she can not escape or dodge the dick. Her only option is to accept the furious face fucking.

Abella is left a broken doll, a cummed out shell of starlet wallowing in her own drool. We have reshaped her throat until it is custom fitted to the dick. She can not even recall her name. This is what sexually broken looks like. It is a good look on her.

Tags: Ball Gag, Belt Bondage, Blindfold, Brown Eyes, Brunette, Choking, Cock Sucking, Curly Hair, Deep Throat, Drool, Face Fucking, Legs Spread, Natural Breast, Nipple Clamps, Vibrator
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Top Grl – Aug 8, 2014: Breaking Pointe

Top Grl - Aug 8, 2014: Breaking Pointe

Little Odette loves ballet. She loves to dance and she dreams of becoming a famous ballerina one day. To get to the next level, she has enrolled in Madam Graves School Of Dance. Elise Graves takes only a few students every year, and most of them never even finish the intense, rigorous training.

Before Odette can learn to properly arabesque, Odette must first learn to suffer through the cane, stress positions, and mental toughening. Madam Graves and Madam Betty Blac must tear down the old, soft, whiney Odette before they can build a champion ballerina, a ballerina that they can be proud of.

Is Little Odette ready to become a superstar?
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Subby Girls – Her Foot In Her Mouth

Subby Girls - Her Foot In Her Mouth

Sara and Leya busy relaxing means Amanda needs to be given something to do. So Sara makes her part of the couch, sits on her and has her kiss her feet while she watches tv. It’s very comfortable for Sara, having a heated seat that also pampers her feet. It also gives Amanda the chance to adore Sara while the girls waste away a lazy day.
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Treasure Take the XL Rubber Cock

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Treasure Take the XL Rubber Cock
Mistress Treasure

Featuring Mistress Treasure

Mistress Treasure has a really long cock to use on the slavethat is willingly presenting its asshole. She slams the cock deep into the whore’s ass stretching it for lateruse.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 4 minutes 48 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: anal, dildo, strapon, toy, treasure, umschnalldildo
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Cum Countdown – Worship Crotch Princess Natalia

Cum Countdown - Worship Crotch Princess Natalia

You already adore Princess Natalia, but her crotch? Well, that is your temple of worship. It’s where you crave to be, to look at it, smell it, worship it. You may worship at your altar slave since you are paying her, kneel before Natalia and worship crotch while you feverishly stroke your cock and wait to see if your Goddess will grant you an orgasm today.
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Men Are Slaves – Teaching My Girlfriends 3, Part 10

Men Are Slaves - Teaching My Girlfriends 3, Part 10

With her pain slut having endured all manner of torture, Marie sends him away and gets another one of the discardable males in her stable for the girls to degrade and humiliate. It’s a mishmash of stuff as Tysen and Karmen by now have no problem treating men like shit, so they shock his cock, slap his face, spit on him, whatever they feel like really. And why not, this man is property of Marie so they can all use him and do whatever they want to him. It’s what slaves deserve, their lives sacrificed for the use and enjoyment of women.
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Club Stiletto – Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 2

Club Stiletto - Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 2
Princess Dakota

After slapping cousin clem’s face in the first scene, Princess Dakota decides clem needs some good, well placed kicks to his face with her sexy bare feet. He needs LOTS of them! She has him kneel at the end of her lounge chair and she proceeds to kick his face without mercy. She holds one side of his face with her other foot so he cannot escape the force of each kick. Over and over she kicks his face hard while laughing at how pathetic he is. Such a loser, it only makes her want to kick him more often. This is the final scene of this series.

Mistress: Princess Dakota
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Infernal Restraints – Aug 8, 2014: Just Right | Emma Haize

Infernal Restraints - Aug 8, 2014: Just Right | Emma Haize

Here is what Emma Haize brings to the table. This hot blonde is sporting a pair of tits that scream “touch me”, a pretty little pussy begging to be fucked, and a love of bondage that speaks for itself. She doesn’t hesitate for a second when it comes to getting down and dirty with the masters of BDSM. O.T. is her guide today, into the world of seductive bondage, rough corporal punishment, and intense sexual humiliation.

Gags aren’t just a tool for control, they are a wonderful means of humiliation. Emma is going to know this better than anyone by the end of her session with O.T. It’s a bit degrading having something wedge her mouth open like this. Any comfort she gains from being able to bite down is taken away knowing that if she has anything to say the metal in her mouth is going to to make it come out wrong. That’s bad enough. But the drool is where things really go to the next level. It drips down the front of her body, leaving a trail of slime that is disgusting and humiliating. It gets everywhere and there is nothing she can do about it.

In typical bondage slut fashion this makes Emma dripping wet. The clamps that pull her pussy lips apart also show how ready to go she really is. Mr. Pogo pounds her pussy until she is literally screaming and creaming. Her orgasms are so intense they rock her body and leave her barely able to walk or talk.
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Dungeon Corp – Focused on her Pussy – Ashley Graham + 61 pic

Dungeon Corp - Focused on her Pussy - Ashley Graham + 61 pic
Ashley Graham

Ashley is tied with her legs spread for a specific purpose…Feenix plans a sadistic carnival for her loins…electricity, flogging, insertions and an array of vibrators keep Ashley overwhelmed…
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Hardtied – Feb 04, 2015 – Kay Kardia

Hardtied Kay Kardia

Kay Kardia looks like she could use some fun. Something about her just screams, “tie me up, fuck me up, and make me cum.” We’ve never let an invitation like that go unanswered, and damned if we’re going to start now. We’ll even take it a step further and really blow her mind.

Orgasms are always better after a little bit of pain. Pretty much every girl agrees on that. But we’ve got something that so few even try. We hang this hot piece of ass upside down like she is a piece of meat and start going to town on her pierced clit with a strong little vibrator.

She finishes fast, but we don’t. A few orgasms are never the end when it comes to this kind of party. We want to see her scream and cream a few more times so there is going to be a hell of whipping in her future. Her pussy is literally glistening it is so wet. And like we said. We don’t let any invitation go unanswered.

Tags: Caning, Forced Orgasm, Hogtie, Inversion, Orgasm, Rope Bondage, Suspension, Whip
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